Top Ten NIGHTMARE Tenants

Many people are identifying the buy-to-let market as a great way to earn money and are taking up the challenge of becoming a landlord. And challenging it certainly can be. Choosing the right tenants is very important, however it is not always straightforward. While friendly tenants who look after your place and always pay their rent can make the role highly rewarding, those at the other end of the scale can make it hell.

Here, residential and commercial property specialists Blackstone Solicitors looks at the top ten types of nightmare tenant;

1Late or non-payers

Most likely, you become a landlord because of the financial gains it can bring. However, these gains can be jeopardised if your tenant either forgets to or refuses to pay their rent. This will likely be money you rely on each month to arrive at a certain time, so a tenant’s failure to pay will directly affect your own finances.

2 – Party animals

While you want your tenants to enjoy their stay in your property, you don’t want them to enjoy it so much that it’s at the expense of looking after your household items properly and being respectful of the neighbours. Drunken antics can lead to things being damaged, while neighbours won’t appreciate being kept up until all hours.

3 – Small children

It can be a great feeling to know you are helping out a family in search of a place to stay, but be mindful that young children can be a real handful. They may be prone to breaking household items and can wreak havoc if not supervised correctly. What’s more, any screaming and shouting will unlikely go down well with the neighbours.

4 – Extra family members

Most landlords won’t mind their tenants having someone over to stay every now and then, but some people may be tempted to push their luck and invite others to stay for an extended period. One example can be additional family members, and what can start off as a pair of tenants can turn into a full house with brothers and sisters taking up permanent residence.

5 – Fire hazards

It is one of the greatest fears a landlord has; watching their property go up in smoke. By taking on certain types of tenants – those who smoke, those who are overly fond of candles or fairy lights, or those who do not check their smoke alarms, for example – the risk of fire can be much greater than normal.

6 – Pet lovers

Many landlords forbid their tenants to keep pets, yet some tenants look upon this rule as one they can flaunt. Animals, and especially highly mobile, unpredictable pets such as cats and dogs, can be highly mischievous and can run amok in your property.

7 – DIY lovers

It can be great having someone around the house to fix things when they go wrong, but some people can take it a little too far and take it upon themselves to do work without your permission. Whether it’s banging lots of holes in the wall or dismantling your furniture, it can mean your property takes on a whole new look without your knowledge.

8 – Those who are never home

Some tenants, such as those whose job demand they travel abroad a lot, or those who often stay with family or friends, may not be in the property too often. While this means they’re less likely to cause damage, they’re also less likely to spot when something has gone wrong and requires attention, such as a gas or water leak.9 – Know-it-alls

While having tenants who know their stuff – especially their responsibilities and what is expected of them – can be great, it can be less fun when they know they can push you to the limit and request extras and discounts. Know-it-alls may also leave your place a mess and kick up a fuss when you refuse to pay back their full deposit. Some tenants may also use technicalities in a bid to avoid eviction.

10 – Aggressive tenants

All landlords hope for a good relationship with their tenants. However, this cannot always be the case, and in some instances tenants can even become aggressive or violent. This can make your dealings with them treacherous, and all the more difficult to debate with them reasonably.

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