How To Sell Your House Without An Estate Agent

To Sell your house without a broker or an estate agent can be attractive to reduce costs. There is no requirement by the law to hire a real estate agent at the time of sale.

Then how do you sell a house without the real estate agent?

It is quite possible, but also a little difficult, to conduct a home sales without the real estate agent on your side.

These are the steps you need to go through:

Obtain valuation of your property

Property valuation

Property valuation is the process of developing an opinion of value for areal estate property (usually market value). Real estate transactions often require valuation because they occur infrequently and every property is unique (especially their condition, a key factor in valuation), unlike corporate stocks, which are traded daily and are identical. The location also plays a key role in valuation. However, since property cannot change location, it is often the upgrades or improvements to the home that can change its value.

Before you sell your house, you probably want to know how much you can get for it. Which of course also gives an indication of the market. The value of the house is determined by many different factors. Location, style and condition of the house. There are other factors that affects price like popularity, which affects the supply and therefore increase the price. You can look at statistics for similar properties sold in your area to estimate price.

There are also online sites that’s gives free valuation of houses like The House Shop, Zoopla, House Simple Emoov and many others. You can also turn to a real estate agent for a valuation. Many real estate agents offer free values ​​without a binding contract.

Read more on How to find out the value of your propery online.

Advertise your property to potential buyers

free property advertising websitesNow you have already obtained the valuation of your house and the next question is ”where can I advertise my house for sale for free”. At this stage you can decide how and where you will advertise your house for sell. The best best approach is to sell your house online yourself.

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What is the best website to sell your house?

Look at housing sites what’s for sale in your area and what price is requested.

Look at websites for home prices. What has been sold recently and how much have they cost?

Here are the 7 free property advertising in UK to sell your house:

1, is the UK’s number one FREE classified advertising website just for property. Working with homeowners, landlords, estate agents and developers to buy, sell, rent and let property online. Their wealth of experience in the property industry and online marketing enables them to help their visitors to save money, take control and to sell or let their properties at zero cost.

2. UK’s leading website that register properties for sale online. These days most homes are sold because they’re advertised on the major property sites like Rightmove and Zoopla, regardless of the agent involved.

3. The property listings portal that turned Britain into a nation of online curtain-twitchers. It is a one-stop shop that shows the sale price and current value of every address in the country. Tear yourself away from checking friends’ homes and set a “tempt me” price to tantalise would-be buyers.

4. Emoov is a full-service agency where customers get exclusive customer care from industry experts. In fact, they’ve won the Best UK Online Agent Customer Service with a 98% customer satisfaction rating across hundreds of reviews.

5. Nethouseprices was one of the first websites set up in 2004 that specialised in providing sold property prices recorded in England and Wales, by the Land Registry since 1995 and has since evolved to become a favourite destination for property professionals and the consumer alike. Nethouseprices is privately run by a team of property professionals who are qualified chartered surveyors and property developers with over 50 years experience in the property industry between them.

6. is a leading Online Estate Agents selling and letting 1,000’s of properties and saving clients £millions in fees across the UK. Their average client spends £339 and saves £5,207 in estate agent fees making it a very attractive proposition to clients.

7. Tepilo takes a modern approach to selling your home. As both an online estate agent and a platform for promoting your home, our aim is to reduce your costs and give you more control. Customers save an average of £5,210.

Offer viewings of your property

how do i sell my home privatelyOnce an interested buyer has seen your home they’ll contact you directly via e-mail so that you can arrange a viewing at a suitable time.

You’ll have to show the speculators the property yourself as you have no estate agent.

The good news for people planning to sell their homes is that the viewing process today does not need to be an ordentligt.

And do not forget the basics.

Things to consider when inviting speculators for viewing
  • Be sure to clean properly in the accommodation so that it is clean and fresh as well as order and clean. Clear the kitchen of all but essentials, hoover and wash floors, polish mirrors and pictures, invest in some fresh flowers and fruit, put fresh linen on beds, and towels and soap in the bathroom.


  • Avoid scented light. Give the speculators the space to look for themselves at the residence, without the fact that you as a salesman are following them wherever they go. Be nice and helpful and do not talk too much. Give the speculators the space to ask questions and also to talk with their family members or friends who follow those on display as support.


Agree purchase price with the buyer

After viewing your home the buyer will contact you directly to make an offer, saving lots of time in the process and meaning you’re never waiting on an estate agent to update you.

You can decide whether to accept, decline or counter offer and will have to respond directly to the buyer.

Many sales agents have their own bidding system. Most often, bidding is handled by sms or other methods today. As a private seller, you should handle the bidding via the phone. Call all stakeholders and present all bids that come in to all bidders. A good system is that you send out every bid you receive via sms to all bidders. Then note all bids on a list of name and phone number of the bidder. This allows bidders to feel safe. Do not forget to check out that the bidders have a loan commitment at the bank when they make their first bid.

Processing the sale

buying investment propertyOn the web there are ready templates for contract download for those who want to sell privately without a real estate agent. There are both free and even those who cost money. Make sure to get a correct one. Enter all terms that you and the buyer agree. Attach a description of the property to the contract. At this point you can even appoint or hire a solicitor to continue the sale process if you are unexperienced.

If you sell your house online with The House Shop, the can help you to find a solicitor.

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