Where to Find Extra Storage Space in Your Home

At a time where new build properties are popping up quickly but usually with less space than the average house, it can be a struggle to find places to put all of your things without cluttering your home.

You don’t have to build an extension or convert your loft to secure extra space, with some inspired thinking you could find that the answers to your storage woes are right in front of you.

This involves inexpensively building on and expanding what you already have to show your property in its best light. You’ll create space for all the little things that cause clutter whilst simultaneously giving your rooms a more light and spacious feeling.

We explore three simple ways to master storage below:

Finding Hidden Areas

Every house has them. They’re located in nooks and crannies we generally overlook, such as:

  • Under the stairs
  • Beneath kitchen cabinets
  • On high-up wall space
  • Inside existing cupboards
  • In alcoves or even hidden away in flights of stairs

Sometimes it takes looking at a room from a different angle and thinking outside the box but no doubt your property is full of spaces just waiting to be utilised.

Take the space under kitchen cabinets, for example.  Everyone fits kick-boards below the doors, closing off all that floor space underneath. But by having hinged doors there instead you are giving yourself somewhere to stow items you don’t use often but want to keep handy.

The elevated spaces in living rooms are another hidden area. Picture rails used to be fashionable, especially in period properties, but we don’t tend to use them anymore. We do, however, use stylish floating shelving. Installing a narrow shelf at picture rail height creates a useful area for collectables and it looks really good too!  It also keeps fragile items out of children’s reach, and is a nice way to display books without taking up floor space.

extra storage in house

Rotate Possessions

Householders can take a leaf out of gardeners’ books by rotating their possessions. Crop rotations keep the soil fresh and fertile, and can do the same for possessions. Storing items you don’t often use away from home can give you a new appreciation of them when they haven’t been underfoot for months. Prime candidates for possession rotation include:

  • Out of season clothes (you won’t need your bikini in December!)
  • Seasonal machines like lawn mowers and BBQ’s
  • Sports gear
  • Hobby equipment
  • Larger toys and games
  • Spare beds
  • Little-used dining tables

Putting these items into self storage keeps them safe and secure while freeing up space at home. You could, for instance, use the spare bedroom as a home office or playroom for the kids if it’s not filled with furniture you don’t use. Or what about using it to make an additional income?

Self storage facilities are handily located. They’re cheap to rent, and have short term contracts running from as little as one week.  There’s also a big choice of storage space sizes including storage lockers. This means you can also have somewhere secure to store household paper records.

Make Your Furnishings Work Harder

Whenever possible, replace furnishings with those that have built-in storage areas. Examples include coffee tables with drawers, end tables with shelves and beds with storage such as divans or ottomans.

Other space saving storage ideas include such simple things as:

  • Shoe racks or drawer units in wardrobes
  • Wire shelf racks in kitchen cupboards (these can double the space in cabinets)
  • A decorative bench or ottoman beneath a window (handy for toys, and a nice place to sit
  • Under bed storage boxes: pretty wicker ones or practical plastic tubs on wheels
  • Large, decorative hooks in the bedroom to display jewellery and keep it in one place

Improving property can be expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. It’s all about making the best use of the space available and that mostly comes down to inspired storage ideas.

Article submitted on behalf of Big Yellow Self Storage.

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