Budget Guide: Living In New York On The Cheap

Living in New York, although very exciting, can be very costly too. Everything from rent, to transport to food and entertainment, the highs prices for everything you need, may leave you feeling hopeless. However, there is hope, you can find affordable accommodation online at Outpost club. You can view how the site works in the membership section, where you will be provided with information on co-living and membership fees.

Tips to Help You Save Money in NYC

Here are some tips you may consider in order to save money while living in New York:

  • Take the scenic route – In NYC you can walk virtually anywhere. This will keep you in good shape as well as provide you with the opportunity of taking in the nuances of the city. It is also great as you will get to avoid being pushed against a door at a subway.
  • Drink responsibly – New Yorkers should look for places that offer drinks at the best prices, look for happy hour deals and low prices from a certain time in the day.
  • Look for free of affordable events – New York presents people with the opportunity to witness many live shows and be part of their live screening: Saturday night live, The daily show and Late Night with Seth Meyers.
  • Museums – NYC has a great selection of museums that are not expensive to visit. Examples of these include The Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) and the Museum of Natural history.
  • You can frequent sites like NYCGo or Nifty NYC to find affordable shows and events around the area.

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  • Guilt free meals – Choose places that offer you large portions of food so that you can take home the leftovers. There are certain happy hours in NY that offer sushi at half price for that hour.
  • Thrift shop – you don’t need designer clothing to look and feel amazing. Try thrift shopping where you are likely to get clothing for under $20. NYC is not short of thrift shops and boasts Buffalo Exchange, Goodwill and Beacon’s Closet to name a few.
  • Opt to share a living space like arrangements that you would find at Outpost club. This will save you money while giving you the best hotel stay at affordable prices. Visit their website membership section to find out more information. You can share a house with a few other people and pay a cost price for it, while sharing amenities like the bathroom, and kitchen.
  • Swap your longer commute for a short, time-saving trip.
  • If you are dining out, have water instead. Having a glass of wine at a restaurant can be quite costly.
  • Visit Stile’s farmers market – You can buy fruit and veg as well as breads, oils and pastries.
  • Budget – ensure that you set up a budget and keep to it. Ensure that you are fully aware of the expenses.

Enjoy your trip to NYC

Above are a few tips to help you live in New York on a budget and make the most of it. The country may be expensive, but there are ways of working around it.

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