4 Landscaping Tips for a Beautiful Yard

The external space around your home is an important element that can enhance the beauty of your house and also significantly improve its value in the real estate market. If you want to upgrade your home’s surroundings, use the following tips to make sure your landscaping project creates an ambience that goes well with your personal taste.


Design your landscape around a central theme

Pick a theme that resonates best with your personal style and also matches with the exterior of your house. The best option is to create an outdoor space that’s a melting pot of different hardscaping and softscaping elements, but too many themes can make your home’s surroundings look jumbled and confusing rather than calm and inviting.

So pick a theme, such as colonial, modern, countryside, chic, formal, rugged or delicate, and work with your landscape designer to create the look you want.

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Use hardscaping to your advantage

Hardscaping involves building outdoor structures such as stone or brick walls, gravel walkways and driveways, rock or concrete patios, stone fire pits and wooden decks that enhance the functionality and beauty of the grounds around a home.

By choosing to build smart hardscape elements, you can drastically reduce your outdoor maintenance costs and increase the usability of your external space. Gravel and stone grounds require less maintenance compared with grass lawns and also help conserve water. If you have young children or pets, hardscaping your backyard and front yard will enable you to minimize the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides.


Protect your landscaping with proper drainage

Hardscapes such as retaining walls and patios can change the way water drains in the areas surrounding your home. This is why proper drainage needs to be an important component of your landscaping plan, or you may end up with puddles of stagnant water posing a health hazard to your family.

The experts at Hydro Dynamics hardscaping recommend installing a sound lawn irrigation and outdoor drainage system so that your yard or garden is well taken care of and there is no risk of damage from flooding, rain, seepage or storm water.


Work within a budget

Set a budget after obtaining an estimate from your landscaping company and ensure that the cost of the project doesn’t escalate as you go along. Hardscaping a large outdoor space can be done within a moderate budget as long as quality and workmanship are not compromised to cut costs. Work with an experienced local contractor who’ll do a good job in your budget.


Don’t forget the greens

While hardscaping an outdoor area gives its structure and definition, it’s important to have plenty of foliage so that your yard looks lush and alive. Having the right balance of hard concrete structures and soft landscaping elements such as plants and shrubs makes for a perfect space to relax and entertain friends and family.

Place potted plants around the yard, build separate green areas using retaining walls, and if possible add a small water body such as a pond to complete the look.


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