How to Renovate an Old House into Something Stylish

There are many things to consider when in the process of renovation. Before you even begin designing it is important to look at what you can change and what you can’t. There are going to be features that can not be knocked down or removed and others that will have to be installed such as upstairs plumbing or wiring. Always be realistic in your budget and where you want to take the interior. Whether it be a complete reworking of its design or simply to bring out the charm of the period pieces make sure to have the cost in mind.

Find the diamonds in the rough

Once you’ve established what kind of money you want to spend you can begin thinking about which original features you want to repair and what you’d like to replace.

Whether your home is an airy Georgian estate or an elegant Victorian property with a mix of styles and heavy patterns there will be beauty in the old even if there is a need for the new.

Your home will most likely have a statement feature, often a fireplace, that brings the focus to one part of the room. It’s a good idea to rework this feature, turning disused into decadent.

Try not to over-ornament rooms with a statement piece such as a chandelier or fireplace as it can often shrink the space and give an outdated and cluttered feel. While they can really bring to the room an echo of the time period and a warm nostalgia, try to ensure the bolder pieces don’t dominate. Try not to overwhelm the room and allow the attention to be drawn where it falls naturally.

Patterns, paint and period drama

Your old house will probably have a lot of textures and patterns as a part of the wall design, curtains and furniture. Be selective with what you think needs scrapping and what you think can be a part of your new renovation.

High ceilings and vast wall space can be maximised with a lick of lighter paint. This will give you room for long mirrors and art pieces that work well in early 20th century houses.

You can put a modern spin on the style of your old house with reworked art deco pieces and experiment with textures and styles true to that period. This can be particularly artful in an early 1960s home where contemporary retro design can be combined with vintage.

Make some room

A good way to go if you want to create space and bring a light airy feel into a gothic period home is open plan.

It not only brings life to any dinge and gloom in the corners of your house but it’s a great investment when selling it on.  Open plan is always desirable whether you’re looking for houses for sale in Harrow or a bijoux apartment in a townhouse in London, spaciousness will always be sort after.

You’ll be making a real improvement to the house that will increase its value in the long run and give you more flexibility in the decoration and style of the interior.

Don’t be daunted

While you may think renovating a house isn’t for the faint hearted it doesn’t take a qualified interior designer to create a perfect home. Make sure to embrace the character of your home and allow it’s unique preloved intricacy shine through any modern designs you’d like to incorporate. Interweave your own story with the house’s for a contemporary and decadent look without pulling it too far in either direction.

If renovating an older house seems like a big project there are plenty of opportunities for shared ownership in London in new builds for first time buyers that can be equally as attractive without the big budgets and heavy duty manoeuvring.

Designing your home should always be a creative and expressive experience whether it’s a new build in a suburban estate or a classic Edwardian manor house, remember to enjoy the process of shaping your newly found sanctuary.

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