Bedroom design: photos of modern interiors, interesting stylish tricks

From this article you can learn how to create an attractive and functional bedroom design (photo interiors with original and unusual design will help you choose the right option). Your attention is represented by interesting techniques used by specialists to create a comfortable space for recreation. And also the recommendations that will help with the development of a unique design, the features of the chosen style and the influence of the color scale.

In the bedroom, a person spends a third of his time, so the atmosphere of the room should be as comfortable and comfortable as possible

1 New designs for bedrooms in 2018: photos, ideas and unusual solutions
1.1 Bedroom design in apartment: real photo of premises with balcony
1.2 Comfortable and functional bedrooms: a photo of rooms with a dressing room
1.3 Bedroom design: photo of beautiful rooms with fireplace
1.4 Practical bedroom design: photo interiors with a working area
2 How to create an ergonomic bedroom design
3 How to create a beautiful bedroom repair: photo design of premises in different styles
3.1 Classic renovation: real photo design bedrooms 12 sq. M. m
3.2 Bedroom design in modern style: modern in the interior of the room
3.3 Bedroom interior design: photos of rooms in English style
3.4 What does the modern design of a Scandinavian-style bedroom look like?
3.5 Interiors of modern bedrooms in a minimalist style
3.6 Characteristic features of modern design of the bedroom in the style of high-tech
3.7 Bedroom design: photos of rooms in the style of Provence
3.8 Oriental bedroom design: Japanese style photo renovation
4 How to make a design bedroom design
4.1 How to design a bedroom interior design
5 Bedroom repair planning: photos and recommendations for choosing finishes, furniture and lighting
5.1 Choosing wallpaper for the bedroom: a photo of the interior design
5.2 Selection of finishes for renovation: photos of bedrooms with painted walls
5.3 Decorative room repair: photo interiors with plaster on the walls
5.4 Finishing materials for bedroom design: floor coverings
5.5 Bed as a basis for creating a bedroom design
5.6 How to choose additional furniture for the bedroom interio
5.7 Lighting design: photo of interiors with ceiling and additional lighting

New designs for bedrooms in 2018: photos, ideas and unusual solutions

Carrying out the design of the bedroom, each person expects to achieve maximum comfort and coziness, an atmosphere that allows you to forget about all the troubles and fully rest. It should be borne in mind that the design of the bedrooms of 2018 depicted in the photo is based not only on fashion trends, but also on the needs of the person, which consist in quality rest and deep healthy sleep.

In 2018, designers presented many interesting ideas for interior design

According to statistics, in a room for rest a person spends almost a third of his time, so it is very important to approach the development of the design of a modern bedroom thoroughly and with all responsibility. The decoration of this room should correspond to the personal wishes of the owner, and also to be in harmony with other rooms in the house.

Design of a bedroom in an apartment: real photos of premises with a balcony

By combining the space of a bedroom with a balcony in a city apartment, you can significantly increase the size of the room. The liberated area is suitable for arranging a work area or a place for rest in the form of a small sofa or dressing table. Room with balcony effectively solves the problems of small apartments. The design of narrow bedrooms is adjusted by expanding the space and dividing it into functional areas.

Helpful advice! Removing the partition between the bedroom and the balcony, you can visually increase the space, as well as make the room more light.

But this does not mean that such a method is suitable only for small-sized rooms. Often the network can be found on the photo design interiors large bedrooms with an additional footage, obtained by eliminating the partition between the balcony and the room. The combined area is arranged for an office or a wardrobe.

Combining the bedroom with a balcony can significantly expand the space

A non-standard choice is the option where the bed is located on the balcony. Such a type of planning will allow to free an entire room, which can be used for other needs. Nevertheless, this technique has drawbacks, they must be taken into account.

Negative aspects of sleeping bed placement on the balcony:

  1. The layout is suitable only for large balconies.
  2. To create a cozy atmosphere, you need to carefully consider the sound insulation system to exclude the discomfort from noise from the street, and also it is necessary to insulate the structure qualitatively.
  3. In most cases, balconies are not designed for bulky and heavy objects, so before installing a bed in this area, you need to consult a specialist.

Comfortable and functional bedrooms: photo of rooms with wardrobe

Cabinets for things are no longer relevant, now more and more popular are open dressing rooms

If before the opportunity to acquire their own dressing room was exclusively with the owners of large bedrooms, then with the advent of compact and open storage systems, this privilege appeared for everyone. Modern racks for clothing are rapidly gaining popularity, so in the design of bedrooms in 2018, there are much less common outdated versions of sliding-door wardrobes. Such designs allow you to distribute a zone for storing things from floor to ceiling, so that the vertical plane is used to the maximum.

In the pictures of bedrooms made in a modern style, you can see different options for placing cloakrooms:

  • corner room of the room;
  • along the wall;
  • in the niche.

The dressing room can be located in the corner part of the bedroom, in a niche or along a wall

The owners of large bedrooms have more opportunities for design, a room of 18 square meters. m and more allow you to equip the wardrobe of full size. For this purpose, drywall and glass can be used. The result is an additional mini-room, which is part of a large room.

Helpful advice! The most budgetary and practical option for equipping the cloak room in the bedroom is to hide this structure behind the curtain. Such a design will not only create an additional comfort, but also will allow conveniently zoning the room.

Bedroom design: photo of beautiful rooms with fireplace

Many people correlate the presence of a fireplace in the room with a cozy and warm atmosphere in the house. Today, this element is widely used by decorators to create interiors of bedrooms in a modern style. And install the fireplace can not only the owners of private homes, but also residents of urban apartments.

In apartments, as a rule, install a gas or electric fireplace

Despite the established opinion, such designs are not exclusively the prerogative of living rooms. Numerous photos of beautiful bedrooms prove that the fireplace fits perfectly into the space of the room intended for sleeping and rest, creating in it a peaceful and romantic atmosphere.

Of course, the city apartment does not have the conditions for installing a real hearth. Most often in the premises of this type there are gas or electric models. As an alternative, false fireplaces are used. Such designs are decorated with candles or logs with illumination. Above them is usually a shelf, where you can conveniently place cute little things that will bring a feeling of coziness into the room, for example, vases, family photos, souvenirs.

In apartments, as a rule, install a gas or electric fireplace

It is desirable that the fireplace does not occupy a dominant place in the interior. It is better if this element will only complement it. The exterior decoration is selected taking into account the style of the room. For the facing of the fireplace is usually used stone, decorative brick or its imitation, marble. Enough spectacular in the photo design of beautiful bedrooms in the apartment looks a fireplace made of glass. Such constructions can be completely transparent. Glass fireplace is suitable for creating an interior of a bedroom in the style of minimalism.

If there is a need for space division into zones, the installation of a partition with a built-in hearth will be an excellent option. Most often this technique is used to separate the bed from the living room or work corner. And the fireplace in this case has a two-sided design that allows you to enjoy the flicker of the flame anywhere in the room.

Practical bedroom design: photo interiors with a working area

The work area should be well lit, and the bedroom slightly darkened

In urban apartments, bedrooms 3 to 3 meters are common, and the photo design of such premises usually reflects how high the need for additional space is. The problem of small-sized housing is solved in a simple way: the room is divided into functional areas. This approach allows you to achieve a wide variety of combinations.

Most often in the bedroom, a workplace is arranged. This option is very popular and practical, as the tranquility and silence of the rest room allows you to concentrate on work.

The working place in the bedroom is a convenient and practical option for small apartments

Important! The working area and place for rest must be separated from each other. For these purposes, you can use a rack, partition or cabinet. Otherwise, the person sitting at the computer will be distracted, and foreign objects in the field of view will serve as a reminder of the work before going to bed.

Very well looks on the photo bedroom design 9 sq. Km. m, where the working area is equipped in a niche. In this case, a table with a chair is placed on a confined space, and shelves for convenient storage of documentation and books are also located.

An excellent option for the workplace will be the area near the window

The design of the bedrooms is 9 sq. M. m often there are options where the workplace is installed near the window. Thanks to this, the lighting in the room is distributed in a rational way. The work area receives a sufficient amount of natural light, while the bedroom remains slightly darkened. If the space in the room is very small, you can resort to additional tricks, for example, to replace the table with a wide window sill. To create comfortable conditions for working with a laptop, the minimum length of this element should be 0.75 m.

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In addition, in the bedroom with a working area, you must install blinds or hang Roman curtains to protect your eyes from bright sunlight.

How to create an ergonomic bedroom design

Conditions of a city apartment do not allow to allocate for arrangement of a bedroom a room of the big size, therefore represented on a photo a design of a room of 9 sq. M. m looks maximally practical and rational.

To get an ergonomic and thoughtful interior design, the bedroom has built-in wardrobes . Such constructions are made out in a tone of furnish of a premise. If the room is only a bed, then decorate its interior with a beautiful headboard. Often designers use wall decor to create coziness.

For the decor of a small room, photos, paintings, posters and mirrors are ideal, as they do not take up much space

In this case, apply:

  • all kinds of posters;
  • family photos;
  • paintings;
  • mirrors in beautiful frames, etc.

Such elements do not take up much space, but they can greatly affect the atmosphere of the room.

Designing a bedroom in light colors is a common solution. This method allows you to visually expand the space of the room, gives it lightness and airiness. However, in this case, it will not hurt to be cautious, otherwise the bedroom will look like a sterile laboratory or a hospital ward.

Helpful advice! Designers recommend, if you decorate the bedroom interior in light colors, use rich and vivid accents. For these purposes, perfect cushions or bedding, decorated with an unusual print, as well as decorative gizmos, that will make the interior of the room interesting and unique.

How to create a beautiful bedroom repair: photo design of premises in different styles

The bedroom occupies a special place in the house, where a person restores his strength after a day’s work, so it is very important that its design promotes relaxation and rest. The mood of the inhabitants of the room, their state of health and their state of health depend on the quality and full value of sleep. For this reason, decorators are advised to carefully treat the design of the bedroom; photos and recommendations, which can be found on the Internet, will help with the solution of this problem.

The most important and paramount task is the selection of the style for the bedroom

In the design there are many directions. Nevertheless, the owner of the room must choose the most harmonious and close style for himself. Only in this case a person will feel comfortable in his own bedroom.

Classic renovation: real photo design bedrooms 12 sq. M. m

On real photos the design of the bedrooms is 12 sq. M. m is not without the presence of wooden furniture. To decorate the furnishings, natural shades are used. It is desirable that the main elements of the interior were made in a single color scheme. The following objects are included in this category:

  • chests of drawers;
  • cabinets;
  • beds decorated with a headboard;
  • bedside tables;
  • shelves.

The classic design uses soft natural shades

Thanks to the presence of neutral and natural tones on real photos, the design of the bedrooms is 12 sq. M. m looks soothing and cozy.

But do not hold the classics in a minimalist interior. Even in the traditional performance, this style does not do without textiles and decorative components, which are used to arrange accents.

Therefore, the photo design bedroom 12 square. m can often be seen:

  • stylish carpets;
  • paintings;
  • decorative pillows;
  • family photos;
  • vases with flowers.

A large chandelier is an indispensable element in classical design

An excellent addition to the classic interior will be curtains and wallpaper, having the appropriate style of decoration, as well as linens, decorated with prints.

A stylish large chandelier can become the central element of the bedroom design of 12 meters, photo of rooms with high ceilings confirm this. If the dimensions of the room do not allow the use of massive structures, you can do with the installation of compact ceiling lighting.

The furniture of the room must also correspond to its style. The presence of a dressing table will bring a little chic and luxury to the bedroom atmosphere.

The bedroom in the classical style can be supplemented with unusual furniture

Helpful advice! Do not neglect the design of elements such as bay windows or niches (if they are present). In this area you can set a table with chairs or a sofa. This part of the room, thanks to a sufficient amount of natural light, is ideal for creativity or work.

Carefully you should go to the choice of curtains for the bedroom, photo designs in the classical style look more impressive if the windows have a beautiful drapery. It can be made in the tone of the walls or, conversely, contrasted stand out against their background.

Bedroom design in modern style: modern in the interior of the room

The Art Nouveau style never loses its relevance, because it is based on modern ideas and fashion trends. Usually in the photo design of bedrooms in a modern style can be traced a natural color scheme, made in muted tones.

The modern style of Art Nouveau is dominated by a natural color scheme

For bedrooms in Art Nouveau style the following shades are characteristic:

  • brown;
  • beige;
  • blue;
  • Gray;
  • white.

Photos of bedrooms in a modern style are full of flowing lines. To maintain harmony in the design, even the doorways are given a curved shape. Muted lighting will soften the interior, for this you can use a chandelier with frosted plafonds or place lighting fixtures locally in those areas where they are needed.

Interior design of the bedroom: photos of rooms in the English style

The English style is characterized by such features as restraint and severity. It is full of British elegance and at the same time respects the centuries-old traditions. The design of rooms in the English style depicted in the photo is usually not without the following components:

  • Finishes in the form of panels and moldings on the walls;
  • muted color scheme;
  • quality items of furniture made of natural wood;
  • parquet flooring;
  • expensive textiles, made of materials of natural origin.

The English style uses high-quality, expensive and natural materials

The central element of the interior is always the bed, regardless of whether it is depicted on the bedroom design picture 11 square. m or a room of a larger size. For a room in the English style, you must choose a massive piece of furniture, decorated with a large headboard.

The room is decorated with a lot of textiles:

  • a blanket;
  • pillows;
  • a rug.

The English style is characterized by the use of solid wood furniture

You can use a fireplace to create a bedroom design of 14 square meters. m, photos of premises with such an element rarely contain a real hearth. Most often, rest rooms are decorated with electric models of devices or false constructions, which are necessarily supplemented with candles and family photos within.

The bedroom, decorated in English style, needs soft lighting, reminiscent of flickering candles. To do this, it is desirable to use chandeliers, table lamps, as well as sconces.

Note! Do not use modern LED lights. They are not suitable for the traditional situation.

The English style is based on the use of various accessories and decorative elements:

Bedrooms in the English style must be decorated with things made of textiles

  • vase with flowers on the bedside tables and chest of drawers;
  • photographs, framed;
  • paintings on the walls;
  • exquisite figurines;
  • antiques.

These little things form a comfortable and cozy environment, typical of the English style.

What does the modern design of a Scandinavian-style bedroom look like?

Scandinavian style is considered one of the most fashionable trends. His minimalism is suitable even for creating a bedroom design 10 sq.m. m, the photos of such rooms, despite the simplicity of decoration, look very cozy. The rooms in the Scandinavian style are filled with daylight.

Scandinavian style is the most fashionable at the moment

To achieve an ideal balance, it is advisable to use all these components in the interior:

  • large window constructions with panoramic glazing;
  • properly selected lighting system;
  • light color scheme.

In the design of the bedroom 10 square. m need to adhere to the use of natural materials. It is preferable to use cotton, wood, glass, ceramics. If there is a massive cabinet with doors in the room, it is recommended to replace it with an open storage system equipped with rails and a large number of shelves for clothes. Such constructions allow to visually expand the space of a small room.

The Scandinavian style is based on practicality, therefore, the furnishings must be functional. For the interior, you can pick up a bed, complete with boxes designed for hidden storage of things. If the room has night tables, they should have the simplest design.

It is advisable not to obscure the room, choosing curtains in the bedroom in a modern design, photos of rooms in the Scandinavian style look bright due to the use of light and translucent fabrics. To create an artificial lighting system, it is preferable to install author’s lamps with an unusual and original design, all kinds of garlands dotted with small flashlights.

Interiors of modern bedrooms in a minimalist style

Minimalism is considered a modern design direction. He exposes strict requirements in terms of the amount of furniture and its appearance. Interiors in this style consist of few details, only the most necessary elements are allowed in the room. A strict approach can be traced in the choice of colors. It is recommended that accessories and the whole furnishings have one shade.

The minimalist interior uses only the most necessary elements of furniture, selected in one color scheme

Helpful advice! To ensure that the minimalist bedroom does not look too boring and monotonous, experts recommend bringing in the interior various textures and textures that create volume indoors, even in the photo, the wallpaper design in the room can be combined, for example, in alternating bands of the same color with a matte and glossy surface .

You can transform the room with textiles of an interesting texture, for example, bedspreads on a bed or carpet. As a decoration, wall-papers with realistic or graphic images are ideal. The design of furniture should be modern. It is desirable that chairs, bedside tables and even plants have an unusual shape.

Minimalism is ideal for creating a male interior. With his help, you can make a bedroom of a small size, because the furnishings can consist of only a few items: beds, a pair of bedside tables and a wardrobe. As a result, even a limited space will look spacious.

Characteristic features of modern design of the bedroom in the style of high-tech

Style hi-tech is not too suitable for the design of the bedroom, because it is based on the use of metallic elements, bright colors and shiny surfaces. Such a situation does not have to complete relaxation and relaxation. Nevertheless, designed in the style of high-tech bedrooms are in demand among young people, which are attracted by dynamic and modern interiors.

Style hi-tech implies the presence of brilliant details in the interior design

Windows in such rooms are decorated with roll or Roman curtains that support the main idea of ​​the style. In the color palette predominantly predominantly white and gray shades, as well as brown scale. It is very important that there is a lot of light in the room, so you need to think carefully about the number of lights and the nature of their placement.

Despite the fact that the shiny surfaces are an integral part of the hi-tech style, in the bedroom their presence should be minimal. Most often these elements are placed on the ceiling. If you partially mix the details of several styles, you can achieve an interesting result.

Bedroom design: photos of Provence style rooms

The style of French Provence is most often used for decorating women’s bedrooms. The main decorative component of this direction are ruffles and floral motifs, which serve as an ornament not only for textiles, but also for decoration on the walls. The color scheme of the Provence is represented by lilac, pink and blue hues, in rare cases green can be used.

Most often in the style of Provence used light pastel shades

Provence is characterized by softness, so it is suitable for decorating the room in which a romantic person lives. But this does not mean that design can not be strict. Everything depends on the successful choice of materials and colors. Initially, Provence was used to create interiors in wooden houses that have the necessary conditions for creating a 16-square-meter room design. m and more. However, over time, it was also used to decorate smaller rooms in urban apartments.

Note! In the style of Provence, naturalness is welcomed, so the curtains on the windows should be chintz, not silk, and the furniture – wooden. For floor finishing, it is better to use boards, parquet or, in extreme cases, a laminate that mimics the surface of an aged tree. From the use of artificial materials should be abandoned.


It is recommended to supplement the ceilings with wooden beams. They can be whitened or left in natural color to create a contrast. However, this design is suitable for creating a bedroom design of 15 sq. M. m and more, otherwise the room will look too small and cramped.

Oriental bedroom design: Japanese style renovation photo

At the heart of the Japanese style is the idea of ​​unity with nature, simplicity and the desire for self-knowledge. Do not use in the design of technological materials. It is better, as in the previous case, to give preference to natural raw materials: wood, stone, porcelain, bamboo. The windows can be decorated with silk curtains.

It is desirable to replace bright chandeliers with chiseled lamps or candles. Lighting devices must be used locally to create accents on certain interior items. It is necessary to achieve an effect in which the light will be opaque and muffled so that the bedroom looks mysterious.

In the Japanese style it is not recommended to use too bright colors, preference should be given to natural shades

The palette of the Japanese style is represented by bright and contrasting tones. Its basis is black, red and white. Elements made in neutral gray shades are allowed. To give the room a little warmth, in the bedroom you can add natural shades:

  • gentle beige;
  • coffee with milk;
  • brown.

Japanese – one of the few styles where you can see on the photo bedroom furniture in black.

Features of the bedroom, executed in the oriental style:

The design of a bedroom in the Japanese style should be carefully thought out, as the interior should be meaningful and functional

  1. Abundant, but muffled lighting.
  2. Materials of natural origin.
  3. The absence of unnecessary elements, the situation of the room should be meaningful and carefully thought out.
  4. Decor should support the general idea of ​​the room. Constant attributes of the Japanese style are fans, screens, dolls in traditional national clothes.
  5. Furniture of simple geometric shapes.

When decorating a room in the Japanese style, it is recommended to avoid excesses. In all, balance and harmony are welcomed.

How to make a design bedroom project

Before making a design project, you need to designate a budget

The range of modern stores is extensive and varied, so the choice of furniture, decoration and decoration can cause the buyer certain difficulties. Before proceeding to the direct development of the project, you should indicate the budget and decide on the style of the future interior.

Arrangement of some elements is planned in advance:

  • conditioner;
  • outlets;
  • switches.

Otherwise, you may encounter inconvenience in the operation of the room.

Helpful advice! Drafting a project is usually done by specialists. But if you want, you can do this work yourself, using modern programs and applications. This will save money.

How to design a bedroom interior design

Before you start planning the design of the room, it does not hurt to study in detail the existing styles, to get acquainted with interesting and unusual solutions that can be found on the Internet or in magazines, and also take into account the recommendations of specialists.

To carefully design interior design, you need to familiarize yourself with existing styles

Development of the design project is carried out in stages. First, measurements of all room parameters are taken, for this purpose:

  • window constructions;
  • walls;
  • floor;
  • ceiling;
  • doorways.

The received data are entered in the program. If the project involves the implementation of redevelopment through the construction or demolition of walls, this issue must necessarily be agreed with specialists. In addition, the issuance of permits will be required. Even a slight error in the design of the layout can cause serious consequences. After the changes have been made to the room configuration, the measurements are taken again and re-entered into the program.

At the next stage of the design of the room, you need to think over the lighting system. It is desirable that there are at least 2 light sources in the room. The best option for a bedroom will be a ceiling chandelier and lamps by the bed. Do not forget that each functional area of ​​the room should have separate lighting. As a supplement, you should use sconces, wall-mounted lamps and recessed ceiling lamps. The latter option can be installed at the head of the bed.

At the design stage, it is necessary to measure all the parameters of the bedroom

At the design stage of the lighting system, communication is also thought through. It is necessary to calculate the electric circuit with a clear indication of the number of outlets and switches, determine the location of these elements, as well as the wires.

Note! If the design involves the combination of a bedroom with a dressing room or study, it is very important to pay attention to the competent division of the room into zones. Nothing should interfere with proper rest and sleep, therefore the place of installation of a bed and a partition is carefully thought out.

After that you can proceed with the selection of the finishing materials. Modern programs and applications used by designers allow you to choose any type of design and visualize the result.

At the last stage, the premises are being considered. You can use different options for arranging furniture to choose the most optimal and convenient ones. In this case, the shape of the room and its dimensions should be taken into account.

Planning a bedroom repair: photos and recommendations for choosing finishes, furniture and lighting

Repair work in the room begins with finishing, is not an exception and a room for rest. It is desirable to choose for this purpose environmentally friendly materials of natural origin. Unlike the bathroom and kitchen, the bedroom does not need a stable finish. The operating conditions of this room are not accompanied by a large amount of dirt, grease and moisture.

Materials for a bedroom are better to buy natural, environmentally friendly

Experts recommend to adhere to a calm color scheme and neutral shades, which will promote a sound sleep and relaxation. In the catalogs of manufacturers, you can find photos of beautiful bedrooms that meet this requirement, so there should be no problems with the choice of finishing materials. Many of the collections in 2018 are distinguished by their diversity and originality.

Choosing wallpaper for the bedroom: photo of the room design

In most cases, wallpaper is used to decorate the walls in the rest room. In stores you can find materials with different colors, texture, design. Some manufacturers offer wallpaper that realistically imitate natural surfaces:

  • plaster;
  • a rock;
  • bamboo;
  • wood;
  • skin.

Paper wallpapers are the most environmentally friendly and affordable

The most environmentally friendly and affordable in the price are canvases of paper wallpapers. This material maintains microclimate conditions comfortable for a person in the room.

In addition, they provide an additional level of thermal and sound insulation. No less appropriate option will be non-woven wallpaper in the bedroom. They are safe, easily glued, but require careful preparation of the surface.

To create a unique and unusual design, you can use wallpaper. Cloths, decorated with a high-resolution image, will easily and quickly transform the interior of the room. Some options visually increase the space or create an additional three-dimensional reality.

Effectively look in the interior of the bedroom textile wallpaper. This material has good sound and thermal insulation, as well as a pleasant texture.

Note! The minus of this finish is that its surface attracts dust, so the wallpaper must be cleaned regularly.

Choice of finishes for renovation: photos of bedrooms with painted walls

To color the bedroom, matte finish is best.

In addition to wallpaper, as a decoration for walls used dyeing compositions. This option is no less popular and available. Dyes have a lot of advantages. Buyers can pick up in the store the perfect tone and shade for the bedroom. The process of applying the paint is very simple in execution. In addition, if desired, the surface of the walls can be repainted several times. This type of finish has drawbacks. Before applying the composition, the surface of the walls must be carefully prepared and leveled.

On the Internet, you can find thousands of pictures of interiors with painted walls. The most suitable option for a bedroom is a matte finish, because the glossy surfaces reflect light glare. There are many types of paints, but the most optimal of them are water-based and acrylic compositions.

Using a dye, you can create an original design of one or more walls. Most often the surface behind the head of the bed stands out against the background of the rest. To do this, it is painted in a contrasting color or decorated with a pattern. Interesting are the bedrooms with walls, decorated with a gradient. In this case, several shades are used, which smoothly flow one from the other. The number of possible variations in design is almost unlimited.

Decorative room repair: photo interiors with plaster on the walls

Decorative plaster is practical and environmentally friendly. This material is easily applied to walls, does not require careful care and can effectively serve for many years.

Plaster used for decoration of premises is of several types:

Stucco for finishing is structural, Venetian and textured

  1. Textured – contains sawdust and small pebbles. Used to create a three-dimensional coating.
  2. Venetian – consists of marble chips. The material makes it possible to obtain a smooth surface resembling a stone.
  3. Structural – includes particles of quartz.

The disadvantages of plasters include its high cost, but given the durability of the coating and its unique design, these costs are justified.

Plaster is expensive, but it is the most durable material

Note! In addition to the basic and most popular materials for finishing the wall surfaces, other coverings can be used in the rest room: cork, textiles, wooden lining, decorative brick or stone. They will help create an atmospheric and unique interior.

Finishing materials for bedroom design: flooring

Choosing a floor covering for a bedroom, in the first place should take into account such characteristics as wear and durability. Some people walk in the barefoot room, so the surface of the floors should be smooth and pleasant to the touch.

Parquet flooring never goes out of fashion. This natural material has many shades, thanks to which on its basis it is possible to create an interior in any style from classical to Scandinavian. Parquet is in high demand, although it is not without flaws. First, the cost of this coating is very high. Secondly, the thermal insulation and soundproof properties of the material are not good enough. Although these characteristics can be improved by using a special fiber for insulation.

The floor covering for the house must be durable and durable

A laminate can be used as an alternative to expensive wooden parquet. This material is made of raw materials with wear-resistant properties. Laminate is practical and provides the necessary level of thermal insulation, creating a comfortable operating conditions in the room. However, do not forget that the upper surface of the material will eventually deteriorate, so the coating will have to be changed periodically.

In the pictures of bedrooms as a floor covering is also found carpet. This material, due to its softness and warmth, creates a special feeling of comfort and coziness in the room. In addition, the carpet perfectly extinguishes the sounds. Depending on the budget possibilities, consumers can buy a coating of artificial or natural origin.

This material is difficult to keep clean. This will require special tools and a washing vacuum cleaner. Carpet not only attracts dust, it keeps pollution, so some efforts will be needed to remove some stains.

Relatively recently the popularity of cork floors began to increase. This coating is soft, warm, pleasant to the touch, and also it provides a high level of sound insulation. In addition, cork floors have antistatic properties, so do not need complex maintenance. The lack of coverage can include a limited color range and a tendency to deformation changes. The surface is easily damaged by the claws of animals, furniture legs and sharp heels.

Helpful advice! To protect the cork cover from damage, under the legs of heavy and heavy furniture you need to lay the liner.

Bed as a basis for creating a bedroom design

Creating a setting in the rest room should start with choosing a bed, because this particular piece of furniture occupies a central place in the room. In this case, you must take into account the size of the bedroom and the requirements of the style chosen for its design.

Bed – the most important element of furniture in the bedroom, so it must be chosen first

First of all, it is necessary to pay special attention to the strength and reliability of the design, since it depends not only on the quality of sleep, but also on safety. Frames, equipped with legs, do not differ longevity. It is advisable to give preference to beds with panels. The mattress should be selected in the store, guided by its own feelings, it should be as convenient as possible. Therefore, experts do not recommend buying a bed with a complete set. Mattresses in such constructions are not always convenient and qualitative.

Of particular importance is the placement of the bed in the room. It is recommended to install this piece of furniture with a headboard against the wall. Make it necessary so that on the sides formed a little free space, then people will be comfortable to move around and get out of bed. It is undesirable to have a sleeping place where it is too hot or skewering, for example, opposite doors, windows or near heating appliances.

How to choose additional furniture for the bedroom interior

The bed is not the only piece of furniture that can be in the bedroom. In the interior of the room must be present bedside tables for convenient storage of small things. If you do not use the classical style to decorate the bedroom, you can only limit the installation of the nightstand on one side only.

In addition to the bed in the bedroom can be placed cabinets, bedside tables and chairs

On the other side of the bed you can place:

  • small table;
  • floor lamp;
  • a pile of books.

Such an unusual design technique will revive the situation of the room, making it individual. For the interior of the bedroom does not hurt to buy a chest of drawers. This piece of furniture is suitable for storing clothes, underwear and other things.

Helpful advice! If you hang a mirror over a chest of drawers, it can be used as a dressing table for evening and morning cosmetic procedures.

The chest of drawers is an indispensable element in the interior of any bedroom

The spacious rooms allow you to install a wardrobe that can be used to store your wardrobe. Creating an environment for a compact room, it is better to abandon a large cabinet. It can be replaced with rails for clothes or open shelves. These storage systems are completely open, they do not hide the free space in the room, as do the wardrobes.

In the conditions of city apartments, owners often have to combine premises, creating a single space with functional zones. Most often the bedroom is combined with a study, a nursery or a living room. In such cases, you can buy furniture with the function of transformation, for example, a bed that is built into the podium or hides in the closet. At night the bed can be used for its intended purpose, and in the daytime it can be hidden, freeing up additional space in the room.

To divide the room into zones, you can use not only partitions, but also cabinets, shelves, tables. It is allowed to use glass screens that do not overload the interior.

It is desirable that the furniture that is selected for the bedroom, was made of natural materials. Products from wood are offered not only by elite manufacturers, but also by young designers practicing modern approach. The only drawback of such furniture is its cost. You can buy cheaper furniture items made from veneer, particle board and MDF.

Lighting design: photo of interiors with ceiling and additional lighting

Choosing bedroom lighting should take into account not only the interior design, but also the size of the room

Lighting for the rest room is selected individually. It can be general and local. It is necessary to take into account the size of the room, so that the lighting devices look harmonious in the interior and proportionally. It is necessary that the light be refracted, otherwise the rays will dazzle.

For a small bedroom it is better to choose a ceiling light of a small size. They will not occupy much space, at the same time they will provide a sufficient level of light. In the case of spacious rooms, there are practically no restrictions. The chandelier in this case can have any shape and style. The main thing is that it fits into the overall design of the room. The optimal distance between the chandelier and the floor is 2 m.

An interesting option will be luminous ceilings, which can have the form of stained-glass windows with fluorescent lamps or LED strips. For local placement, lamps on the bedside tables are suitable. They can be turned on and off without getting out of bed.

Despite the limitations, the bedroom still offers ample opportunities for creating an interesting design. It is necessary to adhere to only one rule – all components of the interior: decoration, furniture, decoration and lighting – must be harmonized and combined.


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