Brick brazier: interesting design solutions and manufacturing techniques

From this article you can find out what features a barbecue grill has, to familiarize yourself with the popular varieties of designs, recommendations for their construction and placement. The text contains practical advice that will help you choose the best option for a country house, a barbecue or a barbecue, and make it yourself, guided by diagrams, photos and descriptions.

Brick brazier : features and types of structures

For the preparation of shish kebab, braziers made of metal are usually used. However, suddenly started rain and wind can become a source of problems for recreation. In such cases it is much more convenient to use a shish kebab from a brick or barbecue located under a canopy.

In order to start the independent construction of a brick mangal, you must choose the “right” place

What is a brick brazier: a photo and a device

The brazier, made of bricks, is a permanently located structure. In this case, the product can have various dimensions, design and additional equipment. In the network you can see on the photo brick mangalas with the simplest device, consisting of only a few rows of bricks and braziers, as well as more complex designs.

Mangals with a complex configuration have the appearance of a massive building. There are even whole complexes of buildings of universal purpose. Despite the differences in design, most of the street stoves and barbecues depicted in the photo have a similar layout and structure.

Such structures consist of the following elements:

  • socle;
  • foundation foundation;
  • lower side walls;
  • braziers;
  • the upper side walls;
  • chimney.

A comfortable brazier made of bricks with a roof and an additional table

To increase the comfort of operation and expand the capacity of the barbecue, it is supplemented with extensions in the form of:

  • furnaces;
  • smokehouses;
  • washing;
  • countertops for convenient cutting of products;
  • kazan;
  • niche, designed for storing dishes.

For the manufacture of a mangal oven, one should use a brick with refractory properties, for example, chamotte. This material has a yellowish-sandy hue, as well as a well-defined granular structure. Blocks of chamotte are resistant not only to fire, but also to chemical effects, in particular, they are not affected by ash and soot.

Note! Fireclay bricks are practically not cutable, so manufacturers produce finished blocks with different sizes and configurations. This feature should be taken into account when choosing a building material and calculating its quantity.

Brick brazier is possible in various variations

Advantages and features of brick braziers

From traditional stoves, barbecue grills differ primarily in their purpose. These designs are designed to create a comfortable environment for cooking in the open air. They are quite simple in execution and undemanding with respect to materials. Dimensions, like the brazier, can be chosen arbitrarily, taking into account their own needs and wishes.

A simple street stove and a brazier of brick can be built on its site by each owner, which can not be said for the structures that are installed in the house. Thanks to all these features, as well as the availability of a foundation, masonry work is greatly simplified.

Advantages of mangal- barbecue made of bricks :

  • versatility – designs are suitable for the preparation of any food and food based on them;
  • the presence of a large brazier – thanks to this, the heat inside the structure is distributed evenly, as a result, the roasting turns out to be ideal;
  • the design provides a sufficient amount of space to use skewers for shish kebab and grill;

The main advantage of the brick brazier is its high heat capacity, this material, unlike metal, keeps the heat very well

  • complex structures are equipped with a smoke trap, due to which the operation of the barbecue becomes more comfortable;
  • high reliability and durability;
  • no special care required;
  • the possibility to equip the structure with additional features, installing a smoker or cauldron.

There are not so many shortcomings, but they are still present. First, the design is stationary, so it can not be moved to another location if necessary. Secondly, open-type constructions do not allow cooking food during the rain. Exceptions are barbecue bricks in a gazebo or under a canopy.

How to make a mangal from a brick with your own hands: drawings and photos, design and calculations

Choosing the type of design and design of the brazier, it is necessary to take into account the landscape features of the site. The construction should not be out of the general style, but, on the contrary, it must emphasize it. The aesthetic aspect of the process is not limited to the process of developing a mangal project. There are certain rules that need to be adhered to in order to secure operation and make it more comfortable.

Brick drawing of mangal

For the construction of a site located in front of an open fire, it is necessary to use refractory materials, for these purposes, suitable:

  • sand;
  • a rock;
  • concrete slab;
  • paving stones.

Also take into account the wind rose. Do not start the construction, if there is a possibility that the smoke will enter the windows of a residential building. It is forbidden to place the brazier next to neighbors. The presence of a barbecue or stove can cause discomfort.

Note! If there are blocks with a lighter shade in the batch of fireclay bricks, then, in the process of manufacturing the material, the technology was violated, and this raises the question of the strength characteristics of the product.

First of all, it is necessary to think carefully about the placement of a brick brazier – after all, moving it to another place then will be impossible

In the construction of barbecue bricks with their own hands, the drawing plays an important role. To facilitate your work, it is desirable to make a sketch of the suburban area. Such a sketch will make it possible to estimate the peculiarities of the territory in scale and to choose the right place for building. A zone located within a radius of 5 m around an open fire should be free of trees. The presence of plantations on the side where the structure is enclosed by the wall is allowed, but not closer than at a distance of 0.5 m.

To the street brazier made of bricks it is necessary to provide free access, and also to bring water in case of a fire.

Do not place near fire hazardous objects:

  • compost piles;
  • Sanitary and technical facilities;
  • containers with garbage.

If you follow the basic rules of fire safety and install the brazier away from the fence and the street, you can avoid conflict situations with neighbors.


Layout brick: 1. tychkovy series; 2-6. lop-sided rows; 7, 8. dressing in half a brick

How to choose the best project of a barbecue grill

Having made a decision to build a barbecue or a street oven in the summer residence, it is not necessary to design the construction from scratch. In the network, you can find drawings, photos and charts for the construction of the barbecue with your own hands, which will correspond to any wishes. And there is no need to try to find a project in ready form. In the drawing of the future design, you can combine any of the elements you like, which will ensure maximum compliance with personal requirements.

At the initial stage it is necessary to execute a detailed drawing of the barbecue grill, indicating the exact configuration of the structure and all the data regarding its appearance.

The scheme should take into account the following nuances:

  • design of construction;
  • the nature of the location of the main and additional components, namely: a combustion chamber, a brazier, a chimney, a loading door, etc .;
  • the dimensions of all elements of the structure.

At the beginning of the process of building a brazier, it is important to determine its design and design

You should also consider the presence of a roof. There are options with open and closed type of frypot. In the second case, the design of the kiln for shish kebab from brick looks like a fireplace. The advantages of such a project are obvious, since in case of rain the focus will be protected from precipitation. To ensure that this design functioned properly, you will certainly have to equip the chimney.

At the design stage, additional facilities are also being considered. Near the brazier it is possible to equip the site, which will be used for the preparation of products. In this area, a table top is installed, and a sink with water is connected. Quite attractive are the projects of mangal made of bricks with a stove for kazan, in which it is possible to cook pilaf and other dishes on open fire.

Important! If water is supplied to a street stove or barbecue, it will be necessary to release the system from the fall in autumn, as pipes will be destroyed during frost.

Scheme of a mangal from a brick

How to calculate the size of the construction for the construction of mangal from brick by own hands

When the configuration of the brazier and all accessories are determined, you must enter the dimensional parameters of the design in the drawing. There are no precise recommendations on this, but do not forget the common standards.

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The optimum depth of the brazier in the grill for bricks is 12-17 cm. This is enough to accommodate the coals. In this case, the products will not be located too close to the heat.

The brazier itself should be located at a height of about 1 m from the ground level. If this parameter is calculated individually, a simple and convenient measurement method can be used. For this purpose, the distance from the elbow of a person standing to the ground is measured. The resulting value will be an ideal height indicator.

Most often, the width of the brazier does not exceed 1 m, based on 10 skewers

The standard width of the barbecue for bricks is 1 m. If you increase this figure, the process of frying shish kebabs will not be so convenient, since you will have to constantly move between the skewers. The width of 1 m allows you to monitor the status of products, being in one place.

With regard to the depth of the structure (from the rear to the front wall), the minimum allowable value is 0.5 m. Ideally, the skewers should stably hold on the edges of the frypot. For this, the depth should correspond to their length, minus the tip and handle. Considering the fact that the design of the barbecue from the brick in the country house will eventually have an impressive weight, it will be necessary to equip a solid and solid foundation. The dimensions of this structure should not exceed the dimensions of the base. It is better if the basement area is slightly larger.

Calculation of the number of materials for the construction of the foundation for a street oven with their own hands

To build a capital base, you need to dig a small pit. The bottom of this groove in the ground is leveled, after which a sand pillow is settled. Then a formwork structure is installed on it, which is subsequently filled with a concrete mixture.

Plate foundation for a barbecue grill

In order to build a formwork for the creation of a base for a brick oven, you can use the following materials:

  • used boards;
  • slate sheets;
  • wooden shields;
  • sheets of metal, etc.

Important! Selecting the material, it is necessary to take into account the strength characteristics, and also check its integrity, otherwise the formwork simply can not stand the pressure of the concrete.

For the construction of a barbecue oven made of bricks, you can use both a foundation foundation and a plate-type base with your own hands. Despite the difference in configuration, these elements have the same shape in the form of a rectangle. The calculation of the amount of concrete is carried out according to the formula: V = AxBxC, where A and B are the length and width of the base, C is its depth (without the sand cushion), and V is the amount of solution needed for pouring.

To guarantee a long service life of a brazier without a strong base it is impossible, therefore the foundation for a stationary structure is mandatory

To calculate the amount of sand that will be required to form a pillow, you can use the same formula.

Interesting projects for creating a barbecue, a stove or a barbecue made of bricks

Before building a barbecue or brazier based on bricks, it is very important to purchase quality material. On this depends how durable and solid the design will turn out.

The main criteria for choosing a quality brick:

  1. Fatness and density – if quartz sand is used as the raw material, then the optimum figure is 1800-1950 kg / m3, if the clay is 1800-2000 kg / m³.
  2. Strength level – quality fireclay bricks have an index of strength equal to 22 N / mm².
  3. Heat resistance – for the construction of a barbecue in the country of a brick it is better to use chamotte blocks that can withstand the effect of 1650-1750 ° C. Ceramic brick with a temperature limit of up to 1200 ° C can be used to form external walls, lower levels and a smoke box.
  4. The level of thermal conductivity – for quality chamotte blocks this figure is 0.6, for ceramic bricks – 0.8 units.

Used to create a barbecue brick must meet certain requirements

In addition, the building material must be resistant to alkali, acids and salts.

Note! If, with a hammer blow, the brick produces a sonorous loud sound, then, for its production, quality raw materials were used, and the process itself proceeded without any violation of technology.

How to build a base for a simple mangal from brick by your own hands

The design of the simplest barbecue has brick walls with ledges. They are formed due to the fact that some rows of bricks are laid on the edge. The presence of such protrusions allows you to install skewers with shish kebabs, barbecue grills or heat-resistant sheets made of metal.

Construction of a simple barbecue with bricks begins with the arrangement of the foundation:

  • removes a fertile soil layer;
  • a pit is formed for the foundation depth of 20-25 cm. The width of this platform should exceed the size of the barbecue by 0.5 m on each side;
  • the bottom is leveled, a crushed stone pillow 15 cm thick is formed. To do this, it is desirable to use a material with an average size of the fraction;

Brick brazier – the construction is quite heavy, so on a weak ground requires a solid foundation foundation

  • the gravel pillow is carefully compacted. For this purpose, a compactor is suitable . In the absence of such a tool, you can use a wooden or metal rammer.

The further actions depend on what type of base is chosen for installing the brazier. For the installation of paving slabs or pavers it is enough to pour a small layer of fine-grained sand, after which the coating is laid according to the technology.

The tile base requires additional reinforcement. For these purposes, a rod with a diameter of 1 cm is suitable. It fits in 0.2 m increments across and along the basement. Zones of crossing of rods are connected by means of a special wire or clamps made of plastic. As a reinforcing material, a wire made of thick wire can be used.

Then you need to expose the edges of the foundation pit formwork and pour it with concrete solution. It is advisable to use material of the brand M250 for this. To further work on the production of barbecue in the country of brick from their own hands can only proceed after the concrete has completely solidified. If the average temperature does not drop below + 20 ° C within 24 hours, it will take a week. At a temperature of + 17 ° C, concrete will freeze for at least two weeks.

Lay the first row of bricks on the previously cleaned foundation at a distance of 10-20 cm from its edge

How to build a brazier from a brick with the simplest construction

It is preferable to use a full-bodied ceramic brick of M200 grade or stove brick for work. The latter will cost more. It is not recommended to take chamotte blocks for this purpose, as this material is not too suitable for making an open brick brazier with your own hands.

For bonding bricks it is necessary to use a clay-sand mix. To increase the strength characteristics of this material, it is possible to add a little cement to its composition.

Helpful advice! Beginners can take advantage of the ready-made version of the mixture for furnaces, the main thing is that it is not heat-resistant and does not contain chamotte in its composition. The kneading process is carried out according to the instructions.

The optimum thickness of the seam between the rows is 3-5 mm. In the process of working it is necessary to strictly maintain this size, as well as constantly monitor the placement of bricks horizontally and vertically, otherwise the construction will be a curve. The material is laid in accordance with the selected scheme.

Lay out the series in accordance with the project, from time to time checking the horizontal and vertical using the level

Each odd number begins with the installation of the whole element, and the even one with the half of the brick. The sixth and tenth row have ledges. On this site the material is laid sideways, and so that the bricks are deployed across to the main rows. If you want to make a brazier of bricks with your own hands with the possibility of installing a grate, on the 6th and 10th row the ledges are formed not only on the sides, but also on the back wall. To maintain the thickness of the masonry in these zones, the material is exposed in two rows.

Starting from the 7th row, brick laying is carried out only on one of the halves: either on the right or on the left. On the one hand there will be a heat-resistant chamber, on the other – a table for preliminary preparation of products.

The brick is hygroscopic, so special protection will be required to prolong its service life. To minimize the contact of the masonry with moisture, the first row is covered with waterproofing material. For these purposes, a roll roofing paper or waterproofing tape is suitable. The material is laid in two layers, after which the edges along the perimeter are treated with hydrophobic impregnation. It is not superfluous to have a waterproofing between the first and second rows of masonry. It takes 4-5 days to dry the structure.

Technology of barbecue brazier

This is not the only way to create a mangal from brick by yourself; Photos of similar designs that can be found on the net, clearly show how diverse the design of such structures can be.

How to add a barbecue made of bricks: photo and description of the process

This scheme is slightly more complicated than the previous version, but it can be mastered by a person who has no experience. In this case, the combustion chamber has a direct vault, which, unlike the vaulted design, is much simpler. The height of the frying chamber is 0.9 m, while the total height of the barbecue is 217.5 cm.

Before making a barbecue made of bricks, you will need to build a foundation with a monolithic reinforced base. The metal rod in this case is stacked in steps of 15 cm above the crushed stone pillow. On a dried base, the waterproofing material is spread over two layers. After that you can start laying the brick.

Note! If the structure is arranged in a gazebo, then the first row of material is laid directly on the floor. If the foundation lies below this level, it will be necessary to lay additional rows of bricks in order to level the base. Only after this, you can start assembling a barbecue or barbecue in the gazebo with your own hands according to the proposed scheme.

The simplest method of laying for a barbecue grill – each row is shifted by half a brick to one side or the other

The first 9 rows fit in accordance with the scheme. In this case, half the bricks can be used, if it is indicated in the drawing. In the process of work, it is necessary to check the verticality of the walls and the horizontality of the rows. In addition, the thickness of the solution should be monitored. In this case, the optimum thickness is 8-10 mm.

To create a foundation for laying a continuous 6th row, after forming the 5th, you need to put 3 metal strips 4 cm wide, 0.5 cm thick. Its length should be slightly less than the kiln span – about 145 cm. The laying of bricks is then carried out according to the scheme up to the 12th row, where the sawn blocks are placed along the structure. As a result, the 12-13th series form an interesting decorative belt around the barbecue.

The combustion chamber is formed by 20-25 rows. On the 22nd row, the vault overlaps, after which the design begins to gradually narrow. The vault is formed up to the 30th row, when the structure goes into the chimney. Then it is necessary to alternate the 30th and 31st rows until the required height is reached.

The thickness of the joint between the bricks should be at least 1 cm and not more than 1.5 cm

How to make a brazier of bricks in the arbor: the initial stage

The above design options will not work if the brazier is installed in the gazebo, since the smoke from the fire will be collected under the roof. In this case, it is advisable to use a project that involves the construction of an exhaust pipe. Before you make a brazier of bricks with your own hands, you need to decide on the location, and also to make a foundation. A concrete slab can be used as a base, which is laid on top of a sand cushion under the entire area of ​​the structure. The very gazebo is installed on the logs.

For the construction of a brazier it is desirable to use oven bricks, since it exhibits resistance to high temperatures. As a fastening material, you can use a mixture consisting of clay and sand.

List of tools required for work:

  • trowel for applying clay-sand mixture;
  • Shovel to form foundation pit for foundation;
  • measuring tape for taking measurements;

Drawing of a barbecue from a brick in a gazebo

  • Plumb-line and construction level of bubble type;
  • a wooden bar that will allow to obtain identical seams;
  • bucket and trough.

The location of the brazier is selected taking into account its design. If a pipe version is used, then the structure is located on the edge of the gazebo or in the middle of it. With the central location, the structure will be freely accessible from either side. In this case, you can install a shop behind the brazier. A heated wall will create comfortable conditions for seated people.

Helpful advice! If you equip the brazier with a camera for storing firewood, it will warm up during operation, drawing out excess moisture from the wood. Thanks to this fuel material will be easier to ignite.

If the brazier is installed from the side, it will be possible to free up extra space. Constructions with a stove, oven, work area or smokehouse will not be placed in the center. This version of the installation is not suitable for mangalas without a pipe.


The main advantages of the barbecue grill in the gazebo is cooking in all weathers

Preparing the base for the brazier in the gazebo of brick by own hands

To equip the foundation for the brazier, you should dig a foundation pit of the required size and form a gravel pillow at the bottom. Then a fixing solution is prepared. To do this, mix sand and cement in a 3: 1 ratio, respectively. The pit is filled with this solution layer by layer. The mixture alternates with a reinforcing mesh, which will prevent the destruction of the base. It is very important to ensure that the first layer of reinforcing material is laid directly into the solution, and not to the bottom of the excavation.

After pouring the pit, a roofing felt is laid. The foundation requires at least 2 weeks to dry out. If the weather is hot in the street, the substrate should be moistened with water. You can start laying the brick only after the foundation has completely hardened.

The fixing solution is prepared in advance. For this, the clay is soaked in water for a week. The solution should be periodically mixed and, if necessary, topped up with water. At the last stage of preparation, sand is added. The material is poured in small portions until the consistency of the solution becomes thick. To test this, the mixture should be lowered a wooden stick, and then get it. If the solution covers it with a thin even layer, then the density of the mixture is optimal.

A concrete slab on a sand cushion is only needed at the location of the barbecue

How to build a gazebo made of brick with a barbecue: photo and description of the workflow

The foundation for the gazebo is arranged separately. For this, in the corners of the future structure, it is necessary to excavate 4 pits, fill them up to one level with concrete and wait for complete drying. Then the roofing material is laid, lags are installed. The space above them is made out of pavers or stones.

Helpful advice! Before proceeding with the installation of the coating, it is desirable to put the film. It will prevent the germination of grass between the paving stones.

For the installation of supports are digging pits, they are placed in a strictly vertical position of the rack and filled with concrete. After this, the upper lag is installed, as well as the truss system. Anchor bolts are used to fasten these elements.

Between the rafters is carried out the installation of a curtained structure under the laying of roofing material. If desired, you can make walls in the gazebo. The project may not provide for them. If, however, the structure will have walls, then the racks should be nailed down. They are located horizontally, vertically or diagonally.

Foundation for a gazebo with barbecue

How to make a barbecue with your own hands made of bricks : assembly of a structure

Brick masonry is carried out only after the foundation is completely hardened. Before you start working on the base, you need to put markings in the area where the brazier will be installed. At the first stage of construction a base is made. In accordance with the layout, the first row of bricks is laid, and thus it is necessary to move from the corner zones to the center. Starting with the second row, the material is placed with a half-brick shift. This is done first in one direction, and then in the other.

A reinforcing mesh is installed every three rows. It will prevent the breakdown of the structure and the appearance of cracks. Reinforcing material can cause a skew, so during its installation, the brazier is checked with a plumb and construction level. When the construction of the socle is completed, you can start making a firebox. This element can be made of a brick or a concrete base, which is pre-cast.

If the construction will have an arched firebox, it will fit for making it. To leave a gap of 10 mm between the bricks, you can use chips. With the help of the solution, the formed empty space is filled. The device must be allowed to dry for 2 days.

Brick can be laid only after the foundation is completely hardened

Important! The round should be removed very carefully, so as not to damage the structure.

Over the firebox must pass a reinforced concrete beam. It can be replaced by a reinforced corner, on which one row of bricks is laid. It does not matter if the design has small gaps: they will provide access to oxygen, which will contribute to the combustion process. If the brazier will be equipped with a place for barbecue, then for the installation of the grill you will need to form protrusions.

At the final stage, a chimney with a pipe is made, as well as walls covering the wind. In order to avoid rainfall inside the structure, it is possible to mount a metal visor on top.

How to build a stone mangal with your own hands on a summer residence

Along with the brick structures, the cottagers enjoy the popularity of mangal made of stone. These buildings are no less practical and durable, while they have an interesting textured finish, which perfectly emphasizes the beauty of nature and the surrounding landscape.

Provided careful planning and careful construction work, the stone brazier will be strong, reliable and will serve for more than a decade

For the construction of a stone brazier, you can use such materials:

  • granite;
  • quartzite;
  • dolomite;
  • sandstone;
  • schungite;
  • shale.

The stone can have a different shape, for example, in the form of a limestone, a torn butyl or thallus.

Note! It is not recommended to use rough cobblestones of irregular shape, since it is very difficult to work with them.

The technology of building mangal from stones with their own hands

Since the construction of the stone brazier is of considerable weight, a massive base will be required. For this purpose, a concrete slab is suitable. The upper part of it should rise about 10-15 cm above the ground. On the foundation is applied marking for the construction of the socle. In order to keep the shape while laying, the frame should be used.


Scheme of a mangal from a stone

The construction of a fireplace based on a stone is carried out on the same principle as the construction of a brick structure. All joints should be thoroughly smeared with mortar. In this case it is necessary to make sure that the masonry is as tight as possible. To increase the strength of the structure, a metal rod must be laid in the seams.

The stone is laid in accordance with the chosen scheme. As you progress, the brazier and additional work surfaces are arranged, if they are provided by the project. To fix the masonry it is advisable to use wooden spacers. By incorporating metal bridges, the strength of the structure can be increased. These elements greatly simplify the work in the manufacture of horizontal surfaces.

In the area where the coals will be located, you should place the frame and metal grill, preferably from cast iron. If you hammer between the staples, you can install a grill in the fireplace . In this case, it is very important that these elements are on the same level, otherwise it will be skewed. The upper part of the working area, which will be used for the preliminary preparation of products, is recommended to be laid out with tiles or equipped with a table top.

The simple design of the barbecue grinder allows you to build it with your own hands, without outside help of specialists and additional equipment

When the fireplace is ready, the excess of the fixing solution is removed, the dirt is cleaned and the finishing finish is carried out. The frame part of the structure can be made of bricks, on top of which lining is made with the help of natural or artificial stone. In this case, use flat elements.

If you adhere to the technology and strictly follow the scheme of laying a stone or brick, any summerman can cope with the construction of a homemade barbecue. The choice of quality materials is the key to strength and durability, and a careful approach to the design of the project will provide a convenient design that will meet all the needs.


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