The Evolution of Workspace Culture

The work space environment has certainly changed over the years and drastically so from the introduction of social media. With so much power at our fingertips, more of us are crafting our own careers – from the offices of major corporations to London’s startup and small business centre, Shoreditch.


London is the global capital for flexible and co-working spaces, closely followed by New York. It’s since expanded out to the rest of the UK but why are the traditional offices becoming less popular? And is this flexible working environment here to stay?



With the uncertainty of what will happen over Brexit, a lot of businesses have been holding back on certain expenditures and it may be that these flexible and workspace options are a safer route to committing to buying an office outright. The country is certainly in a state of limbo so it makes sense as to why so many businesses are now restructuring the way they work, so that they’re braced for the worst.


Deloitte notes in their research that businesses are owning or leasing less space than ever before, so the current political climate and where the UK stands with Brexit, could certainly be one of the causes for this change.


Moving With The Times

There’s no denying that the typical 9-5 office job has become almost old-fashioned now. There are so many more opportunities and ways of working to provide that work/life balance that a lot of us want. New, more flexible workspace arrangement have become a popular alternative, with companies like Proper Office providing fully serviced offices that have everything you need to run your business.


Flexible office space is set to soar over the new few years, not just in the UK but across the whole of Europe. These serviced office spaces are attractive because they proved everything needed to run a business from computers, phones, meeting and breakout areas to encourage individuals to connect with one another.


Increase of freelancers and start-ups

One of the main factors behind the change, may very likely be down to the influx of freelancers and startup businesses. Research has seen a huge growth of freelancers, which in the EU had risen to 9.6 million back in 2015. Since social media came to town, there have been even more opportunities to craft new careers and therefore flexible working hours.


More encouragement is being given to those with aspirations of running their own businesses and just recently, technology start-ups were reported to have reached an all-time high. This increase of both freelancers and startups, means that more flexible spaces are now needed.

Shared office spaces that are home to multiple businesses are more popular than ever. They give more opportunity for growth and development and are considerably more affordable than buying an office, especially here in the city. If you want the collaborative and communal setting of a shared office, Shoreditch should be an area to consider. It’s pretty clear that shared and flexible office spaces are going nowhere.


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