6 Tips to rent your next house, apartment or hostels

  1. The starting point: where?

The first step, in the way of choosing a Best hostels in kota, is to choose the area. This decision must be taken in relation to the location of our work and general routine, taking into account the distances, transport costs and especially the access possibilities.

  1. House / apartment / hostels

Another important point when making this decision is to consider what type of property we need. For this, we must think about how our family is composed. If there are children or old people, privilege properties that are on the ground floor to facilitate their access.  Another element to evaluate in the choice of house is the visual or sound distraction that a neighborhood can cause us: for example, if you are a student, avoid the first floors since they have a high intensity of noise and annoying distractions.

  1. Amenities: with or without

The third component of evaluation is the amenities that the building owns: if you like sports it is very important that you take into account if the property has a gym or pool. Also if you have children or you like to hold meetings with friends and family. A sum and a grill would help you and save money on the rent of the room. If you have a car it is better than, for safety, you can have a garage or parking attendant and a garage space for guests. It is also important that you think and evaluates the advantages of 24-hour surveillance.

  1. Know the neighborhood thoroughly

We advise you to visit the area. Take a tour to know the day and night movement, visit the shops, chat with neighbors, consult nearby services, transportation and mobility access, nearby green spaces, hospitals and shopping centers.

  1. Make numbers

The fifth practical advice is to analyze the feasibility of the project of moving and selecting the future house. It is vital to make a list of monthly expenses that include all services (electricity, gas, telephone, expenses, etc.) food and clothing, travel expenses, social work, sports and social, and an amount for contingencies. Review the benefits granted by the property in view.

  1. State of the building

The sixth and final recommendation is to evaluate the age of the building, its maintenance, and how it affects the benefits of the house: the condition of the walls, ceilings, and floors, if it has humidity. Check the condition of the electrical installations and plumbing to avoid future inconveniences.

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