6 Questions to Ask When Building Your Dream Home

Once you realize that your current home is no longer a good fit for you (perhaps because your family is getting bigger), then it time to considering building your dream home.  Your first thought might be that you ought to look into buying a finished, move in-ready house. But since such properties aren’t designed to your specifications, you consider the fact that you could end up renovating some parts to suit the needs and preferences of your family, which may be too costly and stressful.

This is one reason why having a house custom-built may be a far better option for your situation. With a custom-built house, you can integrate all the features and amenities that suit your family’s lifestyle. Also, you can personalize everything – from its exterior appearance to its interior functionality.

But building a custom home involves a lot of important considerations, from creating a functional design to choosing the best new home builders. To ensure success, here are six questions to ask yourself and your builder before undertaking this exciting journey.

Questions to Ask Yourself

1. How big is your family?

Before laying down the foundation of your custom home, you must define your family’s size first. Think about whether you want to grow your family sooner or later. The size of your household will determine factors like the number of bedrooms, the size of the dining area, the condition of the yard, and other details.


The house’s proximity to commercial areas, offices and schools is also important. If you have kids, it would be best to find a lot that is within walking distance from the best school. And then there’s the matter of living within a reasonable distance to your workplace so you can avoid high transportation costs and other additional expenses, not to mention long hours on the road due to traffic.

2. How long are you going to live in your new home?

The number of years you expect to be living in your new home is also a huge consideration. If you wish to live there for the rest of your life, then personalizing everything won’t be a problem. But if you are thinking of selling it about 10 years or so down the line, then there may be some limitations to the design and features you want to integrate since you’ll want to make home selling and buying a breeze in the future.

For instance, you might think about having detachable furnishings instead of having everything built to attach permanently to the wall, or perhaps choose more generic hues instead of your favourite bright and bubbly colours or funky wallpapers for the interiors.

3. What is important to your family?

Do you need different spaces for different activities for everyone in your family? Would you be entertaining guests often? Is it a must for your design to be elegant? Would you want to install the latest energy-saving features in your new home? Do you want a low-maintenance exterior?

Answers to these questions will help you determine the features and amenities that are beneficial to you and your family. Once everything has been sorted out, you can relay this information to your home builder so you will be aiming for a single goal.

Questions to Ask Your Builder

1. Do you use subcontractors?

Construction companies rarely build homes entirely from start to finish by themselves. The company employs crews, but most of the work might be done by subcontractors whose work and reputation you might not know of.

This means that the quality of workmanship could greatly depend on the subcontractors. So make sure that the builder is aware of their subcontractors’ standard of work and will discuss this matter with you.

2. Can you show photos of your completed projects?

If the builder is proud of their work, they won’t have a problem showing you images of their completed projects. Whenever possible, they might even give you a tour of the houses they have recently built. But if they are hesitant about providing you with references, cross them off your list and move on to another home builder.

3. How do you handle delays and obstacles?

Often, plans during the construction phase go astray due to delays and obstacles. So make sure to ask how they handle such challenges and whether they’ll inform you the moment they become aware of any problems or not. By doing so, you will have an idea of how honest and client-focused they are. To get a clearer picture of how they deal with their clients, you can ask what their toughest demand from a previous client was and how they dealt with it.

Having your dream home built is one of the biggest investments you can ever make in your life. A lot of planning is required – from determining the needs of the household to choosing the right home builder. But when done properly, you will be living in the most comfortable, personalized living space for the rest of your life. So make sure to ask yourself and your chosen builder these questions before the first brick is set.


Ben White is the Sales & Marketing Manager of Danmar Homes. He has had a passion for home construction from an early age as he grew up in construction and followed in the footsteps of his parents. At Danmar, we believe in building great homes of value for families that want to build an asset and their financial future through housing and developments.


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