Wood Window Repair vs Window Replacement Things To Know

When your windows are cold, leaky or foggy, you may wonder whether the best option is to repair or replace them. Usually when a window broke in the past, people would just fix them however, the trend changed, and people started replacing their windows, especially those with wooden frames, vinyl, fiberglass or metal.

A Greener Home

In today’s society where emphasis is placed on repairing rather than replacing, the question becomes even more tricky. Issues that were not prominent in the past have now come to the fore and people are more conscious of ethics and municipal restrictions with regard to waste management.

Water Leakage

When there is water leaking inside or near the window area, it may be coming from the window area and not through the window. Gutters that are not draining properly may force water toward the windows. Although window seals function to hold back water, they cannot hold back so much of water, with such great force. In this case you may re-route your drainage first. If there has been excess water around your window frames, then chances are that you will need to replace the windows.

Foggy Windows

Foggy windows are a result of water inside your windows double pane. Unlike in the past where multi paned windows had the glass set into place, nowadays windows have a self-sufficient IGU built into them. In this case, removal and replacement is the only solution. Some people opt to replace only the sash, which is also another option you may consider.

Cracked or Broken Glass

If your window is unsafe or disrupting your visual capacity, it may be time to replace the window. Single pane windows can be repaired however multi paned windows must be replaced.

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Poor Exterior Casing

If the casing of the window is cracked, loose or rotting, you need to replace it as this can cause window damage. You will find primed wood exterior casings at most home depot store. You may opt to get a wood file or orbital sander if you have broken or rotten wooden window frames.

Air Leaks

If your window does not close properly, air rushes in and this can have nasty effects like reducing heat transfer through the glass.

The Benefits of Replacing Your Windows

Below are some benefits of replacing your window:

  • It is easier to operate the window, so there are easier ways of accessing natural ventilation.
  • Newer windows have a UV protection which prevents carpet and upholstery fading.
  • New windows instantly change the way that your home looks and feels.
  • Infiltration of air is minimised which makes home more comfortable.
  • Better windows can contribute toward increasing the value of your home if you plan on selling.
  • Energy efficiency is increased which means lower heating is needed and you will save on electricity costs.

Should you Repair or Replace?

The choice is really up to you. You can use the above information as a guide to inform you when it is a good idea to repair a window and when to replace it.

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