How to be the perfect tenant

The perfect tenant
How to be the perfect tenant

More and more people are now opting to rent due to many different reasons. With major job cuts, and a lack of jobs, not everyone can afford getting a mortgage, meaning that they would rather rent a small apartment until their financial situation improves. Students also tend to rent rather than buy their accommodation because they only require their accommodation during term time. This means that the competition for tenants has increased.

Landlords are now no longer worried about losing or having to ask tenants to move out because they know that a replacement tenant is only around the corner. In order to ensure that your home remains yours and that your landlord does not ask you to leave, you need to be the perfect tenant.

What is the perfect tenant?

Well this question has many different answers, especially if you ask tenants and landlords. Even though some landlords are more lenient than others, they all tend to have a general overview of what the perfect tenant is.

This article aims to answer this question in a non-ambiguous, neutral way. Hopefully, following these hints and tips will allow you to remain a resident in your home for as long as is possible.

Whose house is it anyway?

Even though you live in the accommodation, you have to remember that it belongs to your landlord. So at all times, if you are planning on making any big changes such as decorating or putting in new kitchen units, you need to get permission from your landlord. In many cases, you will be denied permission to change anything major about the accommodation, but if your landlord is lenient s/he may allow you to decorate as and how you please. Even if it is allowed, it is always courteous and polite to ask. After all, it just improves the relationship between yourself and your landlord, which will work in your favour.

A tidy home is a happy home

If someone was looking after your house whilst you were on holiday and you came back to a house that was messy, uncared for and smelly, you would not be pleased at all. This same principle applies to your landlord. S/he does not want to see a home that has been uncared for, because frankly enough, there are many people who will gladly look after it.

Be a good neighbour

Keep a good relationship with your neighbours. This does not mean having to be best friends with them, or even talking to them. It just means that you do not want to have a negative, abusive, unfriendly relationship with them, since this might work against you (especially if you are renting an apartment or bedsit in a building complex owned by the same landlord). Numerous complaints from your neighbours are not going to work in your favour at all. So if you cannot be friendly with your neighbours, just get on with your daily life and ignore them.

Stay up to date with your rent

The best tenant is never late when it comes to payments. Sure enough sometimes we all go through a rough financial patch, which may lead to a few bills being paid late here and there. However, try not to do this. Even if your landlord is lenient, do not make a habit of it. Always try and have the rent ready in advance. This way you do not have to worry about it.

These are just a few basic hints and tips to help you be the best tenant possible. Of course, simple principles such as keeping noise to a minimum should also be applied. At all times, be polite and make sure that your landlord can communicate with you should s/he need to.

This article was written on behalf of Man and Van Charlton Kings

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