4 Tips To Take Care Of Your Lawn

After a harsh winter, you have to look after your lawn and keep the soil full of nutrients. A well-maintained lawn is the pride of a homeowner. Periodic maintenance of lawns and plants will also allow you to enjoy your lawn. You can bask under the sun and have an evening barbecue with friends.


Remove weeds and thatch

Weed, thatch, and moss are all harmful to your lawn. You have to remove these to keep the nutrients in the soil and grow lush grass. Weeds are plants that grow in place of the plants that you actually want to grow, eating away their nutrients and depleting the soil of its nutrients. Weed seeds can be transmitted to your lawn by birds, pests, and humans. It is important to keep weeding your lawn so grass and flowers can grow properly. Thatch is the layer to dead leaves, grass and root stems. It prevents the percolation of water into the soil and thus prevents hydration and causes depletion of nutrients.

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Improve drainage and aeration

Drainage of the soil depends on the soil quality, the slope of the lawn and thatch. Clayey soil and layers of roots can trap the water, preventing the water from flowing freely. If the water doesn’t flow freely then the soil can’t replenish its nutrients. Waterlogging is another problem that you need to mitigate. Have plants that require more water, even out your lawn and install gutters and drainage pipes in your garden so the water flows freely. Make small holes in the soil so that ample water and air reach the roots of the grass. You can do this with a pitchfork.

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Mowing and edging

When mowing your lawn it is advisable to cut the grass to only one-third of its length. The frequency of mowing depends on the temperature. Grass grows faster in warmer temperatures. You need to alternate the direction of mowing if you have a mower with a roller. You can employ professional lawn care services like Texas lawn services in the summer when the grass grows faster, especially if your lawn is big.

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Feeding and watering

Treat the soil in your lawn with nitrogen high fertilizer in Summer and potash and phosphate in Autumn. Along with feeding your lawn nutrients, ensure that you water your lawn at the correct time and frequency too. In the summer it is best to water in the morning when the weather is cool.


The kind of fertilizer you treat your lawn with depends on the kind of soil you have. Keep changing the consistency of the soil by rotating your plants according to the nutrients they absorb. This way the soil keeps getting the nutrients it needs to grow all the types of plants you want. If your soil is deficient in nutrients, you can replenish these with natural fertilizers. Introduce earthworms into your soil, they aerate and hydrate the soil by burrowing into it.


It is understandable that you may not have the time to do such a thorough inspection of your garden. It is always good to employ the services of a trusted lawn maintaining service to help with your lawn.

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