Renovating a House on a Budget | Home Renovation Steps

It cannot be denied that not all home renovation works in the exact same order. There are cases when you need to follow a certain course just so you can prevent the possibility of undergoing unnecessary work. In other instances, too, you keep up with a certain order in order to reduce cost.

Let’s say you want house builders to follow your idea of not closing walls or applying paint. However, you realize in the end that you would need a new plumbing stack before you can go behind those walls again. Do not worry, though – you are not alone in this dilemma.

If you are planning to perform some home renovation works in the future, or you already scheduled one, then you have come to the right place. Keep in mind that all renovation projects undergo multiple steps, all of which are important to understand. Without further ado, here are some of them!


1. Come Up With a Plan

The idea here is pretty straightforward. You just need to assess what exactly you want to renovate and set your priorities right. This includes the area to start the project or determining the materials needed to get the job done. It could also mean setting both time and budget for your upcoming project.

house plan


2. Set a Budget

Just like the aforementioned, setting a budget is a no-brainer. Just simply come up with a final number that you are willing to spend, but make sure it is comfortable enough for you to do so. In other words, the budget you set must respect your capability to fund and spend it; otherwise, you might want to lower the figure. Also, you might want to see how much in average a home renovation project cost. All you need to do is do some research and ask contractors or providers. A general rule of thumb is to go for an extra 10 or 20 percent, as this should cover any unexpected cost that could arise.

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3. Speak To Your Insurance Agent

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Before you move forward with the project, remember to get in touch with your insurance agent first. Doing so is a good idea, as it can ensure that you are completely comfortable with the total amount of coverage you have set for your upcoming project. Once the renovation is done, it is also ideal to evaluate coverage once again in order to guarantee it fits your exact needs.


4. Always Hire a Contractor

When planning a home renovation – regardless of its size – remember to always hire a contractor. Do not ever think of performing the project on your own no matter how simple it could be. Besides, the process here is pretty simple. Start by researching and selecting a contract that you think is the most suitable. You can ask your friends or anyone who worked previously with one. Ask about a contractor’s performance and cost, so you will have a general idea of their services. And as you get in touch with a contractor, make sure to describe to him the scope of work and the process needed to be in place in order to avoid or resolve any issues.


5. Remember Those Permits and Order Materials

Obviously, this would depend on where you are located. Permits and/or order materials tend to vary from one area to another. However, they all serve a critical role in having to redo the project. That is why before you hire a contractor, you need to ensure that he is capable of checking your area’s latest regulations. Keep in mind that inspection rules can change without prior knowledge, let alone vary in different locations.


6. Prepare the Area or Home

Whether you plan to renovate a single area or the entire home, you must prepare everything in order for the work to be streamlined. For instance, you want to add new countertops. Make sure that those kitchen appliances are removed or safeguarded during the proper work to prevent them from getting damaged. Also, doing so can help workers in their tasks, allowing them to be faster and more efficient. If there are materials needed to get the job done, make sure they are all set and ready days before the workers start renovating your home.

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