How To Style Chandeliers To Glam Up Your Interiors!

Your home is the only place that you can call as your own. People are so crazy about decorating the home interiors that they spend money like water. But it is totally worthless as you can get the best look by a minimum of expenditures as well. All you need is to invest in the right types of accessories that can go well with your home styling. There are a number of ideas available online in terms of Home Décor. From chandeliers to curtains to trendy furniture, you can invest in different stuff and have the best interiors in seconds.

Talking particularly about the chandeliers, there is an extreme variety available in the same. You can buy candle chandelier or go with the crystal ones; drum and bowl chandeliers are also high in demand these days.

Here we are discussing the most obvious places where you can hang the chandelier and add the glam factor to your interiors.


  • Over The Dining Table:

Undoubtedly, there are a number of places that you can choose to hang the chandelier, and you can select any of them. But if you own a separate dining area, then a chandelier at the top of your dining table can add another charm to your home décor. It is considered as the most popular place to fix your chandelier. The only tip that you need to consider is to take a right-sized chandelier according to the dimensions of your dining table; otherwise, it will look bizarre.


  • In Bedroom:

Choosing the right size and shape of the chandelier can make a real difference in the overall look of your home; whether you are hanging it in the bedroom or the kitchen. It will depict an overwhelming feel if the chandelier is too big in size and it will be underwhelming in case it is too small. In short and simple words, the proportion is a crucial factor. You can hang one over the bed and add some romance feel to your bedroom. Not only it enhances the look of your dull and boring bedroom, it light ups the whole room too.




  • In Kitchen:

Kitchens are the liveliest portion of a house. Yes, there are already a lot of things present there and adding a chandelier can be a tricky task. You can take the help of a mathematical formula that will help you find the ideally-sized chandelier according to the dimensions of the room. In this way, you can do justice to your home décor without any hassle. Particularly for kitchens, you can use the small or mini chandeliers and hang these over the preparation area or in the center. You can pick different styles according to the theme of your kitchen and add a high-lightening factor.


  • In Living Area:

Your drawing room or the living area is the very first place where your guest enters. So it throws the first impression of your lifestyle. This makes it necessary to style the living space in the most effective way. Although, there are different stuff present in there; from sofas to lamps to chairs; yet you can add a chandelier on the top and complete the whole look accordingly.


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  • In Bathroom:

Your bathroom is an essential part of your house and needs to be clean, crisp and elegant. A mini chandelier on the top of your bathtub can let you experience the best view; especially when you will be bathing there. For private spaces like these, the dimmer lights and sparkle are perfect.


  • In The Baby’s Room:

If you have a baby or toddler in your home and want to style his/her room by adding a little vintage appeal, then chandeliers are the perfect pick for you. The dimming lights will add a relaxing feature in the room and calm your baby’s mood swings too.



You will find a number of spaces in your house where you can add a chandelier to enhance the overall decoration. Either it is over the hallway or in your study space; you can style different types of chandeliers in whatever place you want. All you need is to consider a few factors like correct size, type and spacing issues. Try to keep it simple and sweet so that it does not look overdo.

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