Are Online Estate Agents On The Rise In The UK?

Nowadays, there is a dramatic rise in homeowners having a preference to go with the choosing online estate agents, rather than considering their high street, expensive counterparts. This gives most people an increasing number of options to choose from, but the top question that keeps people at bay is what option is the right one?

To help you make your decision, this article should help you dig deeper into exactly how estate agents online work, how their services vary and also let you explore some of the less obvious areas that you need to consider for this important, life changing decision.

What is the Fee Structure and Services of Online Estate Agents?

It is nothing out of the ordinary for people who have an idea of this, but online estate agents are popular for their low fees, which lets people freely save thousands of pounds compared to the percentage-based fee that high street estate agents end up charging. At the points of instruction, most estate agents online are likely to charge a one-off fee, or they give people the offer to defer this for about ten months.

However, it’s worth noting that the estate agents that offer you the choice to postpone their fees will either ways collect payment, no matter the type of property selling. When it comes to the market selling, there are about 55% of homes that make it to the top, with about 45% homeowners who prefer to pay upfront and end up paying for particular services that do not actually lead to the sale of a house.

In addition, you would also want to search for other options online that offer no fee services and no sale where you pay only when your home finally sells. It is also important and worth it to consider that agents who work “out of their normal services,” such as Yooodle will freely provide you with a valuation, advertising on the right platforms, photos and floor plans. However, in some cases, there might be extra charges that you will need to ensure your sale progresses.

An important key that most people overlook when it comes to buying and selling homes is the number of legal work that often commences. In London, as much as 33% percent of home sales usually fall through this stage, and it is necessary to think and research about this upfront, instead of waiting late for the process. An earlier consideration will actually speed up the sale and make sure that everything moves smoothly.


A good quality of estate agents online is that they will always encourage you to conduct viewings for your property. However, an advice for you is to have some offer-agent or escort agent viewings, for a set fee or schedule some for a cost per viewing, depending on what’s suitable for you. It also depends on your preferences and lifestyle. This is a good initiative because most buyers prefer to meet the property owners and see for themselves whether the investment they plan to make is an ideal one or not. It lets buyers to address some important concerns, like nearby facilities, such as restaurants, shops, schools, hospitals and others.

Offer Legal Support

As mentioned previously, it is important to have legal support when it comes to buying and selling homes. Having the right, experienced solicitor can make a significant difference in the success of your home sales. Estate agents will also be able to handle conveyancing. It’s worth noting that if you choose to work with an agent, they will be able to pair you up with a conveyancing firm at affordable fees.

Working with experienced estate agents in London, this should help homeowners to sell their home easily and have about 80% of the job handled by estate agents. On average, it is worth it to note that people who seek the help of estate agents online are able to have their property get an 87% chance of successful sale compared to others.

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How Estate Agents Online Work

It is best to note that high street and online estate agents have modest differences in the way they work. The major aspect that high street agents lack is control, affordability, and transparency compared to what other competitors offer. Estate agents online in London offer lower costs, ease of access (round the clock), clearer insight, and better control over the sales that proceed.

They break their packages down into services and steps, which enables sellers to choose from and they help with viewings, mortgages, property management, maintenance, conveyancing, and a lot more. Such agents are a lot more flexible in terms of communication as well and offer easy correspondence compared to high street ones.

In the UK, turning to online estate agents is something worth encouraging to people who wish to invest, sell, or have anything to do with the property market. It gives people the chance to get the best deals and rely on the best services.

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