How To Make More Out of Your Investment In Real Estate

All of us are well aware of the fact that an investment in real estate yields exorbitant returns. This is the
reason due to which real estate sector is growing with more investors coming and reaping benefits.
Although the gimmicks of real estate may not turn favourable for all the investors as basic homework
and research is necessary. The research is required basically to earn handsome returns. Diamond Muti
State CGHS Ltd. which is coming with property and apartments in Dwarka gives you vital points required
to earn high returns on residential investment.

Things to consider when choosing investments

1. Check credit report

For investment purposes, many people seek financial assistance but getting financial assistance is not an
easy task especially where credit report is going downwards. It is a vital attribute to rectify the credit
report before taking financial assistance and to improve the credit report which is the basis of getting
financial assistance from the financial institutions, the steps like timely repayment of dues of credit card,
repayment of existing EMI on time without any default are the few aspects. Thus, it becomes necessary
to check credit report prior to taking financial assistance for the property.


2. Evaluate the return on investment

There are no set parameters to get good returns especially in real estate market. It varies on case to
case basis but as a thumb rule an investment that earns at least 1% more than an investment is a
feasible investment. For this, research of a location is required. A word of caution is that do not just
blindly invest in any avenue and anticipate high returns. It does not work this way. It will be better if you
get a rough estimate regarding the rental value. The return on investment must be positive else it leads
to erosion of investment and rather than gaining, you tend to lose hard earned money.


3. Assess tax on investment

A financial aspect of tax is of immense importance while evaluating any investment avenue. You need to
calculate the amount of tax exemption you will get while going for any property. One can consult his tax
expert or a broker to get a fair idea of how much exemption will he get?


4. Check growth index

There is a growth index for every location. There is a slight difference when you want to own a property
for individual purpose or investment purpose. When it comes to pinpointing residential investment for
self-use purpose, people generally give attention to attributes like connectivity, amenities while for
investment purpose; one is interested knowing appreciation rate, growth index.
Thus, the suggestions given above are handy when you want your investment in real estate to grow

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Other issues to consider

Despite many odds and differences in opinion that you may be having with your parents who are senior
citizens, you care for them and the reason is pretty simple that these are the parents who gave you
warmth and support that you needed all throghout your growing years but it is just not the give and
take between the parents and children. It is the upbringing of a child in the society that ensures you care
for your senior citizen parents. It is not just your right but the responsibility too. On that note, Diamond
Multi State CGHS that offers DDA flats in Dwarka, Delhi are here to provide some suggestions with which
you can bestow care to your senior citizen parents and live happily.

1. Safety

To start, it is better to have slippery floors to the least possible extent as it minimizes the chances of
getting their falling on the slippery floor. For this, you can avoid using carpets and rugs or even floor
mats. The lever door handles can be made available easily to senior citizen parents to provide better
unlocking at their convenience. Similar is the case with plug points as well as electrical switches. They
can be provided at lower height so that they can easily access them. Non-slip mats can be provided in
washrooms as well as kitchen where probability of slipping generally rises. In this way, you can reduce
the probability of slipping or falling. A precaution that can be taken to avoid fatality is that stairs can be
straight and not spiralling. A straight stair case also helps to minimize probability of dizziness.


2. Lightning

With progressing age, the issue of eye vision becomes a challenge. Thus, a proper lighting can do
wonders if you want to avoid any accident. Proper iliuminating holds the key here especially in ares like
gallery, hallways as well as stairs. It becomes necessary to ask your parents whether they require any
additional illumination in any corner of the house or not?


3. Handicap equipments

As already mentioned, washroom is the most dangerous area. A slip on the wet floor of a washroom can
change the life adversely for all the family members so before that happens to you, one can go for
precautions like hand railing as well as grab bars. One can even incorporate handheld shower as well as
shower chair to avoid any disaster. Waterlogging is a problematic area and no scope should be left for it.
Thus, few precautions can make life smooth for the senior citizen parents as well as you.

How to enhance the value of your property?

It is good to be creative and it is even better to add creativity to your house especially when it comes to
enhancing price of the flat where you live but on the contrary, it is not necessary that any creativity you
deploy in your house goes well and you can command premium on selling the flat. It is not necessary
that changes you make to your house are liked equally by the other person who is buying a flat from

Diamond Multi State CGHS Ltd. are enticing apartments for sale in Dwarka explain to you why some
creative ideas that you undergo for your flat prove to be disastrous. Creativity is not bad but when it
comes to selling your house, you have to be extra cautious. We pen down some creative ideas that are
usually not supported by the potential buyers. It mainly revolves around renovation techniques that
deteriorates the value of the property unknowingly.

1. Flooring

Customization is a new trend in the market and people want customized colour, flooring or even
carpeting. In anticipation of increasing the price of the property, it is done but it is not perceived in
similar fashion by a potential buyer. Just think about it that if the value of property depreciates due to it
then what good does it offer?


2. Wallpaper and walls

Meanwhile, you think, let us elaborate on the fact that some people have a passion to include
wallpapers in their house. It is good to flaunt wallpapers of various colours, designs but a potential
buyer may think otherwise. It means that a potential buyer may not like the idea of having wallpaper as
it is a cumbersome process to maintain it and even get rid of it. This is not only cumbersome but also
involves additional cost too. With so much pain involved, people tend to avoid going for wallpapers in
their homes.

3. Bedrooms

Do not just end up converting your two rooms into a single room as it betrays family having kids. The
possibility of sale of a property rises in case of a family as separate rooms are generally preferred for the

Parent’s bedroom as separate from children
Children’s bedroom

A common perception is to provide electronics with the house and automatically value of the property
increases. It can’t be denied that it helps but having big electronics can make look the space cluttered.
For a potential buyer, it can be time-consuming apart from making it cumbersome process due to its
installation as well as dismantling.

Thus, do not indulge in creative ideas that deteriorates the value of the property as you will face tough
time selling your property

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