Planning to buy Cottage insurance policy? 5 Things you must clarify before buying it

Cottage is a place where most of the people spend a quality time in the lap of nature.  Apart from home this is the place which is close to their heart as it is the best place to spend vacations if bought for the purpose of vacationing. This place helps them to minimize their stress, office workload and other city life activity which makes them busy throughout the day. Therefore in order to maintain the value of this asset one must need to buy the best insurance policy like we mostly do for our homes. Usually we pay attention to the home insurance policy and buy them carefully but for cottage insurance we are not much aware about the climate changes that may play a part in cottage insurance and do not have much idea about cottage insurance policies and buy the one which seems to be best suited for us. But hold on home and cottage insurance is almost same hence you must pay equal attention as you pay for your home insurance. So this time while you are planning to buy a cottage insurance you need to focus on the following five points and after that make your decision on the basis of these pointers.

What about outbuilding? Do they come in the coverage policy or not?

As there are many insurance companies in the market and they have set their own standards of insurance coverage.For outbuilding the package will vary accordingly some offer limited coverage or some will try to give you full coverage, but it totally depends upon the insurance companies .Therefore you need to check the document carefully how much area they have included in that particular insurance plan. If you like the plan and would like to make an addition then you can do so by discussing it with the policy advisor.

Are my water toys covered in the insurance plan?

If your cottage is nearthe river side or near any water resource you need to check your cottage insurance plan accordingly. As you might have many water related items like boats or water craft, motors, and other water equipments whichneed particular insurance. Do not make any assumptions that it will obviously be covered in the cottage insurance plans. Ask directly to the insurance provider and after that make your mind to buy it or not.

What if I make a plan to rent my cottage?

If you are planning to rent out your cottage property discuss itwith your insurance provider. This is important because most of the insurance companies do not cover under such scenario. But if you think it is your property and you can make your own decisions whether to rent it or not; then you will definitely face a problem at the time when a damage occurs and you will seek a claim

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Discuss about content coverage

Content is the permanent items which are placed in the cottage for example beds, furniture and other fixtures. Most of the insurance provides content coverage but it again depends upon the insurance company to which extent they are providing the coverage. Discuss it with the service provider and if you feel that it is not enough you can borrow an additional plan from them.

Does it include renovation cost?

You many need to renovate and repair your cottage because of fire or some other sort of damage. So this becomes the important question to ask from the insurance company how much they include in the renovation cost. From that you will get an idea about how much extra amount you need to spend. And lastly always remember to stay updated with your insurance plans in order to get the best output.


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