7 Reasons Why France Is Top Holiday Destination

France is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Europe and attracts millions of tourists every year. The country has an amazing range of options for tourists with diverse preferences. From its natural beauty to rich history and culture, awesome food and drinks, and more, there is hardly anything that this country fails to offer. Whether you are a first timer in France or have traveled here more than once, you will surely fall in love with the country. Let us give you some reasons that make it a wonderful holiday destination.


Paris-The City of Lights

Undoubtedly, Paris is the single largest reason that attracts global tourists to France. The City of Lights has a lot to offer, its romantic ambience, the Louvre Museum, the Champs Elysees, and of course, the iconic Eiffel Tower. Another destination that makes the city a favorite spot for families is the Disneyland Theme Park that no visitor would want to miss. And don’t forget to stop down at one of the lovely little cafes as you walk down the streets of Paris. The city is also home to some of the most famous fashion brands.




History, culture and art

Besides the city of Paris, another fact that makes France a global tourism hub is its glorious history and rich culture and art. The historical battle sites from the French Revolution and the two world wars find place on the itinerary of every tourist who visits the country. There are some stunning chateaux, cathedrals and churches that are must-visit as well. France is a major attraction for art lovers too, as it houses several world famous museums and art galleries. The famous Mona Lisa is displayed in the Louvre.

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Sun, sea and mountains

Another reason that makes the country a much-loved tourist destination is that it offers a unique blend of the sun, sea and mountains. From vast expanses of countryside to sandy beaches and snow-capped mountains, you can find the most amazing views in this country. Also, you can holiday like a celebrity here, with some wonderful holiday rentals in France being easily available around the country. France has happening cities with exciting night life and quaint little villages that offer peace and tranquility. Whether you are a city buff or a country lover, you can surely find a great place to holiday here!

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Food and Wine

It is hard not to fall in love with the food and wine of France and their tastes are sure to linger on for years after you are back. The country has famous gastronomical traditions that have lived for centuries and continue to rule the world. French cheese is revered across the globe and tourists make it a point to relish all varieties. The variety in wine is impeccable as well; in fact, no French meal is complete unless accompanied by a few glasses of French wine.

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Shoppers’ Delight

As already mentioned, Paris is revered as one of the fashion capitals of the world. Further, legendary brands such as Christian Dior, Coco Chanel, Yves Saint-Laurent and Christian Lacroix, all have their birthplace in this amazing country. If you love shopping, this is a destination that you must be on your bucket list. Step out on the streets of Paris and hunt for the latest collections by the world’s most famous fashion brands.

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Friendly people

The French are charming people who embrace the visitors with open arms. They are curious to lean about new culture and a large proportion of the population speaks English; so communication is no challenge in the country even if you do not know French. The locals here are good to foreigners and ready to help them when they need directions or any other kind of assistance.


Strategic location

Not only does France have some great attractions for the visitors, it is also strategically located. Tourists from the UK just need to cross the Channel to have a refreshing break while it is located close to several other European countries as well. But distance does not make it less valued destination for visitors from far-off places like Asia, Australia and the US. It is easily accessible from every corner of the world, with direct flights being available.

As a holiday destination, France is a dream that every tourist visualizes. No wonder it makes the hot favorite for people of all ages and from diverse cultures and countries. So the next time you plan to see the world, be sure to have France on top of your wish list!

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