Projects of houses with garage under one roof: beautiful and practical ideas

Every country-house owner knows how important it is to have not only the car but also specially arranged for him the space where you can create a comfortable environment for the storage and maintenance of the machine. Today there are several options for placement of the garage on the site. This article considers the projects of houses with garage under one roof: the advantages and disadvantages of such a decision, as well as peculiarities of planning and construction.

When building a house it is important to consider the size and functionality of all outbuildings, including garage

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1 Projects single-storey houses with garage under one roof: advantages and disadvantages
  1.1 Projects of houses with garage under one roof: accommodation options
  1.2 one-story house with garage: photo projects
2 Plan two-storey house with a garage
3 General features of the design and layout of the house with garage
4 Home with 2 car garage: projects, planning and construction
4.1 What requirements must comply with the house project with garage for 2 cars
5 Styles and materials for building a house with garage under one roof: photo examples
  5.1 Best materials for projects of houses with garage: photo examples
6 Projects of houses with garage and bath under one roof: integration

Projects single-storey houses with garage under one roof: advantages and disadvantages

Many argue that the garage should be located separately from the building to avoid the inconvenience associated with its use. However, it often happens that the square footage does not allow to have a separate space, and have to resort to the combination of these two buildings, uniting them under one roof. And it is worth noting that such a solution has its advantages:

  • financial construction costs is undoubtedly reduced, if you prefer this option. The construction of two separate buildings is always more expensive than one complex construction;

The garage under the same roof as the house will comfortably maintain the machine in the cold season

  • to operate the garage, combined with the house, much easier, because in cold weather you can get in the car without going outside. In addition, such an Association allows you to store in the garage a lot of necessary things in the economy, which would be inconvenient to walk to the garage, if it was located separately from the house;
  • thanks to this Association significantly save area. Such rational decisions allow us to place even the most modest station.

The disadvantages of this solution include the need for high-quality heat and sound insulation between these two rooms, as otherwise the cold from the garage will get into the adjacent room, and the sound of the engine of the vehicle will disturb the household.

By combining house with a garage, you can save considerably useful square footage

Projects of houses with garage under one roof: accommodation options

In the selection process or development of the project, it is important to consider how these objects will be placed relative to each other. And in this case, the question arises again concerning garage because the location of the house is almost always obvious.

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The garage may be located on one of three principles:

  • underground garage is settling down directly under the very building of the house, roughly speaking, in the basement or in the basement. This solution allows to save space and reduce the amount of work required with the ground. In addition, it is ideal if there is a need to build a garage adjoined to the house on the site, which is under a bias;

The placement of the garage in a two story house you need to plan still in the design phase

  • overhead lower garage is located at the base of the house, so that all the living quarters were above it. This method is also effective in maintaining space areas, however, in this case increases the height of the house;
  • side ground the garage is on the right or left side of the house. Its main convenience is the ability to finish it to the already finished house, as in the case of the first two options both facilities shall be designed and erected at the same time.

One story house with a garage: photo projects

One-storey houses are much more often than buildings with two or three floors. This is due to many factors, including ease of installation of the Foundation as well as the simplicity of implementation of the project. After all, a one-storey building does not require slabs and stairs. The question of compatibility of the garage one-storey houses are the most convenient because they eliminate the need to create changes in roof level.

Side ground garage is one of the most practical and convenient accommodation storeroom for machine

It is extremely important to pay due attention to the layout of one-storey house with a garage, and place all the premises thus to avoid undesirable neighborhood. For example, this applies to children’s and garage, which must not be adjacent. Ideally, between the living rooms and storage space for car, must be a technical room, a kitchen or bathroom.

A useful tip! It is not necessary that the garage and the house were located close to each other. Leaving between them a small passage, which can be, for example, a pantry, you will create something like air cushion that provides additional heat and sound insulation.

If to speak about the specifics of the arrangement of the roof for this design, for this purpose, they often resort to the arrangement of the gable roof, as it is the easiest and most affordable option. However, some owners do not want to use for your home standard solutions, find more interesting options.

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