Beautiful house projects with good design and internal layout

In the article you can find dozens of photographs depicting beautiful houses: building designs in modern, classic and other styles. Discusses unusual design solutions and interesting ideas for the construction of country houses with one or few floors. Collected here are popular options for buildings using different materials, structures with free layout, attic floors and other architectural features.

Country house — the best option for those who want to live away from noisy neighbors and the bustle of the city

The contents

1 Beautiful home: design of buildings and recommendations for their development
1.1 how to begin the implementation of the project a beautiful country house and cottage
1.2 create a beautiful project at home: the most practical layout with regard to the cardinal points
1.3 Introduction functional areas in a beautiful country house and cottage
2 designs are beautiful country houses and cottages: a good picture of the buildings
2.1 How to develop a project beautiful one-story home
2.2 How to develop a project of a beautiful house: pictures of two-storey buildings
2.3 Projects beautiful houses with an attic: photos and recommendations for development of facilities
2.4 Increased demand for two-storey houses with an attic floor, although there are beautiful designs of single-storey buildings.
2.5 Functional design beautiful houses: pictures of buildings with Bay Windows
2.6 Projects of country houses: beautiful pictures of buildings with a garage
2.7 Projects the most beautiful homes: photos of cottages with a second light
3 Beautiful designs of buildings from popular building materials
3.1 Features of the designs are beautiful wooden houses: photo of interesting buildings
3.2 features of the development projects of beautiful timber frame houses
3.3 features of the development of beautiful projects of houses of brick

Beautiful houses projects of buildings and recommendations for their development

Planning is an important step in the construction of a country house. Before you begin the purchase of materials and construction of the building should have a clear idea about future building. And this applies to both planning areas, and each of the stages of construction.

The comfort of the house largely depends on its layout and location on the site

In addition to the external beauty, the building must meet the design specifications:

  • long-term maintenance services;
  • reliable and durable design;
  • comfortable for all residents with regard to their number and needs;

The house can be complemented with a massive porch, open porch or terrace

  • safe operation;
  • the ability to make adjustments to the design of the facade and interior.

A properly made house plans makes it possible to correctly distribute the buildings on the site, as well as to successfully organize the layout of the premises, to exclude conflict situations with neighbours and regulatory authorities for violations of regulations.

Modern comfortable style called minimalism

A useful tip! Construction of a country house will allow to reduce costs, to reduce and to optimize the process of construction of the building, rational approach to the consumption of materials, avoid accidents and improve safety.


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Beautiful houses: pictures of the inside and outside. Interesting ideas on arrangement

The information in this article broadly covers the topic of beautiful homes: photos inside and outside with a detailed review of the main styles of design useful tips for creating unusual interior, the Council for the development of the yard and exterior of the house. The text discusses the main types of buildings of the most popular materials and good finishes of the facades of country houses. Read more


How to begin the implementation of the project a beautiful country house and cottage

The construction of housing involves the creation of project drawings

The correct choice of plot determines the freedom to create beautiful buildings.

The selection of land is done according to several criteria:

  • direction;
  • distance from city or village item

The future of not only the structure but also the site itself requires pre-marking and scheme drawing

  • definition of favorable settlement, garden community, cottage village or private areas for development.

If possible, you should pick a level site, preferably free of vegetation, as the site clearance for construction will entail additional costs and delay the work. It is preferable to construct the house on the hill. In the lowlands will constantly accumulate moisture, adversely affecting the building.

The house, built on a hill, has the best performance

House standing on the hill, is inherent in the best performance:

  • there is no need to consider the height of groundwater;
  • superior breathability;
  • high level of insolation;
  • beautiful views from the Windows.

The layout of houses is carried out so that the main façade faced the southern side

Cottage on the hill, provided the correct layout of the rooms will allow to achieve substantial savings on heating and electricity. Sufficient penetration of sunlight to the premises ensure a constant comfort. Installing solar panels can gather natural energy and use it to heat the building.

3D project of a small country house with an attic floor


Create a beautiful project at home: the most practical layout with regard to the cardinal points

The layout is practical and beautiful homes depends largely on the placement site in relation to the cardinal points and orientation of the buildings on it. An important factor is the type of roof and the shape of the structure.


Proper layout of the house will ensure maximum penetration of sunlight inside the premises

If you intend to build a cottage with a pent roof, is an open area of facade to be paid to the South, and the ramp to deploy to the North.

A useful tip! The Central part of the facade is better spent on the South side. This nuance will allow to make the project a terrace, porch or porch massive. Located on the South side, these architectural elements can be used by tenants as a place to relax in the fresh air.


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