7 Tips for how to cheaply furnish a new flat

tips for furnishing your flat
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Setting up a new home can be quite a daunting task and not to mention costly. As much as we would like a new flat to be furnished to high spec and look the part, for most of us the budget doesn’t cut it! However there are ways to cheat your way to give an illusion of spending a small fortune on your home when in fact everything you own is budget buys at rock bottom prices, and here is how to do it:

Tip 1, Rummage!

Have a rummage through the nearest charity furniture shops or boot sale and do not be put off with dated pieces of furniture that resembles a throw back from the 70’s – fashions change.

Tip 2, Think Vintage!

Remember those dated items are seen as vintage in today’s market and a really cheap table could look a million dollars with a few simple tips and tricks on how to do it! You Tube offers some great DIY examples on how to give an old piece of furniture a new lease of life!

Tip 3, Bargain!

When it comes to shopping for second hand items, do not pay the price you see, try to barter and get a great deal instead. If you go shopping towards the end of the working day, chances are the retailer just wants to make a sale before business closes.

Tip 4, Get Arty!

One persons junk is the next persons gold, next time you see a family member or friend throwing out an old chair or sofa, put your imagination to the test and get creative! You may even surprise yourself! It’s amazing what a bit of paint can do to an old tired and dated item.

Tip 5, Cover up!

You could always try covering an old sofa with really funky fabric for a very modern retro vibe. You can either try a bit of DIY with a good sturdy Staple Gun if you are feeling brave enough ,or make a simple throw-over to cover the sofa instead or You may even wish to get it reupholstered by a professional as even this would reduce the cost of going out and buying a new one.

Tip 6, buy a room in one!

Usually people will shop around for many different items to complete the desired look of a room however what many fail to realise is that if you buy the majority from the same store, you are more than likely going to get a better deal. It’s also worth checking out catalogue stores that offer a complete bedroom set because you can save heaps by doing so.

Tip 7, Browsing the Internet!

The internet is home to best deals around, from competitive stores competing for custom to auction sites and rock bottom last minute deals! You can also find all the info you need regarding your new flat if renting through a place like http://www.rentify.com. So whatever you do, you should always consider browsing online before hitting the high street.

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