Responsibilities and rights of a tenant

Tenants rights and responsibilities
Tenant rights and responsibilities in a rental property

Living in lodging and being a tenant has its disadvantages and benefits. Some of them are strictly described by the law (no matter what your country is, however, most of them are common and universal, especially for the classical responsibilities and rights), others – are moral, unwritten, and just set as natural law. Usually, we accept the tenant as a lucky man, who does not have any responsibilities or risks, when he lives in someone`s home place. On the other hand, we also think that the host is always right, because he is the owner of the property. These statements must be deleted and erased by people`s minds. The truth is that a tenant has both – responsibilities and rights – and usually, if the relationships are settled properly and according to the law – they are equal.

Here are the responsibilities and rights that a tenant has in general.

Rental payments

Among the responsibilities we should point the rent payment, at first. Except for paying the entire amount, a tenant should do it on duely (or within the period of time) according to the agreement. A delay leads to interest taxes or even to legal proceedings. Naturally, a calm conversation about some postpone of the payment may always do a great job, but you should never go too far and be much too insolent.

Minor repairs and cleaning

Tenant has the responsibility to maintain the property in a decent way. Furthermore, if something serious happens – injuries or damages – he/she has to announce it to the landlord. General repairs and cleaning are usually at the expense of the tenant. Last, but not least, speaking of cleaning, the tenant has this classical responsibility – to perform End of Tenancy cleaning before he leaves the lodging. In case the cleaning is not done properly, the tenant risks not getting his tenancy deposit back. For those of you, who do not know, tenancy deposit is a deposit that is given before moving into the house as a guarantee that the property is going to be returned in the condition from the very first time.

A tenants rights

Along with these responsibilities, the tenant has a complex of rights, as well. At first, the tenant has the right to use the house or the flat for his own, personal, individual living purpose. This does not mean a prohibition of guest entrance. On the contrary – it means guests may visit, but other people cannot live together with the tenant without paying an extra rent (some landlords point the forbidden amount of tenants for a particular property). Tenants have right to ask their landlords to manage the big damages or general repairs. This comes as a conclusion that the owner is not the tenant, so he is not obliged to make so big improvements in case he is not about to use them in future. Tenant has the right to live normally and happily in the property and, meanwhile, he has the responsibility not to obstruct the host to do the same.

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