Beautiful houses: pictures of the inside and outside. Interesting ideas on arrangement

The information in this article broadly covers the topic of beautiful homes: photos inside and outside with a detailed review of the main styles of design useful tips for creating unusual interior, the Council for the development of the yard and exterior of the house. The text discusses the main types of buildings of the most popular materials and good finishes of the facades of country houses.

Modern house with beautiful exterior and interior

The contents
1 Beautiful home: photos inside and outside in different styles
  1.1 Modern design houses pictures inside and outside
  1.2 English style inside and outside: photos of beautiful single-storey houses
  1.3 American style: pictures of beautiful houses inside and outside
  1.4 interior in the style of hi-tech: pictures of beautiful houses inside
  1.5 Design of the house inside of the interiors in the style of Provence
  1.6 country Style: photo of beautiful wooden houses inside and outside
  1.7 Arabic style: photo beautiful private homes inside and outside
  1.8 Minimalistic design: photo of a private home outside and inside
  1.9 Style Chalet: photos of beautiful houses of timber inside and outside
2 Design of the houses outside: the stoning of cheap and beautiful facade of the building
  2.1 Photos of wooden houses from the outside: how beautiful to paint or brick building under a timber
  2.2 Plastic cladding on the outside: the sheathing is cheap and nice suburban housing
  2.3 Cement cladding house exterior: how to decorate cheap and beautiful private house
3 construction of the roof: photo of beautiful roofs of private houses
4 the Porch in a private house: photo beautiful and unusual designs
5 the arrangement of the area and photos of the beautiful courtyards of private homes
  5.1 How to create a beautiful yard of a private house with his own hands: photo and tips
  5.2 a Beautiful wooden fences for private houses: photo
  5.3 design of the entrance to the courtyard: photo of beautiful gates for private homes

Beautiful houses: pictures of the inside and outside in different styles

Cozy and comfortable housing is no longer a dream. Each owner can create a unique design. This is confirmed by numerous photo beautiful small houses inside and outside, which are presented in this article.

Two-storey house with original architecture

The choice of style depends on the personal preferences of the owner. And the same can be cozy and modern house made of concrete and glass, and a small English cottage.

There are many areas for interior decoration inside a house. The most popular are the following styles:

  • Provence;
  • country;
  • Arabic;
  • the minimalist;
  • hi-tech;
  • English;
  • American;
  • Chalet;
  • modern.

Panoramic Windows allow you to admire the landscape of the local area

Modern design houses pictures inside and outside

Interior design and house designed in a modern style, is a lot like other popular destinations: high-tech and minimalism. The main features of contemporary architecture:

  • clear and simple lines;
  • refinement;
  • the focus is not on the interior, and the space;
  • the geometric shapes inherent in of furniture (pieces of furniture of the room should not be bulky, welcomed the monotony and the lack of intricate shapes, decorations);
  • functionality, and both in technique and in furniture and layout.

Modern one-storey house with an attic room

A useful tip! To create an interior in a modern style and use neutral colors as well as white and black. Bright and bold shades it is better to use partially for accents in a muted palette.

English style inside and outside: photos of beautiful single-storey houses

The English style will suit those seeking to create a home highly conservative design. His inherent restraint, solidity and respectability. In the British style reflected the aristocratic side of England with all its practicality and symmetry.

Beautiful house in a classic English style

Please note! The interior in the English style would not be complete if it lacks three key items: a bookcase, a fireplace and a chair with a high back.

Main features of English-style interior:

  • clear zoning of residential space;
  • for design of window and other surfaces of glass used in stained-glass Windows;
  • as surface finishes, used natural materials: stone or wood (oak);
  • in the rest rooms (bedroom, living room, library) installed fireplace with decorative shelf;
  • for the organization of lighting uses lamps with a muted glow, floor lamps and sconces;


Elegant English style in interior design

  • textiles composed of natural fabrics with a pattern of tartan, stripes or solid fabrics with small floral motifs;
  • allowed the use of decoration in the form of figurines, photo frames, portraits and paintings, mirrors and vases.

Interior design should obey the same rule of symmetry. Often the photo design of the houses from the outside looks conservative and even sullen. In rare cases, buildings can be two stories. And a beautiful staircase leading to the second floor of the living rooms serve as the element that separates the space.

The house in the English style with a loft

American style: pictures of beautiful houses inside and outside

American style democratic, despite its apparent high cost. The modern version of this trend is created on the basis of the abundance of technology, free layouts and functionality. For the purpose of preservation of the budget allowed the use of analogues of expensive natural materials.

A neat white house in the American style

The main features of American style interior:

  • free space (open space design, a larger size living space, interior organization around the axis located at the center);
  • loyal and eclectic colours (classic combination of brown and white hues or contrasting combinations like white with red and dark brown or blue, white and sand, etc.);


Living room with Bay window, American style

  • the sleek design of the walls (plastered surface is covered with a solid opaque paint or pasted over with Wallpaper, decorated with small drawings; it allowed the use of inserts in the form of stone or wooden panels made of natural or artificial materials).

A useful tip! To visually enlarge the space enough to remove from the premises of a partition and extra walls. After that, it is advisable to outline zoning using furniture and finishes.

American style in interior design

The interior in the style of hi-tech: pictures of beautiful houses inside

Ultra-modern high-tech style is characterized by restrained approach to décor and maximum reasonable use of the area. The space should not be just comfortable, and functional.

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Interesting design solutions. Popular styles of modern design. The characteristics of each direction.

The main features of the interior in the style of hi-tech:

  • the simplicity of the lines, the rigidity and rigor;
  • hidden behind a flat surface shelves and cabinets;
  • industrial materials, such as plastic, brick, glass, concrete, metal, untreated wood;
  • sliding doors, wardrobes and partitions;
  • the abundance of lighting fixtures, including built-in;
  • restrained colors – white, grey, black and metallic;
  • modern accessories and appliances;
  • the “naked” communications (pipes, panels).

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