Reconstruct Your Living Room with a Traditional Fireplace


A fireplace is a lovely addition to a home, and with new design elements gaining popularity, you can easily find one that fits your budget and blends seamlessly into your living space.


What Makes a Fireplace Modern?

A contemporary fireplace instantly becomes a breathtaking focal point creating warmth and ambiance. And with advances in energy efficiency, modern fireplaces are also cost-efficient.


Modern and Unique Types of Fireplaces for Your Living Room

For a modern twist on the woodburning fireplace look for a timeless design that complements your home décor.

Gas fireplaces come in a variety of designs from geometric to linear and even curved and sculptural. Gas fireplaces are simple to use, requiring only a push of a button.

Electric fireplaces are all about function and can be placed in any space in your living room for an instant budget-conscious upgrade.

Ethanol fireplaces in London come in chic designs with a glowing blue flame to enhance your living room.


Tips for Installing a Modern Fireplace

Use the hearth, firebox, and opening to determine your design. For example, the hearth can be on the floor or be raised. Fireboxes can be raised, flush or dropped to complement the hearth, and the opening can be constructed of various materials such as granite, bricks or marble for an aesthetic finish.

A larger room will require a bigger fireplace so consider options like a double-sided or freestanding fireplace in addition to traditional as your focal point.

If you can’t resist a wood-crackling fire, opt for a woodburning hearth. Gas is a convenient option and ethanol is eco-friendly and cost-efficient.


Modern Fireplaces Accessories

Adding glass tinted doors and customised accents in bronze, pewter or silver can make your fireplace more eye-catching.

modern fireplace

Smart-technology allows you to control options like the flame height, backlighting, and temperature.

Cost to Install a Fireplace

Prices vary based on the type and the design of fireplace you want to install, but on average the cost is around £1,800. It costs more to add ventilation, gas lines and wiring.

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Reasons to Install Modern Fireplaces

From the design to the functionality, a fireplace is a great way to create a focal point. But there are many other reasons to consider adding this feature to your living room:

  • It’s an inexpensive upgrade to your home
  • Fireplaces add value to your home
  • They can improve the heating efficiency of your home
  • They are environmentally friendly
  • There is a wide range of styles and designs
  • They require little to no maintenance
  • They are the heart of the home


If you’ve been looking for a way to update your living room, a new fireplace is a great place to start. Once you’ve determined your budget and type of fuel, you can create your design. A cosy and gorgeous hearth can make a minimalist décor seem less harsh. A geometric fireplace can be a stunning feature, and a wood-paneled column is perfect for a family gathering.

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