Bay window: an architectural element and its role in the exterior of the building

Modern architecture is represented by a large number of original and unusual shapes and decorations which not only help to identify a building among other buildings, but also to make the interior more functional. One such decorative elements is the Bay window: what it is and what its distinctive advantages are detailed in this article.

A Bay window is a projecting glazed volume of the building, adjacent to the outer wall and beyond the plane

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1 Bay window: what is it
2 versions of the Bay window in the house: photos of cottages
  2.1 Types of Bay ledges
3 Wooden house with a Bay window
4 Projects of houses with Bay Windows
  4.1 house with a Bay window and a loft
5 designs of the rooms with a Bay window
5.1 in living room Design Bay window

Bay window: what is it?

In the description of premises is often possible to meet such a term as the Bay window. What it is, a large number of people is unknown. This architectural element is often confused with a balcony or loggia. So, to clarify, it should be understood that such a Bay window. This architectural element is a projecting glazed volume of the building, adjacent to its outer wall outside its plane. Simultaneously, the Bay window being a part of the premises, expands its internal space, adding room functionality.

The overall style of the house roofs and Bay Windows create a harmonious architectural ensemble

The Bay window has a number of advantages:

  • thanks to the original glazed ledge creates a bold and unusual facade of the building;
  • distinctive niche allows you to maximize space inside;
  • there is good insolation, due to which the room seems more spacious and bright, with reduced costs for artificial lighting and heating.

Despite the significant advantages, a Bay window has its drawbacks. The arrangement of this complex element will require significant financial investments. In addition, the Bay window must be properly insulated and insulated to eliminate the possibility of significant heat loss from the room in the dark and cold period of the year.

A useful tip! To an architectural element stood out the building against other buildings, the roof of the Bay window must be performed in harmony with the roof, forming the overall style.

Bay design can be constructed from a variety of building materials

Versions of the Bay window in the house: photos of cottages

Depending on the shape of the Bay structure elements can be represented as:

  • triangle;
  • square;
  • of a semicircle;
  • rectangle;
  • of the trapezoid;
  • of the polyhedron.

Depending on the height and location in space agrarnye structures can be:

  • single storey land adjacent to one of the walls of the first floor based on their own Foundation;
  • single-storey extension, which are represented by small wall structures, which are supported by wooden beams or cantilever stone slabs;
  • multi-storey above ground, reaching heights home and fastened to the bearing walls or separate building on a strong Foundation;
  • multi-storey extension, which are presented to a wired multi-level structures, which protrude above the main cornice of the building, securely anchored with stones or massive cantilevers.

House with Bay designs always look stylish and interesting


Types of Bay ledges

The shape of the Bay window, an architectural element can be attributed to one of several design types. Depending on the Bay ledge can be classic or powertron.

Most frequently in modern architecture, you can find classic Bay window, which can be made in the form of a semicircle or a polygon. The main feature of such buildings is the presence of at least three sides, connected under a right angle, and is less than or greater than 90 degrees. Due to the fact that during the construction of the classic Bay window significantly modified the standard form of the exterior walls, the construction of the architectural element of cost that is associated with the use of a large number of building materials.

The round shape of the Bay helps to emphasize the elegance and architectural style of the house

Rectangular, square and triangular structures belong to the category of powercerv. Depending on the layout of the room elements can be angled, inscribed in the corner or wall. Photo projects single-storey houses with Bay Windows clearly confirm this.

Today, often in country houses it is possible to meet a Bay window which is not a full Bay window. This design is not over the entire height of the room, and only shows a small glazed projection on the plane of the wall. It’s an ordinary window consisting of multiple frames that are attached to each other at a certain angle. The main advantage of Bay Windows is that it can be installed at any stage of the construction of the house.

Installation of Bay Windows at any stage of the construction works

Many inhabitants of modern apartments, in order to expand the usable area of the premises remake of the classic balcony for a Bay window. It is necessary to remove a large part of the wall that separates the balcony from the interior, and the balcony door. All the outer projecting part must be completely glazed. Balcony-Bay window constructed on the principle of Bay Windows. For this purpose, special support pipe.


Wooden house with Bay window

To give the wooden house more interesting and original view, you can add a Bay element, which design is better to consider at the design stage.

Large Windows in the Bay window give a sense of lightness and airiness of the interior and exterior

A useful tip! To create a Bay of the ledge is recommended to use the services of a qualified carpenter, which will follow correct technology of the formation of the Bay window in the house.

If you are construction a wooden house from a bar with a Bay window, you must design the Foundation. This should be strong support, as well as under load-bearing elements of building construction. In this case it is better to give preference to concrete strip Foundation. It is also possible to use pile Foundation. The choice will depend on the soil type of the area and the financial capacity of developers.

The main point in the construction Bay of the structure in a wooden house is the observance of a special joining technology of timber. Logs need to be joined without a trace, in a special way to slaughter this one the ends of the beam. Products are bonded to each other using special corner of the Bay. The most time consuming stage in the construction of the Bay window is zarezany wood at a right angle to form a system of studs and slots, through which the whole design.

For the construction of a country house with a Bay window, you can use natural timber


Projects of houses with Bay Windows.

You can even get more that 16 000 similar project with details instruction on Wood Working Plans.

Today there are a large number of projects of houses with Bay Windows. Photos one and two-story buildings show various embodiments of an architectural element in the façade. These buildings not only look stylish, solemn and impressive, but also make unique and unusual interior design of premises. Thanks to this architectural element able to like a medieval Palace, shrouded in mystery and mysteries of history.

Specialized sites in the Internet are quite a large number of projects of houses with Bay window. Photos clearly show how it goes well with other architectural elements of the facade.

The draft of the first floor of a two story house with Bay areas and a garage

Among the most popular are a project of a two story house with a Bay window and a balcony. The ledge starts from the Foundation outside on the ground floor and a smooth transition to a second floor balcony that replicates the contours of the Bay window. The balcony in this case may be simply enclosed, open or glazed.

If you want to obtain a unique structure, then you should pay attention to the projects of houses with two Bay Windows, which are equipped mainly kitchen and living room. Such a design decision would be appropriate in the construction of large massive buildings. Here we should pay special attention to the calculations and details to work through all phases of construction, because it is quite difficult to fit in the General design of the building such elements to the house later was safe to operate.

A typical plan of a one story house with a Bay window

A useful tip! To the house looked too cluttered architectural elements, Bay Windows should be placed at different heights.

For a two-story house Bay Windows can be placed on the entire height of the building, or one is on one floor, and the second over the entire height of the house.

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In the past few decades, this architectural element is not only the hallmark of a private home. A Bay window can be found in modern high-rise buildings, P-44T. A distinctive feature of these apartments is a user-friendly layout and extended kitchen area, since the Bay window is created in the kitchen. Here we have used the trapezoidal shape of the item. Photos of different options of kitchen design with Bay window P-44T clearly show how skillfully you can use additional free space.


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