Home Security Tips For The Smart Renter

The security of a rental property is unsurprisingly a main concern of a landlord. Tenants should understand that they too play a part in ensuring the security of their rental home once they have moved in. If you want to make sure that your house for rent is well secured and your family is protected from any criminals, thieves or robbers, there are some precautionary measures that you should take yourself.

Show off.

Today almost all houses are equipped with home alarm systems and yours should not be an exception. The problem about alarm systems is the fact that this will only create noise once the burglar has broken into your home. By the time the police come, these people might already gone, together with your valuables. What having an alarm provides is a peace of mind— knowing that help will be on the way in the event that something happens, however, you can only truly protect your home if you warn burglars about your home alarm systems. Let them know you have one even before they target you. You can do this by showing off the notice that contains the name of the alarm company in obvious places in your house– windows, doors, gates and the likes. Keep in mind that alarms will only be effective if they are obvious.

Increase home monitoring (and let the bad guys know about it!)

Make sure your home is safe even if you are away from home. Strategically place surveillance cameras all over your home to make sure that you can monitor your home surroundings. Make sure that the cameras you  buy can be accessed using your smartphone or mobile tablet. Aside from installing cameras, place the signage on each and every camera so that the bad guys will know that you can see them.

Pair it with high wattage sodium lighting.

In order to get the most out of your security cameras,  pair them with this type of lighting. This way you will see things a lot clearer. In addition to this, having additional exterior lighting in your home will surely scare off any bad guys. The best thing about this? Cockroaches and other house pests do not like light too!

Burglar-proof your doors.

In the event that the burglars have gone past all your security measures,  the only chance that you have to stop them is in the last protection of your home—doors and windows. Luckily for you, there are already many ways that you can increase security in these parts of your home. Make sure that you equip your doors with a a deadbolt and knob lock. In addition to that, you should have the hinges and doorjamb of your home doors reinforced.

Home security is your responsibility. Do not just expect your landlord to do things for you. With these simple tips, you can surely fortify the security of your rented home.

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