Successful Property Tips for Landlords

One of the best ways of obtaining a good income is to rent out a property (or properties) and then sit back and enjoy the profits. Before you can become a successful landlord however, you have to understand the preparations required for such a task. The tips below will prepare you for what lies ahead;

  • The first thing you must determine is how involved you want to be in the project itself. Purchasing a ready-to-rent property is easy in the short term, however if you buy a cheap run-down property and invest time and money in bringing it back up to scratch, you are likely to give yourself the best opportunity to make a valuable return over time. If you happen to know a contractor or you have experience with remodelling yourself, you can cut down on the large labour costs involved and really see an income result. This will require a lot of work however and so keep this in mind when deciding which type of property to purchase.
  • Location is a very important when choosing a good rental property. If you want to be a successful landlord then you will need to select a property that not only has rental potential but will also earn enough to be a viable business . Keep away from areas where there is large scale unemployment (unless you are willing and able to accept DSS tenants) and places where people won’t be able to afford their rent. It may seem harsh, but you’re running a business and you need to take every aspect into account.
  • You must do your best to make the right financial decision by either getting the best possible deal in terms of  a short sale (property flipping) or by renting quickly to start seeing a return. Whether you use an estate agent  to rent your property or not is another decision to make but  you should also consider utilising the help of an agent when buying the property initially.  They will have intimate knowledge of the market and how it works in your area. You can also check estate sales, foreclosure auctions and other options to work with. They will all have different ups and downs to consider and this is where the help of an agent will be invaluable.
  • You may also consider employing the help of a general contractor before buying the property. They can perform a basic or in-depth survey to help you yo understand the full condition of the property and they will also be able to provide quotations for any work you might want to have done. All this can then be factored in to help you decide whether the property is the right one for you.

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