How to Solve Your Plumbing Problem with Interior Design

Let’s say you’re trying to build the perfect home, getting that interior design right, but you have a big plumbing issue.  How does interior design play a part in this? Well, let’s talk about how interior design can help with solving the plumbing issues that you may have


Work with the Particulars of the home First

When it comes to plumbing, you first want to design the concept for the home with the plumbing in mind. If you know where the water and drainage pi[es are, put the bathroom in.  this will help to prevent any design overhaul.  you’ll be able to, with this, take each location, map out a bathroom, and from there, build from there.


Lots think this inhibits creative freedom, but here’s the thing, you either inhibit the creative freedom but have functional bathrooms, or you end up having issues with your plumbing that can ruin the home.  Bing smart and factoring in the bathroom first playas a major role.


Remember not every home is Created Equal

This is very true. Not ever home is created equal. Older homes that were built before the 1980s were actually only using ½ inch plumbing lines, but today we have the ¾ inch standard. So, you need to look at the size of both the plumbing lines and the water heater

Design it so that you’re proving enough bathrooms for the home that it is fitting, but also enough water heating and plumbing that the job gets done.  This is a big part of the home because when you’re designing, keep these factors in mind.

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Design so that the Costs Won’t Be too much

You want to make sure that you’re designing the bathroom so that you’re able to have a good space, but also keep in mind any constraints, whether it be due to the size of the bathroom, or something else.  Work with what you have, and make sure you’re not putting in any water products or any plumbing items that can take up too much.  For example, if your bathroom can’t handle some giant whirlpool tub, then don’t use that.


You can Use Focal Pieces to Shine

If you’re struggling, consider using some focal pieces of shine.  For example, a good chandelier, tile work, or whatever, will add to your home.  This is something a lot of us don’t take into account. A focal piece or a farm designed bathroom can make a major difference in the way your home is received.  You should always focus on the plumbing first, but don’t be afraid to get a little creative.


If you’re struggling with interior design and feel it might have some plumbing factors, then consider a plumbing company rose bay to help you with it, but don’t be afraid to get these plumbing problems fixed, since they can certainly make a difference in the way your home is, and how it looks at the end of the day.

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