Small Kitchen: Get Maximum Out Of Space

If the area of ​​our cuisine is not enough at all for anything, we must invent something! And it is not necessary for this to destroy the partitions. Let’s try to get the most out of the established framework on a small kitchen, even if they limit us in seven to eight square meters!


Zoom in“Small kitchen: more restrictions – more imagination!”


Of course, it sometimes makes one’s mind to resort to a radical decision and grab a part of the living room or corridor … but first we need to understand – did we use all the resources? Let’s analyze that it takes away the area of ​​our kitchen irrationally – and, perhaps, it will help us radically raise the level of our comfort. Ready? Let’s start!


First point: kitchen furniture

It is generally believed that a tiny kitchen should contain all the same items as a smaller kitchen – work surfaces, lockers … In the finished form, a suitable set does not usually buy, and all new generations of householders receive kitchen furniture of inadequate sizes and proportions, made to order. At the same time, most of the decisions taken blindly from rooms of much larger size are copied blindly, instead of reinterpreting them. For example, the lockers of the “lower belt” with an obligatory depth of 60 centimeters are quite understandable if we include something of full-size technology in them. But a washing machine, a dishwasher, and even an oven can be bought with a shallower depth!

By equipping a small kitchen, you must make maximum use of its vertical dimensions. Hinged cases or shelves make sense to do up to the ceiling – to have an obligatory step ladder in the household is not as uncomfortable as trying to shove in limited quantities everything that needs to be sent there. The ideal “upper belt” should be high, and disturbing “trifles” (they include gas pipes, water risers, exhaust hoods) it makes sense to hide inside – if so, it will immediately magically become clear that the places they occupy are not so a lot of.


Zoom in“Small kitchen: more restrictions – more imagination!”


But on this, the reserves associated with furniture are not exhausted. Conventional shelves traditionally filled with furniture sets are not as effective in terms of space usage as modern storage systems with drawers, roll-out baskets and other attributes of modern kitchen. If you still think that all these advances of progress are invented just to make the kitchen more expensive, we advise you to take a closer look at how much such systems actually allow you to store the most, while benefiting from accuracy and access time.

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Point two: technology

We have already mentioned that embedded technology can be much smaller than we are used to (unfortunately, most often it does not make it cheaper, but this is understandable). There are usually unused reserves here too: for example, ovens connecting the functions of the oven, steamer and microwave oven. Among similar models, you can also pick up something of a smaller size. The next step is probably for many people to become a complete refusal of the oven in favor of the sandwich and multivark – and this is quite understandable (although, of course, not at all universal) solution, which also saves space. The hob with four burners can also be cut – and usually without a significant loss in convenience, unless you spend all the evenings and weekends behind the stove.


Zoom in“Small kitchen: more restrictions – more imagination!”



Point three: losses on swing doors and windows

One traditional door takes from us about one and a half square meters of area. If you do not use gas in the kitchen, such a door can be replaced with a sliding door (for example, a compact “accordion”) or even abandoned at all. It takes a lot of space and space to open both windows shutters – think about whether you should allocate this space altogether: it’s possible that you do not open all the windows completely often. This also includes space reserved for the hinged doors of kitchen cabinets. Of course, traditional kitchen furniture without them is often unthinkable … but this does not mean that one must blindly follow the tradition.


Point four: interior design

A sensible approach to design can visually move the walls of the kitchen without any particular expense. And here there are many options possible – to increase the room is capable of both light, in muted tones decoration, and something more complex – for example, on the basis of contrasting elements of the floor, walls and furniture. Much can be achieved not only by color, but also by work with the texture of materials, and in the case of wallpaper – the scale and expressiveness of the drawing. In any case, of all the reserves of the area expansion (even if it is “virtual”), this is, as a rule, underestimated most often. And this means – you should start with it!

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