What paperwork is needed to become a Tenant?

apply for tenancy
Applying for a tenancy.

Getting a flat nowadays is not the easiest task. The nicest flats, apartments and houses are often always taken and are always in high demand should they ever become free. So, when the competition is stiff, you need to make sure that you stand out as a potential tenant. But how exactly do you do that? You cannot bribe the landlord to pick you, so what do you do?

In order to stick out as a potential tenant, you need to impress the landlord in a way that shows him that you are serious. This does not mean telling the landlord a pack of lies. Never lie during an application for a flat, since this can work against you should your lies ever be discovered. Instead, use the truth to work with you and highlight your positive attributes. Not sure what these are? Worry not, this article aims to provide you with many hints and tips which will help you get that perfect flat, apartment or house.

Be prepared

The first thing you need to do is prepare yourself. Preparation is the key to success, and this motto will work for you no matter what it is that you decide to do. So what do you need to do to prepare yourself? Well, the first thing you need to do is get together any paperwork that a landlord would be interested in seeing.

Have relevant information to hand

Your landlord needs to know that you are going to be able to pay the rent. There are a few ways you can portray this information to him. Keeping a file with 6 months’ worth of payslips is one way to show how much you earn, and can therefore afford. If you are self-employed, you will not have a play slip so a few months’ bank statements can be shown instead, unless you have an accountant, who can write a letter for your landlord.

Make sure you can afford the bills

Always be prepared to be accepted by the landlord. This means that you should have enough money to pay the first month’s rent and the deposit. You can show the landlord that you are prepared even before s/he says yes by showing keeping your bank statement with you at all times. A landlord who has to wait for a tenant to get enough money together for a deposit is going to be a frustrated landlord as opposed to a landlord who agrees on a tenant who pays everything on time.

Have a guarantor ready

Having a guarantor will be a big advantage to you, since it shows the landlord that you are responsible. No one is going to agree to become the guarantor of an irresponsible person who is close to becoming an awful tenant. So having a letter, signed by your guarantor will show your landlord that you are a worthy tenant.

Obtain references

If you have had a landlord in the past, it is essential that you have a reference from them to show your new potential landlord that you are a good tenant (this of course involves having to be a good tenant otherwise your previous landlord will not have friendly things to say about you).
Sometimes, an additional reference from either a friend, family member or even an employer can help your application since it highlights your attributes and positive character.

Having the right paperwork with you from the word go is going to save you a lot of time during the process. It will also show your landlord that you mean business, giving you a great advantage, especially if there are many of you applying for tenancy.

This article has been written on behalf of Nine Elms Removal.

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