How to decorate a rental home on a budget

It can be difficult to make a rental property feel like home but you have every right to make the space as cosy and delightful as you can, within the constraints set by your landlord (always check first). Giving an expression of personality and imagination to your rental home through a slew of inoffensive, easy, budget-friendly steps will not be out of place. Here are a few steps that can transform your little rental home into a small paradise.

Be Wall Smart: Liven up the walls by adding framed pieces of art or buy stretched canvases from an art store.

Accent colours: Play with colours. Why not use a simple cover to liven up an old sofa? You can also accentuate with throw pillows and blankets to improve the space. Choose a couple of colours that can work together. For a beige sofa the colours black, white and red are complimentary hues which will work wonders.

Be Consistent: In a smaller rental space keeping the same colour scheme throughout is advisable. It helps the rooms to flow together to get a bigger feel.

Add curtains. When you put new curtains up you can put some of your own personality into the property without stepping on the toes of your landlord. Your own curtains in the fabrics that detail your preferred colours and patterns will make you feel the space is your own.

Spruce up bookshelves. Organise the books in a creative way and paint the furniture to make a customised bookshelf for a bigger impact without any extra effort. (If the furniture belongs to the landlord always seek permission first).

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Creative Storage: Furniture with hidden storage features are perfect to de-clutter a small space.

Add a nice rug. Rugs are economical, go with anything and are available to buy  in all sizes. A large rug can cover imperfect flooring and provide protection for the underlying carpet / woodwork.

Paint the Furniture: Decorate the rental place by painting the furniture in vibrant fun colours while making sure that no rental rules and regulations are broken According to a life style expert some decoration efforts made by a tenant at his rental property may not be welcomed by their landlord. Making drastic changes to walls or fixtures might be resisted by the landlord and so temporary décor solutions can to be tried to add style and personality to the living space without causing damage.

Lighting: Property owners generally do not disallow requests from renters to switch out light fixtures, but keeping the original fixture will be important to reinstall when moving out.

Improve Accessories: Play up the plain white light switch and outlet fixtures with colourful tapes to add a pop of colour to all rooms.

Drawer Pulls: Replace old fashioned drawer handles with fabric pulls or knobs to personalise.

Drawer lining: Dress up the drawers by lining the interiors with your favourite scrapbook paper and  double sided tape.

Window box: Renters can create beautiful window box garden to spruce up the apartment for a space that can grow herbs and small plants.

If you really get the redecorating bug read on for information on how to furnish your home in your budget.

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