How to avoid a man and van nightmare on moving day

With so many different removals companies all claiming to offer an expert and highly efficient removals service, it can be hard to know who to trust. As the old adage goes “trust but verify”. As any experienced removals expert will be able to tell you, there are many ways for even the most simple removal job to go wrong. To avoid this most reputable companies will pay close attention to the small details of your move and the exact requirements.

To save you a lot of wasted time and numerous headaches caused through hiring the wrong removals team, grab a fresh cuppa and check out our handy tips below.

Tapping into your friends for recommendations

First off, head to your trusted circle of friends or contacts on Facebook or Twitter and simply ask them if they have had a good experience with a local removals company recently. You will be amazed with how effective this very simple action can be. Once a few of your friends start commenting on the removals company they went with, you can start asking some specific questions which will unveil some of the common pitfalls that removals companies make. The beauty of reaching out to your contacts on Facebook is that the more people that start commenting, the more visibility your post will get to your friends Facebook feeds.

Once you have a couple of recommended companies, its time to put these on your short-list.

It is all too tempting to pick the first removals firm that is recommended to you. Be patient and ensure that you build up a short-list of at least 3 removals companies.

Online reviews are essential

Once you have about three different companies on your short-list, its time to head to Google to find out more information about the companies. Your best bet is to type the company name into Google  followed by ‘review’ and you will hopefully find their online footprint. One nice little trick is to open each search result for the reviews in a different tab so you can look over the different web pages and find out more info about their customer’s experiences. Reading these reviews can be very enlightening and greatly inform your buying decision.

Once you are happy with the information you have found about the company  it’s time to call them and explain exactly what you are looking for. This includes giving them details of your belongings including any large delicate items such as pianos as well as large sofas.  After all that you can ask for them to visit your property and provide a fixed-price quote.

Meeting Face to Face

By doing this, you will have the opportunity to meet the staff at each of these companies in person, so you can form an opinion of how good a service they are likely to provide and how reliable they will prove. You likely have a busy lifestyle, but if you can spare 5 minutes to talk with them, you will be amazed by the insight you gain.


If you can take the time to put in a little bit of research and rely on your friends’ recommendations, combined with online reviews then you will massively minimise the risk of having a man and van nightmare.

It may seem a lot of work, but taking what will ultimately amount to a nominal investment of time at the outset, you will save yourself endless hours at stress when it comes to removals day.

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Have you had any moving day nightmares? Any tips we haven’t mentioned? Let us know in the comments below.

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