Small bedroom: Design and decor for creating a cozy interior

Getting into any dwelling, a person feels how cozy it is in it, visually assesses the sizes, shades, the location of furniture. All these indicators lead to harmony, combine convenience and aesthetics. Bedroom – a room of increased comfort, as it is intended for rest and relaxation. Complicated for decoration is a small bedroom: the design in this case requires special attention so that the size of the room does not limit its purpose.


A small bedroom can be very cozy and comfortable


1 Design of small rooms: matching desires and possibilities
  1.1 Style as the basis for creating an interior for a small room
  1.2 Planning, preparation and repair of a small bedroom
2 Variants of upholstered furniture for a small bedroom: design, photo
  2.1 Cabinet furniture in the interior of small bedrooms
3 Necessary lighting and lighting in the interior of a small room
4 Design of a small bedroom 12 sq.m: interior photo and furniture placement
5 Design of a small bedroom 10 sq.m: photo arrangement
6 Design of a small bedroom of 9 sq.m: a deficit of a square, but not a space
7 Small bedroom: design and aesthetics of the room 6 sq.m.
Design of small rooms: matching desires and possibilities

Is the design of a small room different from the design of a spacious room? Are there any restrictions, are opportunities lost? With confidence, you can say no. The approach to development has its own characteristics, certain requirements and preferences, however, the freedom of imagination and creativity is not limited.

A window sill in a small bedroom can be used as an extra space for placing the necessary things

If there is a dream to have a spacious sleeper – this is also possible. Simply realize it is necessary due to modernization, multifunctionality or stylization of other furniture. A capacious wardrobe for clothes is also easy to place, just for it you need to choose the optimal shape. Dressing table is mandatory. As an option, you can do two in one: a bedside table + a table.

If the bedroom is the only place where you can retire to read or work, then such a zone can really be created even if there is no free space. A creative solution in this case can be wide flaps on the sides of the bed, imitating armrests.

Mirror visually expands the boundaries of a small room

The design of small rooms should be oriented towards the fulfillment of three obligatory conditions:

  • creation of all necessary zones for life;
  • the possibility of comfortable use of all interior items;
  • aesthetics of the room.

In the photo of small bedrooms, you can see a variety of design options used to create an interior of small rooms. The design of small bedrooms obeys the general requirements in the choice and combination of colors and shades, follows the laws of perspective, balance and harmony. There is no ban on the use of any accessories, there are only a few requirements for their number or size. To create comfort and comfort there are no barriers, only a reasonable creative approach is needed.

Bright shades and abundant decor in the design of a small bedroom

Choosing an interior style, you can see the photo design of small bedrooms in the apartment, they will dispel doubts about the lack of opportunities for an interesting arrangement.

Style as the basis for creating an interior for a small room

The interior of a small room can not be faceless. In the absence of a self-designed design, you can refer to ready-made style solutions. Style – this mood and choose it is in accordance with the habits, taste and own preferences.

The choice of style influences the inner comfort of indoors people

Classic style in the interior of a small bedroom recommends the correct form of walls, furniture, traditional lamps. Colors are light: pastel and white, without sharp contrasts. At the minimum of small details, there are no dominant objects. Dimensionality and peace distinguish this style.

The country will satisfy the supporters of nature in all life directions. Furniture made of wood and vines of simple shapes, but not rough. Curtains, bedspreads, blankets of cotton and wool. On the window blinds are made of straw. Bedside mats are woven, small in size, wooden frames. This room looks neat and cozy.

A soft unobtrusive color scheme of the room can be refreshed with bright textile elements

High-tech can also be used in the interior of a small bedroom. However, it is necessary to have a large open window in the room. It is this style that maximally organically allows you to enter the working area into a small bedroom. Surfaces are monochrome, however it is worth using more than three colors in the interior. Bedspreads and pillows should not be distinguished from the general color scheme.

Minimalism is preferred by many. Here, several colors are used, calm, not annoying, plus one “animating” room. This can be a large, but not a repeating print. Furniture is extremely rational shape, no extra items and details, everything is convenient, practical and functional.

A good example of use in the interior of the bedroom is a decorative brickwork

Vintage plunges into peace, dimensionality and romance. To give preference to this style is if the bedroom is only a place for rest. Furniture is made of wood, visually looks pretty heavy. Bed, table, cabinet, shelves – the maximum set of furniture for a small room. Necessary enough natural light.

Modern, combining wood, plastic, glass, removing corners and not tied to the correctness of the lines – will suit many. It is easy to buy ready-made furniture, lamps and accessories of the right size, while saving time and money. This style empowers, widens the choice.

The country style is characterized by original wooden elements in the interior

This is not all existing styles, photo of the interior of a small bedroom will help to choose the desired option.

Planning, preparation and repair of a small bedroom

The most laborious and complex in the repair of a small room are the replacement of window blocks and the installation of doors. If the window opening is small, less than 80×120 cm, and there is a possibility to increase it, it is better to do it. Natural light will brighten any design. The doorway should be quite large (the width of the door leaf is not less than 80 cm, the height is not less than 210 cm).

Preliminary drawing up of the design project will allow to use functionally every centiment of space

Note! Getting to repair in a small room, it is necessary at least in general terms to represent its future interior. In a limited space, much to replace or rearrange will be impossible.

An important aspect of the layout of a small room is the location of the door. Do not make an opening in the center of the wall, if the room is square. It is better to move away from the corner of the perpendicular wall by 60 cm. So the area for the bed will be defined, and along the wall with the resulting free space of 60 cm in width you can put other furniture: a cabinet, chest or table.

Modern bedroom with a small table for cosmetic procedures

The same should be adhered to if the room is rectangular, but the difference in length between the walls is insignificant. In this case, it is better to place the door in a longer wall. Only in conditions where one wall is longer than the other to a large extent (2×4 m or 2.5х4.5 m) it is possible to arrange the door in the center of a long wall. Then two zones are formed and create conditions for an interesting and cozy interior.

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If you do not choose the country style or ethno for bedroom decoration, you can install a glass door or a transparent interior partition under the appropriate technical conditions. Lightness and visual expansion will exclude the closed space.

Implementing repair ideas for a small room, you need to consider how much the height of the ceiling will change after it is leveled. Large and deep texture of walls in a small room is not recommended. The plinth should not be wide and high. A multi-level gypsum plasterboard ceiling will narrow the room. Proper repair in a small bedroom is the most important condition for creating the desired interior.

Bulky closet in the interior can be replaced by open shelving

Variants of upholstered furniture for a small bedroom: design, photo

The basis of any interior is furniture. The central place in the design of a small bedroom is a bed. A sleeping place is not only comfort and beauty, it’s health. Therefore, to abandon the necessary conditions to please the interior is not worth it.

If the high and rigid bed is more preferable, then in this case it will not be difficult to choose the required option. Exhibition halls and online stores are most filled with furniture options for a small bedroom.

The soft head of the bed can be used as a backboard when reading a book or watching TV

High legs and a high mattress will raise the sleeping place to the desired height. Option bed with boxes. It is better if the boxes are two, not one big: putting them in this case is easier, and the content can be divided by purpose. If you buy a bed that is not 200 cm wide but 190 cm wide, you will not experience discomfort, but visually the room will benefit from it, 10 cm will free up the space quite noticeably.

It is important! In a small room it is better not to arrange podium zones. This will create inconvenience in the movement and crush space.

A bed without backs will take up less space in the room

A bed option with drawers for organizing a low bed is also possible. It is necessary to make boxes of no more than 18 cm in height and buy a mattress of 8-10 cm of suitable rigidity.

The back of the bed is desirable only at the head and should either not attract attention, or be combined with other objects of the interior. Even a low bed should have legs, otherwise dust will accumulate under the bed. If you choose a bed without a backrest, it is better to buy pillows-rollers. They do not require a hard stop and maintain the correct position of the body in the cervical region during sleep.

A successful solution for saving space in the bedroom is using a podium bed with drawers

If no ready-made bed option meets the requirements, it can be made to order. Viewing a photo of the design of a small room with interesting bed models will help in choosing.

Cabinet furniture in the interior of small bedrooms

Comfortable in a small bedroom will only be when in addition to the sleeping bed it will have a wardrobe, dressing table and a place where you can put your favorite books or photos.

In a small bedroom it is advisable to place case furniture from floor to ceiling

A built-in closet is convenient and convenient, but if it occupies the wall completely, it visually changes the size of the room. Choosing this option, it is necessary to reduce the depth of the cabinet from the traditional 50-55 cm to 45 cm, and even up to 40 cm. The capacity will decrease slightly, and the area of the bedroom will not suffer. Correctly choose the façade part of the wardrobe, it is not worth all of it from the mirror, this prevents the state of privacy. It is rational to make a mirror one of the sliding doors.

To create a sense of ease in the room, you can put a stand-alone wardrobe in frosted glass.

To store things in a small room you can use both open shelves, and closed boxes and chests of drawers

Helpful advice! Do not overload the interior with glass furniture. In large numbers, it makes the premises “office” and does not contribute to creating a cozy environment.

Wooden cabinet on the floor should be removed from the ceiling at least 30 cm, then visually the room does not decrease. Convenient hinged cabinets, under which you can arrange a working area, placing the console and light chair. If the room is low, it is better to choose not a wardrobe, but a chest of drawers, whose height will be 20 cm below the middle of the wall. The dimensions of the room will not be visually reduced at all, and the surface can be used to accommodate various necessary items.

A small bedroom can be expanded by adding a loggia or an adjacent room

Bedside tables should be combined with either a cupboard (chest of drawers, hanging cupboards) or with open parts of the bed. Bedside tables must be light, small. Console tables are a good idea for a small room. Often, these pedestals are the dominant component of the interior. If the bed is low, the tables may be higher, but slightly so that it is convenient to use them.

For a more conscious choice, you should see a photo of the bedrooms in a small apartment. Photo design for a room of the required size will help in the selection and placement of furniture.

The original built-in closet from plasterboard in the bedroom

Required lighting and lighting in the interior of a small room

Not the least role in creating a comfortable interior of a small room is lighting.

It is important! Lighting zones should be determined during the repair: the cable is laid and removed, sockets and switches are installed.

Lighting in the bedroom can be divided into three types:

  • basic;
  • target;
  • decorative.

In the bedroom it is important to provide both general and local lighting

Basic lighting is traditionally mounted in the center of the ceiling, but in the interior of a small room it can be replaced by placing the lamp or slot system under the ceiling, above the door or above the bed. The light should be soft, dissipating, providing sufficient illumination, but in no case is it dazzling and annoying.

Target lighting requires a zone at the head of the bed and a working area (if any) and a dressing table. To save space on the bedside table, the lamp can be mounted on the wall. A plafond is better to use opaque, swivel. The luminous flux will be narrowly focused and will not interfere with the person lying next to each other.

Comfort for the bedroom will be soft spotlighting

To illuminate the working area, the office-type desk lamp is best suited. It may not correspond to the general style of the interior, but its color should be chosen so as not to attract attention. Attached to the edge of the table or console, the lamp does not take up much space and will direct the lighting to strictly defined areas.

If a dressing table is installed in a small bedroom, it is best to place several small lamps around the perimeter of the mirror: two identical lamps on both sides of the frame will be sufficient. The quality of light is very important here. It should be as close to the day as possible, so as not to distort the natural shades when applying makeup.

In the bedroom there is a multifunctional illumination of separate zones

For decorative lighting, wall sconces (fixtures) are better not to use, they will seem “superfluous”. The LED ribbon will perfectly perform the functions of pleasant decorative lighting.

When choosing luminaires for a small bedroom, the following conditions must be taken into account:

  • compact dimensions (depending on the application area);
  • maximum functionality (rotatability, the ability to attach to a vertical surface, adjustable light intensity);
  • conformity to the style of the interior.

Table lamps on each side of the bed will allow them to be used if necessary

Decide on the lighting and get available and original ideas can be from a real bedroom photo design in a small apartment. Depending on personal preferences, for different glow quality, you can use:

  • incandescent lamps (inexpensive, give a warm yellow light);
  • fluorescent lamps (economical, light as close as possible to daylight);
  • halogen lamps (suitable for purposeful lighting);
  • LED lamps (the most economical, give a soft milk light).

As an additional highlight in the interior of the bedroom used wall sconces in creative design

Design of a small bedroom of 12 m2: interior photo and furniture placement

To begin development of design of a small bedroom with an area of 12 sq.m., it is necessary to estimate the height of the ceiling and the size of the window. If ceilings are high and natural light is enough, it is not necessary to use only pastel and light shades. Many people feel unpleasant and cold white sterility. You can use deeper colors, but you must carefully use large drawings and prints.

If the ceiling is low, it must necessarily be white or as light as possible, otherwise it will “crush”. Bright floor, light ceiling and relatively saturated walls – an option for those who love expressiveness. If the walls are highlighted in color, then the textiles should be as much as possible monotonous, calm tones. Non-expressive walls can be supplemented with colored curtains or a coverlet and thereby enliven the room.

Modern bedroom with private bathroom and dressing room

With a rational arrangement and resembling sizes, you can place all the necessary furniture in such a room. Photo design of a small bedroom of 12 sq.m or a smaller area will help to determine the rational and convenient placement of the bed: under the window or along it, perpendicular to the wall and even in the center of the room.

Helpful advice! To arrange a double bed should be so that it was provided with an approach from three sides. Otherwise, the replacement of bed linen will be marred by constant inconveniences.

The bedroom has an area of 12 sq.m. successfully placed bed, dressing table and armchair for reading

The cabinet can be built-in or stand-alone. Dimensions should be chosen such that they leave between the wardrobe and other furniture a passage of at least 70 cm. It is better to purchase a cabinet with a sliding system. Then the space near it will always be free.

If there is a need to create a work corner, then these dimensions of the room do not “squeeze” it into the free angle, but it is convenient to place and isolate it from other areas of the room.

Photos of the design of small bedrooms confirm that compliance with proportions and following the style are the main conditions for creating an interior in a room of this size.

The French window in the room visually enlarges the room and adds a special raisin to the interior.

Design of a small bedroom of 10 sq.m: photo arrangement

Creating a sketch of the interior design of a small bedroom, you should fantasize over the cupboard. It is his modernization that will give a real opportunity to save space and place all the necessary interior items for the bedroom. The cabinet should be made hinged, divided into sections. Then you can place under them a bed and bedside tables.

A room of this size needs to be “expanded”. You can do this by applying a horizontal pattern with decorative plaster or choose wallpaper with indistinct horizontal stripes. If the room has a low ceiling, then “lift” it is possible with the help of soft curtains, collected in a significant number of folds. Cornice should be selected narrow and unobtrusive and attached to the ceiling.

The bed in the bedroom should be placed in such a way that there is free space left on all sides

You do not need to put a large number of pillows on the bed. They perform a rather decorative function and in this case visually occupy space.

Helpful advice! When designing bedrooms of this size, avoid deep niches. They create the feeling of a “box”.

In the absence of desire, opportunity or time to design the interior, it is worth viewing the photo design of a small bedroom of 10 sq.m. They will help to make a choice and arrange a cozy and comfortable bedroom in a small room.

A good solution for the bedroom will be tight Roman blinds, which in the closed position almost do not allow sunlight

Design of a small bedroom of 9 sq.m: a deficit of the area, but not space

Expand and do higher such a room with the help of horizontal and vertical bands is not recommended. The effect will be reversed, artificial visualization will draw attention to small dimensions. It is better to remove clear boundaries and outlines. Walls and ceiling can be painted or wallpapered with light colors. Ceiling fillet, it is desirable to choose a tone that is darker or lighter than the shades already used. The floors can be made in the colors of natural wood, the plinth can be selected in the same color.

Photo of the interior design of a small bedroom of 9 meters will help to make sure that with the right choice of color and such a room can be made as comfortable as possible for rest.

Small bedroom decorated with oriental elements

Organic for such sizes is a cabinet-pencil case. If the room is square, you can put it in a corner. If it is rectangular, then the installation site can be welded. The pencil well “hides” in a corner. But you can install it in another place along the long wall, attaching the desktop (console). A separate zone is organized, which will contribute to the creation of comfort.

Bedside tables are best replaced with small light tables. If there is a desire to have manufactured exclusive furniture or make by yourself, the options of elegant bedside tables in the design of a small bedroom of 9 sq.m on the photo will help to decide.

Modern bedroom with large double bed

A window, even if it’s large, does not need to be shaded. It is better to hang an air curtain. If there is a need to close the room from prying eyes, it is better to hang roller blinds. Textile is fine and light.

Working and dressing tables can be combined into one. It is best to make it short, but long. Necessarily with a deep box from which you do not need to get and put objects on the countertop – its dimensions in an open view will not stop you from sitting at the table. The surface can be used for work accessories. Lighting is better to use a universal: rotary lamp (or table lamp), so that you can target the light flux in the desired direction.

The dark wall is a contrast accent in the interior

Floor vases and flower stands in this room are inappropriate. All objects on the floor should be functional. It is necessary to follow restraint and when choosing artistically designed things. They can not just get lost in this size, but also choke the room. Make the right choice of design can help the photo design of a small bedroom of 9 sq.m, demonstrating a minimum of decor.

Small bedroom: design and aesthetics of the room 6 sq.m.

Theoretically, this is an area for placing a double bed, but there are lots of design ideas for a small room and such sizes.

Light shades visually expand a small space

Walls should be made light, using pastel shades. Ceiling of the same color. From white it is better to refuse, in this case he will underline the sizes. Plinth and upper fillet of medium width. Small sizes in such a small room emphasize the small size. It is better to use medium sizes, but the correct form of interior items.

If there are no preferences, the bed is better to choose an average height (50-60 cm) and a width (160-170 cm). Bedside tables can be replaced with wall shelves. It is better to fix them at the headboard at the level of the outstretched arm (in a prone position) in order to freely take and put objects. For work it is better to use a small console with a portable table lamp or a lamp, and to supplement it with a light, sliding chair. It should not clutter the passage when they are not being used.

For the smallest rooms with high ceilings, it is advisable to use vertical structures

The same place can be used for use of cosmetics. It is more convenient to store hygiene items not on a casual shelf, but in a large casket or decorative box, which you can make with your own hands. It is easy to move, but you need to allocate a permanent place for it: in a bed box, on a shelf or on a windowsill.

The cabinet can be replaced with closed shelves, which are rationally placed at the height of the outstretched arm to freely use. Dimensions of the shelves are also worth bearing average (depth not more than 35-40 cm, height 60-70 cm). If a bed without drawers and there is a need for a large number of shelves, it is better to arrange them on adjacent walls, rather than on opposite ones – this visually closes the space.

The only rational solution for a narrow elongated room is to place the bed from wall to wall

Helpful advice! In small spaces, avoid open shelves. Even accurately exposed objects contribute to a sense of litter.

If you want to use the room as a full-fledged workplace, you can install a bed with a folding or lifting mechanism.

To the size of the room did not limit the imagination, you can see the photo design of a small bedroom 6 sq.m – one of the ideas will certainly resolve doubts.

The choice of a narrower bed allows you to place in the bedroom small bedside tables

Choosing the style, determined by the size and placement of furniture, do not forget that the room must be ventilated. You may need to install an air conditioner. All subjects should have their own place, and they should be easily accessible, and wet cleaning should not create difficulties, because cleanliness and order are the basis of aesthetics.


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