What is the Best Material for Driveway?

Do you currently live in a detached single-family home? If so, then it is very possible to install your own driveway. Heck, it is even likely that you have given this a thought for a while, though you have no idea where to start. Keep in mind that installing a driveway includes the responsibilities of maintaining it or asking the help of professional driveway Essex contractors.

In the world of real estate, nothing is really certain. In fact, owning a driveway means accepting the fact that you have to spend on a home improvement project. But as long as it is well-done, it can be a worthy investment. And if you plan to put out your house on the market, the driveway can increase your property’s resale value.


The Best Material for Driveways

It is worth noting that no one can really tell you which of the materials here the best for your driveway is. It really depends on a lot of factors, such as budget, location, and size. At the end of the day, you want a material that can respect your driveway needs and wants. What works with other homeowners does not necessarily have to be the same for you and vice versa.

Without further ado, here are some of the best driveway materials worth checking:



Stone is without a doubt one of the most expensive materials, but it is also the most attractive one. What is more, it can easily blend with other landscaping features you have, such as stone walkways, fountains, and driveway islands.

The only catch, though, is you are limited to its DIY potential. Why exactly? Basically, for the stone driveway to work best, you will need professional equipment to get the job done. Sure, you might think it is something that you can achieve, but you also need a knowledgeable expert to turn it into a reality. And give how costly this material can be, you want to make sure everything is perfect.

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If you want stability and traction, a concrete driveway will never let you down. While it is not best in holding during inclement weather, but it is a better option than a polished stone. What you will love about a concrete driveway is the fact that it is so easy to maintain. Even more so, it can last a lifetime given you give it proper care and maintenance.

But like stone, concrete can also be costly. Yes, that is right – this material is second to paving stones. Still, its low maintenance and upkeep are elements that help reduce your total ownership costs on a yearly basis.



The best thing about tarmac is its aesthetic appeal. It cannot be as arresting as stone or concrete, but it can give you the much-needed professional look for your driveway. And you will not even be burdened by it during winter. It is really easy to maintain during the said season. Unlike stone, you will not worry about shovelling. A professionally installed tarmac driveway can never be easily scraped.

The thing you will not like about asphalt is its shorter lifespan. When compared to all materials discussed here, it is the one that can deteriorate at a rapid succession. And yes, it can still happen even if you perform periodic surfacing. Generally, a driveway made of asphalt can last between 15 and 20 years.



If you want a driveway that will not necessarily hurt your wallet, then your best option is aggregate. It is, after all, the cheapest among the materials in this guide. Moreover, you will love how durable it is, especially when there is proper drainage and maintenance done regularly. Believe it or not, it has the potential to last for decades. And unlike asphalt, this material does not require you to do much resurfacing from time to time.

But the thing with aggregate, though, is that it does not offer a great aesthetic appeal. While it can come in a variety of colour and texture, some of its many combinations are not really enough to enhance your property’s curb appeal. So unless you are willing to sacrifice the beauty of your driveway, you can safely go with aggregate. This is most especially if you are working on a low budget.

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