How to Reduce Heat Loss in Your Home

You may not even realise it, but a huge portion of your home’s heat could be silently escaping, leaving you aghast as to why the house is always so cold in the winter months. The more heat that your home loses, the more likely it is that you’ll have the heating switched on for several hours a day, which will send utility costs spiralling.

Therefore, it’s in the best interests of every homeowner to reduce heat loss as much as possible throughout the home. Not only will it keep your house warmer and cut down on utility bills; it also means that you’re running a more energy-efficient home, with your heating system being utilised far less frequently.

From windows and doors to walls, roofs and floors, there are several avenues through which heat can escape a building. The proportions of heat loss will vary from one building to another depending on the materials used in construction and the level of insulation in place, although a typical home could experience as much as 70% of its heat loss through gaps or weaknesses in walls, windows and doors.

There are numerous measures that you could implement to cut back on heat loss in your home. Some of these are very straightforward, such as drawing the curtains when darkness descends, or keeping doors closed throughout the house. Other heat loss reduction techniques would require a lot more time and expense, such as insulating the walls and roof, although this could potentially be so effective that you might recoup the costs of installation in energy savings over a short few years.

Check out the infographic below from Senator Windows for further reading on how to combat heat loss throughout your home.






















































































































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