How to Redecorate your Property on a Budget

Everyone has the power to own a beautiful home if you want it hard enough. Even if you are saving up your pennies, there is still a whole host of ways that you can create a stylish, inviting home. Sometimes it is the simplest solutions that can have the biggest impact, so try our latest ideas to really transform your home this year.

Add colour to the walls

A lick of paint is a quick, easy and inexpensive way to give your home an instant lift. There are multiple ways you can add some colour without breaking the bank, whether it be through a statement wall, which is a great way to add a focal point to your room, or go all out an decorate your entire room, both ways have the potential to look equally as effective.

Whether opting for an intense shade to add some mood into your home, or even a light colour to freshen up a dark room, there are so many options of colour to explore. Why not try a two-tone scheme of contrasting colours? This guarantees a striking look that creates a beautiful effect.

Reassess not buy more

This is one of the biggest money-saving hacks as it costs zero. Have you tried reassessing what your room looks like? Ever thought of moving a few bits and pieces around? An old vase you are adamant you want to throw out and later replace may look brilliant next to your sofa instead of where it is currently placed. Reassessing gives you the opportunity to redesign and play with the colours and pieces you already own, at no extra cost.

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A fresh approach can force you into getting rid of tired old pieces you are holding on to. Often, these are only cluttering up your space and making it seem disorganised and messy. Ask yourself whether you really need everything you see, if not then selling your possessions on eBay may be a good move going forward. This way, selling your items could soften the blow if you chose to buy something new.


Even in the most beautiful of homes, lighting is more important than you think as it has the power to change the mood of a whole room. With tasteful elegance and décor, your lighting choice has the potential to make or break a room.

Cleverly placed lighting can transform even the dullest of settings into a more uplifting place. This has the power to change the way you feel emotionally, as well as as making your home feel spacious, clean, and welcoming. Mirrors can also be a great addition to your home as well as having the power to reflect light and add shimmer to your walls, even in the smallest of spaces.

Natural light is so valuable throughout your home and is a great asset for any room. It is important to bear in mind how much natural light flows through your home before you consider where to place your new lighting. You could even consider just changing the shade on your existing lamps. There are plenty of high street stores that have lampshades for next to nothing so just keep your eye peeled for some amazing bargains.


If you really want to keep cost to a minimum, then properties from the likes of RW Invest offer smart lighting in your home. Although this would involve potentially relocating, if you are searching for a new home this is a great avenue to explore and will save you money in the long run. Smart lighting is a more efficient way to manage the lighting throughout your home and is an emerging trend for those that are conscious of rising utility bills.

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