De-cluttering your home – How to ditch the mess!

de-clutterIt’s a familiar feeling to many to be fed up with your own four walls but if renting your house or complete redecoration are not feasible options because of either time or money, then de-cluttering instead can have a surprising impact on regenerating your home. Rather than replacing your space, you could rent it and make extra cash by de-cluttering your possessions you can transform your existing space and reveal a revitalised side to your property. Follow our simple guidelines below for how to de-clutter with the best of them!

Be brave when deciding what to throw away

Don’t let sentiment get in the way of practicality. If you haven’t used it for a year or more – it’s likely that you don’t need it. Be ruthless when pruning your belongings and only allow yourself to keep the very, very special items, like a wedding dress, or baby’s first outfit. Don’t let your mind fool you into thinking that you need to keep every copy of a magazine that you subscribe to. Similarly, old cassette tapes and VHS videos can safely be thrown away. The chances are that the content is available online anyway. They will just be taking up precious space.

Stick to one room per day

Do not attempt to tackle bits of several rooms simultaneously or you will get muddled. One room per day is a sensible timeframe – unless it is particularly large, in which case you might need two days so you aren’t rushed, or particularly small, in which case you could possibly do two in one day. For example, a storage cupboard and a downstairs bathroom.

And now for the fun bit – make a mess!

Again, taking one room at a time, pull everything off the shelves and out of the cupboards and wardrobes so that you can see exactly what you have – and exactly what you don’t need. There is absolutely bound to be old bits of toys/clothes/shoes/hair ribbons/odd socks stuffed at the back of bulging wardrobes that can safely be discarded and give you back your precious space. Imagine having all the room needed to fold your jumpers and t-shirts into neat piles so you can see what’s available at a glance.

It’s important to bear in mind that you must not decide what storage solutions you need, whether you are investing in new ones or refurbishing old ones, until you have worked out exactly what you need. It’s always tempting to do the fun bit first, but like gas will expand to fill a given space, belongings will do the same. Until you know what you need to store, you cannot judge how to.

And finally, think carefully about ALL of your existing, available storage spaces.

Many are obvious; cupboards, shelves, drawers, etc. – but what about the ones that aren’t? These are the most valuable. For instance, loft and roof spaces should be fully utilised. Make sure large items such as furniture are stacked correctly. Use the empty drawers/shelves in stored furniture to accommodate belongings. Books, files and folders can be safely kept in this manner. Roll up spare rugs or carpets and stack them on top of each other against walls and only use large areas of space for things which really cannot go elsewhere. Another good tip is to store holiday or seasonal clothes in suitcases for storage under beds. Some modern beds have drawers built into them – again, valuable storage space. When storing clothes, remember that rolling, rather than folding, enables you to fit more in. That’s a useful tip from the Armed Forces!

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