Photos in modern style: the interior of the bedroom with wallpaper of two types and the specifics of its creation

Planning repairs in the bedroom, you should immediately indicate the end result. Acting according to the planned plan, it is possible to significantly reduce the time of repair work and reduce the probability of unforeseen costs. In the development and creation of an exclusive design rooms will help photos in a modern style: bedroom interior with wallpaper of two kinds, examples of successful combinations of materials and colors, fineness in creating an exceptional design.

Features and benefits of the bedroom interior with wallpaper of two types

Pasting the wallpaper of the two varieties in the bedroom, has not only a decorative purpose, but also carries a functional load. This is the advantage of the method of combining materials and colors in front of a one-color finish. Using this method of decorating the walls, you can:

  • zoning space;
  • visually expand a limited area of ​​the premises;

An example of a combination of two types of wallpaper – snow-white and with a pattern

  • create a certain mood;
  • display taste preferences;
  • to organize a cosiness;
  • to place accents;
  • hide the shortcomings of the room.

Wallpaper with floral ornaments perfectly in harmony with monophonic

Photo of the interiors of the bedroom in a modern style of 12 sq.m: zonal distribution of the area

The combination of different types of wallpaper – an effective tool for designers, allowing you to perform a visual separation of the room space and visual expansion of its area. This is evidenced by a photo of a bedroom interior in a modern style of 12 sq. M. m in Khrushchev, with which you can at any time get acquainted in the virtual space of the Internet. Owners of such small apartments suffer particularly from the problem of lack of free space.

In the design of the bedroom used wallpaper two types

Helpful advice! Use the method of combining different materials for visual separation of the nursery and bedrooms for adults who are in the same room. The use of objects such as small partitions from the GKL, curtains or screens will increase the effect. These devices should only hint at the zones of the room, so the loss of space due to their installation will be minimal.

A successful combination of wallpaper of different colors

Using this concept, you can zoning one bedroom, where two children live, and also to divide the area of ​​one room into zones according to their purpose. For example, a corner for relaxation and workplace. In this case, it is recommended to finish the working area with lighter shades. It is very important to achieve harmony between all elements of design. The texture and shades must match.

The walls in the children’s bedroom are decorated with wallpaper of two types

Photo of the interiors of the bedroom 12 sq. M. m and spatial effect of finishing

The useful area in small apartments is valued in weight of gold. For this purpose, multi-level bed designs are installed, sliding doors with a built-in box and sliding-door wardrobes with sliding doors. But even these tweaks may not be enough to make the room look spacious.

An example of combining monophonic wallpaper with a picture in the design of a small bedroom

The addition in the form of a well-chosen finish can in this case be of invaluable help. Using competent placement of color and texture, you can manage the space. This applies not only in a limited area, but also in spacious rooms, the layout of which needs to be adjusted. After all, large rooms do not look cozy and comfortable, and for a bedroom, these conditions are top priority. Wallpaper with a pattern and various colors will help make the room visually compact, without selecting a useful area.

Competent placement of color and texture allows you to effectively manage the space

Light shades can correct the appearance of the room in an elongated shape. Whatever the width of such a bedroom, without the competent intervention of the designer, it will always seem narrow and cause unpleasant sensations.

Note! For excessively high ceilings, two types of wallpaper are selected. The zone of their connection is located lower than the joint of the ceiling with the wall by about 20-50 cm. Low ceilings require an increase in the height of the room. This is achieved through a reverse effect, where the wallpaper is used in a single color scheme. They should touch the ceiling by about 15-20 cm.

An interesting combination of snow-white wallpapers and dark with a golden pattern

Photo of interiors of small bedrooms and the influence of their design on the perception of a person

The bedroom, as the main place for rest and sleep, requires a special atmosphere. It is recommended to finish the walls with wallpaper of calm tones that do not bear heavy or gloomy load.

To ensure a calm sleep and a good mood during the morning awakening, you should find a middle ground between those design options that you like and those that positively influence the perception of a person. This requirement especially affects the wall, located directly in front of the eyes during awakening. A warm and soft color scheme will help to relax the eyes.

An example of a harmonious combination of two types of wallpaper in the design of a small bedroom

It is not recommended to apply in design techniques of the style direction “techno”, industrial motifs “loft”, because a brick or bare concrete wall will not contribute to relaxation. Such repair subconsciously depresses the human psyche.

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The use of wallpaper in accordance with personal taste preferences gives the owner of the room the opportunity of self-expression. Therefore, there are so many styles that can be successfully used in the design of a bedroom:

  • romantic;
  • exotic;
  • classical;

The interior of the bedroom is made in a romantic style

  • English;
  • minimalism, and so on.

Having supported any of them with appropriate accessories, you can create a certain mood.

The interior of the bedroom is 15 sq.m. and how with its help you can hide the shortcomings of the room

The plane of the walls and ceilings in the rooms is not without flaws. Such disadvantages may include irregularities on the surface and in the area where the corners are placed. They can affect the beauty of the repair, reduce the aesthetics of the room. Wallpaper of different colors will help to hide such flaws. For example, a small roughness of the walls will hide the decoration, dotted with chaotic and large patterns.

Wallpaper of different colors will help to hide flaws of walls or ceiling

Helpful advice! Do not pick up too thin material. The best option would be a wallpaper with a large and very embossed texture.

The uneven angles are especially fatal for repair work. To create an appearance of straightness of corners, one should glue those walls that are located on joints with materials of different colors. But the seam between them should be placed not strictly in the angle, but converge on an even vertical. It should be outlined in advance with an indent from the angle of 1-1.5 cm.

Photo wallpapers with a large image in the interior of the bedroom

In some situations, the ideal solution to the problem may be a sticker of photo wallpapers decorated with a large-sized picture. Finishing this kind of material can be used to highlight a certain zone in the room. Photos of the interiors bedrooms with photo wallpaper, which often come across in the fashion magazines and on the Internet, eloquently confirm how effective this design is.

The material with a carpet pattern will best look on the wall behind the bed.

The wallpaper behind the bed is covered with wallpaper

The method of accentuation allows to divert attention from those parts of the room where the shortcomings are located. With a successful combination of the above methods, you can hide all the existing shortcomings as much as possible without resorting to leveling the walls and ceilings.

Combining wallpaper will help in creating a unique bedroom interior

Photo in a modern style: the interior of the bedroom with wallpaper of two types at the initial stage of creation

Before the beginning of arrangement of any interior planning and selection of materials is carried out. The construction market has a wide variety of manufacturers and their products. Particularly difficult task is facing those who have to select not one kind of decoration, but two at once. It is necessary to achieve a successful combination between the type of materials, their coloring.

The first stage in the arrangement of the bedroom – planning and selection of materials

Helpful advice! The most important factors for selection are environmental friendliness and performance characteristics. The bedroom belongs to the category of closed premises, where a person spends many hours during rest and sleep. The presence of toxic components in the finish will have a negative impact on health, since these substances will inevitably be released and pollute the air.

Eco-friendliness and performance are important criteria for choosing wallpaper for the bedroom

The bedroom has the simplest operating conditions. This room is practically unaffected by adverse factors, such as:

  • temperature differences;
  • impact of mechanical type on the wall surface;
  • increased moisture index;
  • unpleasant odors, which are usually accompanied by the exploitation of the kitchen.

When combining wallpapers of several types, it is important to achieve an ideal harmony between their colors and texture

The probability of wallpaper contamination in this case is minimal, so there is practically no restriction on the material.

Selection of finishing materials for repair

To decorate the walls in the bedroom, the decor in the form of textured plaster is suitable. But the wallpaper in this sense is more economical, rich in design and environmentally friendly.

In the repair work can be used wallpapers for the following types of walls :

  • vinyl ;
  • on a non-woven substrate;

In the building materials market, the wallpaper is represented by a large variety of types and colors

  • paper;
  • on the basis of textiles;
  • made of materials of natural origin (bamboo, cortical tree);
  • liquid with a volume invoicing pattern.

Wallpaper based on paper, interlining and textiles – the most suitable for finishing bedrooms. Steklooboi, as well as materials of liquid type and based on vinyl require careful handling.

The combination of white and black wallpaper harmoniously looks in the overall design of the bedroom

Flizelin for a long time preserves the novelty of the repair. Its surface does not fade with time and is perfectly amenable to the cleaning procedure (washing). Such wallpaper can glue the surface of the walls of the children’s bedroom, use in houses where animals live, because the level of wear resistance of the material is high enough.

The walls in the bedroom are decorated with several types of wallpaper in patchwork technique

Helpful advice! Flizeline surfaces allow the possibility of repainting. Use this property of the material to reduce the cost of the next repair.

Finishing on the basis of textiles and paper is considered the most environmentally friendly, but it will require some care. The market of building materials offers an extensive selection of catalogs with paper wallpapers, which are not only attractive externally, but have a good value.

Wallpaper based on textiles and paper are highly ecological

Features of a choice of color scale and photo of interiors of a bedroom of 15 sq.m

Colouristics has a direct impact on the psyche and the mood of a person, so the selection of colors and their correct combination are extremely important.

Basic rules for choosing colors for a bedroom:

  • The presence of red, orange and pink shades in the interior of the bedroom will allow to inflame feelings and passion. But do not overdo with these flowers. It is better to use them as additional elements, rather than the basic shade;

An example of zoning a bedroom using wallpaper of two kinds

  • The choice of color depends on the function of the room. The bedroom, as a resting room, needs quiet and warm shades. It is recommended to use ivory, beige, light shades of brown, white;
  • if there is a working area in the bedroom, for example, a desk or a small cabinet, blue, gray, blue and green shades should be used. They have a positive effect on vision, they soothe, but at the same time they can create a relaxed working atmosphere, since they are absolutely neutral;

Light shades will help to correct the appearance of the room in an elongated shape

  • the choice of colors must be done taking into account the biological clock of the owner of the bedroom. Owls are active at night. Comfortable for them will be shades of deep blue, dark blue, purple, the colors of the setting sun and dark brown. Inspiration for larks will bring a completely different color range, for example, orange, yellow, pink, light green and bright coral.

A competent combination of colors is the key to choosing wallpaper for a bedroom

Unsuitable colors for the bedroom

In fact, there are not so many mistakes that can be made when choosing a color scheme. Using simple rules, you can protect yourself from creating a bad color combination.

Combinations of pink and steel shades, as well as neon yellow and noble browns are considered unsuccessful. One can not allow one of the colors to be flashy, the other to be calm.

Bright ornaments are perfectly combined with monophonic wallpaper

Note! Each style, be it classic or minimalistic, has its own shades, so you should adhere to color matching and unity with the style of the room.

Combinations of shades of warm and cold colors are acceptable, but you need to handle them with care. Especially if they are in remote areas of the palette. To such shades are red and blue, purple and light green. They contradict each other and will make a dissonance in the bedroom design.

Of course, any rule has exceptions. Therefore, when choosing colors, you should listen to your instinct and not forget about the advice of designers.

An example of combining gray and coral wallpaper

Interiors of a small bedroom: photos and basic design methods

Not always the method of combining colors is suitable for small bedrooms. In some cases, the use of two types of material will not bring any result. On the perception of the interior affects the lighting, as well as the shape of the room. The bedroom can be:

  • square;
  • rectangular;
  • irregular shape (in the room there are additional structural elements, for example, niches, turns).

Wallpaper of two kinds in the interior of the bedroom, decorated in various shades of gray

In such cases, the use of wallpaper of different colors may be appropriate. In rooms with natural light, the coloring of the finish will look much lighter, like the entire interior. In artificial lighting, yellow shades predominate. When the yellow particles of light are reflected from the colored surfaces, there will be an easy mixing of the shades, the cool colors will not seem as cold as they really are.

Well-lighted interiors of bedrooms should be calm. To create them, it is recommended to use cold and neutral shades.

In the interior of a small bedroom used a combination of wallpaper of two types

The method of dividing the wall and the features of gluing wallpaper in the bedroom: photos in the interior

The partitioning of the wall using wallpaper can be both vertical and horizontal. Small bedrooms in this matter are more demanding than large ones. The correct decision depends on the height of the room or its visual dimensions.

Successful variants of walls finishing with horizontal division:

Bottom part Top part
horizontal strip vertical strip
dark shade light shade
horizontal strip solid color
light shade dark shade
vertical strip pattern
pattern solid color
relief smooth surface in monochromatic color
drawing solid color


Helpful advice! To avoid confusion in the interior, you should use materials decorated with large contrasting drawings.

Vertical type of placement of wallpaper will visually stretch the walls in height, respectively, and “raise” the ceilings. The most successful option will be the sequential striping of material in a consistent sequence. These strips should have the same width, so that the design will be stylish.

With the vertical method of dividing the wall, the decoration looks like monochrome and patterned wallpaper. In this case, you simultaneously break the stereotype and get an interesting interior.

Vertical type of wallpaper placement will allow you to visually stretch the walls in height

Method of highlighting the ceiling on the background of the rest of the interior

The gluing of the ceiling surface by the wallpaper looks interesting enough, but it can support the interior features of the bedroom in the classical style, the photo of the well-chosen design in this style with the ceiling finish is quite common. The advantages of the method:

  • hides problem areas – often the rough surface of the ceiling has many defects that require mandatory elimination before painting. If the slabs are inaccurate and have significant flaws, the alignment process can be problematic. In this case, the wallpaper will be simply irreplaceable, they will allow the most accurate disguise of potholes and other defects;

To decorate the walls and ceiling of the bedroom used wallpaper several types

  • economy – painting of the ceiling base requires a number of preparatory procedures (leveling, applying puttying composition, primer). To achieve a qualitative result, the help of qualified specialists will be required. Pay their labor – another graph of the cost of repairs. Wallpaper gluing will be much cheaper;
  • easy system of gluing, so that such repairs can be performed even independently;
  • beautiful ceiling design without the use of additional structures – with wallpaper you can effectively decorate the ceiling base.

An example of spectacular decoration of the ceiling with the help of bright wallpaper and its combination with monophonic walls

Note! The extremely complex structure of these structures, as well as the need for the correct placement of wiring, elements of the ventilation system and lighting components makes the presence of specialists during repair mandatory.

The combination of white wallpaper and with a geometric pattern looks interesting and stylish

Features of the interiors of bedrooms with the use of ornaments in different styles

According to the designers, the process of decorating a bedroom using two or more types of wallpaper is a collection of different elements that are subordinate to a certain sequence. They solve one of the most important tasks of repair – giving the vertical surfaces of the room a complete appearance and rhythm. Correctly executed interior turns out to be voluminous and alive.

The floral ornament in the bedroom design fits well with the monophonic walls

Conventionally, the variety of ornaments can be divided into three groups:

  • meandering;
  • vegetable;
  • geometric.

All of them are linked to certain styles of the interior, which facilitates the process of creating a design and choosing materials for it.

An unusual ornament in the interior of a small bedroom

Interior of the bedroom in a modern style: photos and design features

In modern interiors, bedrooms, especially where space zoning is required, meander ornamentation is often used. This version of the finish is used on the edging, curbs, the ceiling joint area with the walls. To enhance the effect of the meander, it is necessary to select the main background in a monochrome and calm color scheme.

In the design of the bedroom used wallpaper two types

Another popular design option is the grille. This pattern is of European origin and is intended only for living rooms. The correct grille on the wallpaper subordinates the general interior to the order and harmony, creates additional volume and relief. This finish echoes with modern and classic styles.

An example of a combination of different wallpapers in the design of a children’s bedroom

Ornament in the form of scales can be attributed to the retro style, which is very popular today. The motives of this direction are successfully used in the interiors of modern apartments and houses. Its components are circles and ovals with partial overlap.

Helpful advice! To ensure that the modern interior does not completely turn into retro design, it is recommended to use the motif in the form of scales only partially. As the main background, it does not fit. In addition, the excessive activity of this ornament will overload the situation too much.

An interesting combination of monophonic wallpaper and simulating brickwork

Interior of the bedroom in the style of Provence and the subtleties of the use of ornaments

For the style of Provence in the classical sense of the typical small vegetable motifs. However, to create an unusual design, you can use an ornament created by patchwork. It can be used in the design of many styles:

  • Art Deco;
  • Provence;
  • country or rustic.

The interior of the bedroom in the rustic style is made using two types of wallpaper

At the heart of the patchwork or patchwork pattern is the use of pieces of different wallpaper, which can have a rectangular or square shape. These scraps are chosen taking into account the color scale and the pattern, which in the majority is floral. The result is a wall that resembles a patchwork quilt. Its components can be large, medium or small.

The bedroom in the style of Provence, in the design of which combined a one-color wallpaper of a light shade and imitating a tree

This kind of ornament is advantageous in that a patchwork wall can be created from the remains of wallpaper that have not been expended to the end during the previous repair work. In some cases, it may be necessary to purchase several rolls to achieve a harmonious combination between colors and textures.

Example of patchwork on the wall of a small bedroom

Photo of the interiors of the bedroom in the classical style and its specificity

In the interiors of classical bedrooms, geometric and floral ornaments are used. Wallpaper with geometric design may include the following elements:

  • vertical stripes;
  • circle;
  • squares;
  • horizontal stripes;
  • rhombuses.

Wallpaper with floral pattern and snow-white in the interior of the bedroom

Wallpaper with floral pattern and snow-white in the interior of the bedroom

Helpful advice! This type of decoration can be used in other areas of the house, for example, a nursery, a hallway, a living room.

In addition to the usual geometric shapes, wallpaper for a bedroom in the classical style can be decorated with more complex images. Most often they are used to focus on a particular wall or a separate section of the room.

The walls of the bedroom are decorated with wallpaper of two types

The walls of the bedroom are decorated with wallpaper of two types

At the heart of the four-leafed ornament is four circles with the same diameter. All of them partially overlap with each other. This type of decoration is used not only in the decoration of walls, but also can be used for spectacular decoration of furniture and mirrors.

An example of a combination of wallpaper with horizontal stripes and a monochromatic blue hue

An example of a combination of wallpaper with horizontal stripes and a monochromatic blue hue

Designers argue that the use of four leaves will be appropriate for almost any interior. The main thing is to achieve an even distribution. Possible variants of successful combination of this ornament with a checkered pattern or strip. Particularly interesting incarnations of the quarterfoil gets in the classical, gothic interior and retro.

Vegetable ornament and “tartan” look great when paired with monophonic wallpaper

“Tartan” is considered another ornament, ideal for the classics. However, it has an intense impact, so it is only suitable for partial use. The pattern is obtained due to the mutual interweaving of threads, made in different colors:

  • red;
  • green;
  • blue;
  • gray;
  • orange;
  • black;
  • yellow.

Two types of wallpaper in the interior of the bedroom

With this in mind, it must be understood that the main background should be monophonic and have a close tint to the tartan. This kind of ornament is also applicable for British, Scottish, Irish styles, country and design with Celtic designs.

Classics, as well as the English style looks good with a grille and “goose paws.” Competently using elements of echoing styles, you can create interesting and unusual combinations.


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