8 EASY Things to Look for When Viewing a Property

Viewing a property is just the start of what can quickly become a complicated and time consuming process to owning your own home.

You already know that this is likely to be the most expensive purchase you’ll ever make and with that knowledge, choosing the right property can well become one of the biggest decisions of your life.

That’s why we’ve invited Prime Property Group, the experts when it comes to Properties for Sale in Cyprus, to give us their list of the 8 most important things you should be looking out for when viewing a property to help you to make the right choice.

Is there any damp? 

Make sure to carefully examine near the ceiling and around the skirting boards. Look out for a mould smell, flaking plaster and watermarks on walls or ceilings. If a room has been newly repainted, this could be a clue that there is damp underneath.

Is the building structurally sound?

Look out for any large cracks (some hairline cracks are to be expected). There are some areas where major cracks can point to something more serious, such as; in areas where extensions join, on end of terrace walls and close to bay windows and if you do come across these, you should consider having a survey carried out by a qualified structural engineer.

Is the roof in good condition?

roofing conditionIt’s wise to establish how old the roof is before you get too committed as replacing it is always going to be expensive (depending on materials used, a newer roof will last about 15 – 20 years). Check for leaks and if the roof is flat, ask what material seals it. The last thing you need when buying a property is a water leak early on.

How effective is the plumbing?

As you tour the property make sure you take the time to check the taps for water pressure. Ask the seller if the pipes are insulated and make sure they are not lead, in which case they will need replacing. Do the radiators work? What condition is the boiler in? These are both pricey repairs and you want to make sure that you’re not going to be footing the bill. Also be sure to seek out the location of the hot water tank, if it is in the attic – it may be old and need replacing.


What’s the condition of the windows?

Viewing a propertySomething very easy to look out for is whether the paint on the window frames is cracked. This is a sign that the wood underneath could be rotten and in need of repair. If the property has double glazing, check to make sure there is no condensation between the double glazing panes. This would indicate they are faulty and need replacing, a very large job which would eat into your budget, especially if the cost is unexpected.


Know your wiring

In an ideal world and before any offer is made, you should have examined the wiring and the fuse board to rule out any faulty wiring. In reality you’ll need an expert to do this for you and seeing as rewiring a property is expensive, it’s well worth investing in a good survey report up front.  It’s also a good time to consider whether there are enough power points for your needs.

Which direction does the property face?

If you end up undertaking you viewing on a cloudy day, take a compass with you to check whether the house is facing north or south.  This can make all the difference between a light and warm house or a dark and depressing one and you can’t rely on the agent giving you this information. It’s your money, spend it wisely!

What is the location of the property?

Make certain the house is not in a flight path or close to noisy train tracks.  Ask if there is public transport close by and whether you can walk to the shops or have to drive.  Ask about location of local schools if applicable.  Make sure there is no rowdy pub or bar close by.

These are all important considerations when buying a property and we hope that armed with these tools, your next viewing goes smoothly.

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