How to Build a Decorative Fireplace

To put in the apartment a full working fireplace, unfortunately, impossible. In this aspect, the luckier owners of private houses. To build a fireplace is quite real, especially if to consider at the design stage of the building. But the inhabitants of apartments in modern high-rise buildings is a worthy alternative: they can make a decorative fireplace with his hands. This will allow you to create the interior space a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere.


Even a decorative fireplace can bring comfort to the house and become an original interior detail

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The contents
1 simulation Options decorative fireplace with his hands
2 the Manufacturer of the fireplace with their hands out boxes
  2.1 What you will need materials and tools to manufacture their own hands fireplace out of cardboard
3 Manufacture their own hands fireplace brick
  3.1 features of the construction of decorative brick portal for the fireplace with his hands
4 Creating decorative mantels plaster
5 Features manufacturer corner raised fireplace made of plasterboard
  5.1 What will need tools and materials for making false fireplace made of plasterboard
  5.2 commencement of works on installation of a corner raised fireplace made of plasterboard
  5.3 installation of corner decorative fireplace made of plasterboard
  5.4 the Casing frame and decoration of raised-hearth

The options simulate a decorative fireplace with his hands.

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Decorative fireplaces are divided into the following groups:

symbolic. To create them can be applied to any material. A feature of this decorative fireplace in the apartment is the dissimilarity with the usual fireplace. An example is his picture on the wall with decorative items;

The conditional remind you of a real fireplace, but this flame in him is no

conditional. Thanks protruding from the wall created by your own hands to the portal, the fireplace of this type is very similar to the real one. At the same time to decorate it as they wish, for example, by placing in the furnace of firewood or candles;

authentic. This option is the most complete simulation of a fireplace in the apartment, with observance of the principles of design and the appropriate dimensions of the structure. To create the effect of the flame the inner part of the pseudo-furnace is equipped with vigorelli. Impressive price of this option is offset by its extraordinary realism.

To make a decorative fireplace with his hands from a variety of materials. Moreover, any such design is ease of implementation. The materials you need can be purchased at any hardware or home improvement store, and a number of them can be detected even at home.


The manufacturer of the fireplace with their hands out boxes

It is noteworthy that from this material you can create with your own hands portal to the heater, and not just purely decorative designs. Of course, this option eliminates the installation of gas burners because of the presence of an open flame, which could cause a fire. To place a heat exchanging fireplace with a casing and a water boiler is impossible due to the fact that overheat the cardboard to catch fire, and because of the bulkiness of the final design. For the same reasons, unacceptable setting with his own hands the heater with integrated heating and open fires.

A fireplace can be a decoration of any interior, even executed in style hi-tech

From the above we can draw this conclusion: in design, created from the box is allowed to install only electric fireplace with simulated flame with a backlight or LCD screen.

A useful tip! To give more similarity with a real fireplace, decorate the product boxes decorative plaster or paint with acrylic paint.




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