Rattan furniture: Wicker lace in interior design

Rattan wicker furniture is increasingly becoming an integral part of modern interior design. She not only won summer cottages and recreation areas, but also perfectly blended with the eco-style apartments. Exotic items rattan interiors bring comfort and coziness to the room, they give the warmth of natural material, they please wear resistance. About these and other features of rattan furniture, as well as the options for its application will be discussed in this article.

Furniture made of rattan looks great both in the garden interior design and inside the house

1 Natural rattan: what is it?
  1.1 Strength classes and staining of natural rattan
2 Advantages and disadvantages of rattan wicker furniture
3 Natural and artificial rattan furniture: how to distinguish
4 Rattan furniture: photo in the interior design and examples of use
  4.1 Rattan chairs: design options and their place in the interior
  4.2 The use of a sofa from rattan in the interior
  4.3 Secure wicker furniture: rattan for children
  4.4 Is it appropriate to use rattan furniture to give
5 Other options for placing rattan furniture in the apartment
6 Basic rules for the care of rattan products
7 How to choose quality and natural rattan furniture

Natural rattan: what is it?

Features of any furniture products determine the material from which they are made. The production of wicker furniture is no exception. What is rattan? Why did they choose it for making wicker furniture?

Natural rattan is a liana from trees of the family of palm trees

Rothang is an exotic liana of the palm family. It occurs in Asia, Australia and Africa. However, among the numerous 330 species of this plant, only some of them can be used for furniture production, mainly those that grow in Southeast Asia. This choice is due to a number of characteristics that are inherent only in this material.

The main advantage of rattan is the incredible length of its branches. On average this value is 200-300 m, but there are also record-holders – up to 350 m. That is why it became possible to weave rattan furniture and various products: the material allows to perform elements without joints or to minimize their number.

Important characteristics of rattan – the same thickness of the stem along the entire length of the creeper and a complete absence of knots and shoots. These properties allow full use of the length of the lianas without waste. The maximum diameter of the trunk is up to 7 cm, the young stems of the palm are thinner.

The length of the rattan branches can reach 350 m, thanks to this, furniture from it ruffles almost without joints

One of the advantages of rattan is its strength, which is determined by the structure of the tree. The cut of the branch inside is not hollow, it is divided into several layers: bark, porous part and solid core. It is the core that provides the material with excellent resistance to heavy loads. For the delicate weaving of furniture use only it, clearing the stem from all the top layers.

It is interesting! Some designs of furniture made from natural rattan can withstand a load of 500 kg, and local residents use this raw material for the construction of houses and suspension bridges.

Classes of strength and color of natural rattan

The smaller the porous part of the stem of the creeper, the stronger the rattan and its products. It is customary to divide rattan wood into three classes of strength:

Most often the rattan is painted in natural light brown hues or left white

  • Class A – the highest, has a variety of premium: the rattan barrel is ideal, ie, without stains, scuffs and other cosmetic defects;
  • class B – an intermediate variant, products from it are more democratic at the price;
  • class C – the lowest limit for rattan furniture, is used in products that are not subject to heavy loads.

The strength class affects the cost of rattan furniture. The price for products that are exactly the same in design can differ by 2-2.5 times, if the material used was of different strength classes.

For wicker furniture, raw materials are used, which can be bent at different angles. The stem of the creeper in its natural form is not too plastic. To give it the right properties, rattan is processed with steam and only after that they begin to manufacture the products.

Natural rattan is of 3 classes of strength: A – the highest, B – the average and C – low

Ready for production of the barrel of rattan is white, but it can be painted in one of four natural colors:

  • honey;
  • cognac;
  • coffee;
  • olive.

If the surface of the raw material is ideal, usually leave a natural color. Very rarely a vine is painted in such tones as, for example, red or black. Manufacturers try to preserve and emphasize the beauty and warmth of natural material, but for some design solutions, shade options are possible.

Advantages and disadvantages of rattan wicker furniture

Rattan furniture is natural, light and aesthetic. The material is successfully combined with leather and textiles, gives imagination space to designers in creating exclusive models and emphasizes the individuality of products, since weaving is carried out manually. Other advantages of rattan furniture:

The main advantages of rattan furniture – lightness, strength, moisture resistance and durability

  • natural environmentally friendly material;
  • does not contain allergens;
  • excellent strength;
  • good moisture resistance;
  • Without problems, it tolerates temperature changes, so it can be used outdoors;
  • durability – service life of 20-25 years;
  • a small weight of products, which can be appreciated for relocation and transportation;
  • a special smell and texture, plus a bonus in the form of a micromassage;
  • orthopedic form of sofas, armchairs and chairs;
  • easy care.

The main disadvantage of rattan wicker furniture is the price. Most of the production process is done manually, so each product is unique in its kind, and labor costs are high. Also to the disadvantages can be attributed to the lack of assembly for products. On the one hand, this is an advantage, since furniture arrives to the customer already ready, but on the other hand, its transportation may require more extensive vehicles. Natural rattan “afraid” of the sun: if you constantly keep products under direct sunlight, then they fade and dry out.

The biggest drawback of rattan furniture is the high cost of products

Helpful advice! If the weaving of rattan is dry and small cracks appear, apply linseed oil to the furniture surface. This will protect the product from moisture evaporation.

Natural and artificial rattan furniture: how to distinguish

Along with the furniture from natural rattan in the shops you can find products made of artificial material – polirotanga. Performance characteristics for both types of furniture are almost identical, but there are differences:

  • artificial rattan is completely homogeneous, it has no roughness;
  • if the fibers of the material are geometrically perfect – this is an artificial rattan;
  • the artificial material has a uniform color throughout the product: if you look closely, it is very noticeable;
  • Furniture made of polytotang can be painted in any color, it is also possible to decorate it and apply a texture;
  • the polymer fibers may have different cross-sections, including ideal flat strips;
  • the quality of weaving at the artificial material is always higher, and in the case of natural rattan in the furniture there will necessarily be small inclusions and minor irregularities;

If the furniture is completely homogeneous, the lines are perfectly even and there are no rough edges – this means an artificial rattan

  • furniture made of non-natural material is heavier, because for weaving, weaving is superimposed on a metal frame, most often an aluminum frame;
  • the price for identical models will be lower for furniture made of poly-titanium;
  • no matter how hard the producers try, but the new furniture made of artificial rattan will fill the room with a delicate aroma of wood, but with the smell of synthetics, after a week it will fade, but when it’s heated in the sun it can reappear.

In defense of furniture made of synthetic material, we can say that it is completely unpretentious in maintenance, more resistant to mechanical influences, it can remain outdoors all year round.

Rattan furniture: photo in the interior design and examples of use

Wicker furniture from rattan will be appropriate both in a country house, and in a city apartment. It will “accept” almost any interior and style, it is important to be able to harmoniously choose the accessories and color of rattan. The assortment of products is varied: armchairs, chests of drawers, sofas, chairs, coffee tables, cabinets, screens, boxes, beds, lampshades and much more is offered for installation in a bedroom, living room, children’s and even a bathroom.

A bed of unusual shape, made of natural rattan, will be the main decoration of the bedroom

Rattan is a fertile material for designers, which is why rattan furniture has recently been used as examples for interior decoration. Products from it can take a variety of shapes, while remaining strong and light. Rattan furniture is cozy and comfortable, tactilely pleasing and original, it gives airiness to the interior and smooths the geometry, brings light and expands the space.

Rattan chairs: design options and their place in the interior

Rattan chairs are one of the most demanded products of wicker furniture. They are popular because of the comfortable orthopedic shape and variety of designs. They are as reliable and comfortable as other types of furniture made from natural wood, but not so cumbersome and monumental.

Wicker chairs can take a place in the interior of a country house or apartment, become part of a recreation area in the gazebo, on the terrace or balcony, in the living room or the nursery. Rattan chairs can be of the following types:

Armchairs made of rattan can be of various shapes and made in different styles

  • traditional armchair with armrests;
  • rocking chair;
  • large oval armchair Papasan.

A traditional chair with armrests will require an addition in the form of a similar coffee table or sofa, chest or lamp, at the very least, another one of the same chair. Practically for any styles suitable models with solid weaving, without lace lace, with a laconic design.

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The rocking chair can “live” in the interior autonomously and do not become attached to the situation of one room, since light weight allows you to transfer it from place to place without problems.

A large oval Papasan chair – a stable original design with a single “leg” – everyone will like. It is worth picking a weave in the tone of the main furniture and adding a mattress or cushions with a matching color to the chair. The very chair pretends to become the concentration of comfort in the house or apartment.

Rattan chair – the most popular kind of furniture from this material

Options for using a sofa from rattan in the interior

You can safely put a wicker sofa where there are often guests, children frolic, because the furniture is primarily installed not for beauty, but for use. The design of rattan sofas is strong, the frame is reliable, and the convenience is guaranteed. The product can withstand heavy loads, including several guests at the same time.

Sofas are often included in a set of rattan furniture in an ensemble with armchairs and a coffee table. Under different interior choose sofas with different weaving. Victorian style is suitable furniture of light colors, for classics and minimalism – with solid weaving, and art deco will require a strict style without excess and dark colors.

Wicker sofas are placed in offices and living rooms, reception rooms in the office, at the dacha – under the canopy of a gazebo or on a veranda. Structurally, rattan sofas are straight and angled, on high legs and low, with additional compartments for storing things and without them.

The rattan sofa will look gorgeous in the living room, office or on the veranda

Safe wicker furniture: rattan for children

The arrangement of the children’s room always has special requirements for environmental friendliness, safety and the organization of maximum free space for games. The main advantage of rattan furniture is its safety and environmental friendliness. Weaving does not provide for sharp angles in the construction, therefore, parents will not be afraid that the child will injure himself.

In the nursery you can place the kits with a single ensemble, pick up a set of rattan furniture from different, but suitable for the color elements, or supplement the ready-made interior with individual products. Wicker furniture is very light, and if children plan to use it for games, you can not worry about injuries if the constructed structure is not too strong.

For storing things, the chests of drawers are perfect: the child can easily cope with light drawers and find everything himself. The woven structure will help ensure that clothing is always fresh due to good air exchange. For the same purpose, you can use separate baskets installed on open shelves. They are also good for storing toys.

Children and teenagers will have to taste a rattan hanging chair

Very practical shelves and shelves for various trifles and books. They can be combined in height, selected in width and easily rearranged if necessary. Rattan furniture can withstand heavy loads, so in time the shelves will not bend under the weight of the load.

Helpful advice! Despite the fact that rattan furniture is very strong, it is not recommended to stand on it or jump on it. This may damage the product.

If space permits, a good solution will be to install in the child’s rocking chair, oval braided sofa Mamasan or a large Papasan chair. Such elements of furniture will be to the liking of both kids and teenagers. Supplement them with decorative cushions or covers suitable for the general style – and get an exclusive interior for the nursery.

Is it appropriate to use rattan furniture to give

Interior design items made of natural rattan can be used for cottages, gazebos and terraces. Summer furniture from rattan is resistant to temperature changes, it can withstand rain, it is light and unpretentious in maintenance, therefore it meets all the basic criteria characteristic for this type of furniture. However, it does not tolerate drying, so it is better not to install it under the sun.

Rattan furniture – especially well suited to the landscape interior

With the arrangement of terraces and arbors actively used kits rattan wicker furniture. Photos of the organization of such interiors are very popular on the Internet. Most often used models of sofas of different shapes, armchairs, tables and chairs. Also in a country house set up hanging couches in the form of a swing.

Picking up the interior for the dacha, you need to focus on the overall style of the house. If the terrace is large, then you can put furniture of any size. With a small area designers recommend to install wicker products of light colors and modest sizes.

Helpful advice! If the rattan furniture is wet under heavy rain, let it dry completely and do not use it for at least a day.

On the terrace or in the gazebo you can put a stylish coffee table from rattan

Other options for placing rattan furniture in the apartment

Rattan furniture can be installed in different parts of the apartment: in the bedroom, dining room, bathroom, hallway, kitchen and balcony. In the bedroom, beds, cupboards, chests of drawers, bedside tables, puffs are placed in a set or selectively by the details, selecting them for the basic furniture in color and style.

In the kitchen, in the bathroom and the hallway, the use of rattan furniture is possible due to its moisture resistance. Here, mainly storage systems are applicable: cabinets, baskets, shelves. In the kitchen or in the dining room, the dining area is complemented by rattan chairs because of their comfort, ease and wonderful combination with massive wooden tables. The design of the chairs gives a great choice for the organization of various interiors, this is facilitated by variations in the height and bending of the back, the presence of armrests, weaving techniques and so on.

In addition, rattan can be used as a decoration. From it do rugs, wall panels, openwork screens, mirror frames and even furniture for pets. This material carries positive energy into the house and favors the creation of coziness, so it becomes more and more popular every year.

The head of the bed, made of rattan, looks impressive, beautiful and unusual

Basic rules for the care of rattan products

Wicker furniture made of rattan is unpretentious in the care, but it still needs it. In order for products to retain their appearance for a long time, several rules should be followed:

  • when using wicker furniture for a dacha do not leave it for winter in the open air, it is more advisable to bring it into the house until spring;
  • Try to avoid chips and scratches on the protective lacquer layer;
  • Do not place rattan furniture near an open fire and next to the battery: it will quickly dry out and become fragile;
  • Do not place hot objects on the surface and avoid exposure to any chemicals;
  • when the furniture gets wet, it is good to dry it and ventilate it so that mold does not form in the cells of the weaving;

To make rattan furniture not lose its appearance, it must be wiped with a damp soft cloth

  • to remove dust from furniture, you can use a piece of cloth or a vacuum cleaner, for strong contaminants use a damp sponge soaked in soapy water;
  • furniture should be protected from drying, so it is worth regularly wiping it with a damp but not wet sponge;
  • Once a year, rattan products are subjected to a global cleaning with washing detergent and subsequent careful drying.

How to choose quality and natural rattan furniture

To choose really high-quality wicker furniture, you should personally visit the store, touch the material, see the color, see the shades, and not just choose a photo of rattan furniture in the online store and buy in one click. There are certain criteria for choosing furniture:

The varnish coating on natural rattan always has a transparent structure

  1. Pay attention to the manufacturer. The best factories producing quality products are located in Indonesia.
  2. If the furniture will be used intensively, choose the strength class A. Class B has a more democratic price, in appearance it does not differ from category A.
  3. Be sure to find out the strength class of the seller. If he can not answer your question, then with a high degree of probability you are considering low-class products or fakes.
  4. The color scale of the products presented in the store must necessarily contain light shades.
  5. It is necessary that the varnish is transparent. If the structure is densely covered with paint, then there is a possibility that in this way the defects of the material were concealed.
  6. If the furniture has an openwork weaving, it is important to pay attention to the material from which it is made. Reed and paper bundles quickly disintegrate and break. Natural products must be 100% rattan.
  7. Carefully consider the quality of the joints and the density of the braid. The braid should be tightly wound and well fixed, otherwise it will not provide the product with durability, the most durable is made of rawhide.
  8. If you buy soft rattan furniture, take an interest in the fabric and filling pillows. It is not enough to find out what is inside the polyurethane foam: if it is leafy, it will eventually break through and form hollows; if latex, then there will be practically no shrinkage; if it is a crumb with the addition of a filetka, the pillows will be especially soft and lush. When filled with holofeyberom seat in the heat will “soar”.

For furniture made of natural rattan, joints are made qualitatively, and braiding is well fixed

Rattan furniture is universal in the interior, durable in use and unpretentious in the care. Show a little creativity and healthy adventurism to install wicker furniture in the interior – and she will certainly repay you with coziness and originality.


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