Sliding partitions for zoning space in the room: A review of successful ideas

Sliding partitions for zoning space in the room – one of the options for transforming the interior by creating separate zones. Modern designs are becoming more sophisticated and perfect. This applies to the materials for their manufacture, and to the fittings responsible for smooth running, and, in fact, to the shape and finish of the canvases themselves. Light and air sliding systems can not only create clear boundaries, but also dissolve them in a residential space.

Sliding partitions for zoning space in the room: convenient separator

Mobile sliding partitions are able to create a new one or change the existing planning solution of a house, apartment or a separate room. And this design trick is equally suitable for both small apartments, and for housing weighty dimensions. There are no specific rules for the use of various designs, but their application in design is always fresh, non-trivial, beautiful and functional.

The glass partition does not clutter the space, while at the same time dividing the room into functional areas

More often by means of room sliding partitions create additional isolated zones. They can be used when it is necessary to divide a large uncomfortable room into compact parts, hide the entrance territory, shield from the eyes a sleeping place or a working area of ​​the kitchen, and in the premises of a large area they can be realized as movable walls. But whatever function they perform, they are united by a number of important advantages:

  • the possibility to install structures not only during the repair phase, but also in the renovated premises;

Sliding partition in modern interior

  • ease of installation and, if necessary, the possibility of rapid reinstallation of partitions;
  • saving space in the room;
  • Aesthetic and presentable appearance;
  • unlimited decorative possibilities;
  • a variety of used materials, shapes, sliding mechanisms, styles;
  • installation of sliding partitions does not require coordination in controlling bodies and registration in the BTI;
  • installation does not require special skills and can be produced independently.

Example of zoning space with a sliding partition

Helpful advice! When planning to install a sliding partition in the room, consult the designer so that instead of a stylish splitter you will not get a hindrance to light and movement.

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The only drawback, typical for all types of sliding room dividers, is the lack of soundproofing function. In view of this, their role is reduced more to the visual delimitation of space.

The partition divides the hall and living room on the first floor of a detached house

The value of sliding partitions for zoning space

There are many circumstances when it is necessary to divide the living space into small separate zones. It can be a small area of ​​an apartment in which a large family lives, where everyone wants to have a cozy personal space. Or it is required to visually beat a narrow and long room. Or it may be that too large a room needs to be divided into functional areas. For all these cases, you can use the sliding partitions in the room.

Sliding partitions are successfully used for zoning space in both large rooms and in rooms with a small area

Installation of a sliding partition between the kitchen and the living room

If, after re-planning, the kitchen and living room have turned into a single whole, one of the options for skilful division can be the installation of a sliding partition between these two rooms. When closed, the partition will hide the process of cooking and temporary confusion on the working surfaces, in the open position – the kitchen- studio will turn into a spacious dining room where everything is at hand and you can quickly cope with serving.

The sliding partition of glass and metal is installed between the kitchen and the dining-living room

As a sliding system in the combined kitchen-living room can act as partitions with a roller mechanism – they have a fairly easy move and they are able to withstand a considerable load in the form of numerous openings / closures. The lack of a guide rail in this system from below keeps the integrity of the floor covering, which is only welcomed, since the overall design of the room is maintained.

Transparent glass or plastic used as a material for the web of the partition helps to visually leave the divided room open and large even with the flaps closed

Original partitions will look like “accordion”, in which a combination of a swinging and sliding way of opening is used. Given the small thickness of the canvas, in closed form such partitions do not occupy much useful space. Often the line of delimitation of the kitchen area is made up with a partition, the design of which is called a cassette. It should be noted that such a model should be envisaged at the stage of repair work, as it will require the arrangement of a special niche for the course of the canvas.

The partition of the sliding type between the kitchen and the matt plastic living room is not only functional, but also perfectly combined with the overall design of the room

If a clear glass or plastic is used as the material for the web of the partition, the space of the combined rooms will be visually open and large even when the position is closed. Select the filling of the sliding system should be based on the style of the general interior of the apartment. Modern directions are characterized by a combination of aluminum and glass, for classical solutions wood, bamboo and other natural materials are suitable.

For the design of modern sliding partitions, there are many different solutions in terms of materials and structures, so any homeowner will be able to choose the perfect fit for his interior option

Sliding partitions for room zoning: multiplication by division

The main disadvantage of “Khrushchev” apartments is a simple layout and a small area of ​​rooms. And to have a comfortable personal space is one of the main human needs. At the heart of any decision on redevelopment is a competent division of the apartment into functional areas. Use of sliding partitions for zoning will help to avoid global rearrangements.


In a well-planned cozy interior, there must first be a place where each of the family members will be calm and comfortable. And do not be upset if for this there is no free room in your house. Organize your personal space and you can without it, by arranging a separate study or a quiet sleeping place, separated from the general space by a light matte sliding partition.

Functional partition separating the sleeping and living room space in a small city apartment

The cause of discomfort is not always hidden in tiny square meters. If the room is spacious, and a family of four resides in it, the allocation of individual zones with sliding partitions in the room will also be appropriate. However, dividing one room into two or more, you always have to sacrifice a window. In this regard, it should be well thought out which part of the secluded corner will be without a window.

Helpful advice! Visually increase the height of the premises can be done by installing a sliding structure from floor to ceiling.

A small living room with a sliding partition is divided into cozy zones – the parents’ and children’s bedrooms

The zoning reception works well in children’s rooms, when it is necessary to allocate separate places for study and entertainment. And if there are two children in the family, zoning will help to arrange a private space for each of them in one room. Numerous photo examples of differentiation of space with sliding partitions in children’s rooms will become a kind of reference point for creating a comfortable interior for your small household members.

Sliding partition – “accordion”: its design uses a combination of swinging and sliding way of opening

Design of partitions in the room: photos of impeccable solutions

There are dozens of options for using partitions in the room to delimit space. If you are not completely sure of your design skills, use a sample of the partitions in the room for the sample. Numerous versions of successful ideas for the use of structures will be an example for creating a unique and most comfortable interior.

Wooden partition of the sliding type between the bedroom and the living room

Helpful advice! When setting openings for installing interior sliding partitions, the vertical and horizontal deviation should not exceed 3 mm.

Important for the use of sliding systems is the decorative finish of the openings. Borrow ready examples of matching decorating an opening to an existing style direction. If there is a modern minimalist style or a high-tech line, then, in most cases, the opening should be left without framing and decorate it identically to the walls. For such cases, the installation of the guides is flush with the surface of the ceiling.

For traditional stylistic directions, the use of the same materials in the design of the opening for the sliding partitions is typical. You should order a complete set for decorating the opening together with the sliding system. The photos posted in the network illustrate the use of the corresponding decorative cornice for masking the mechanisms of the sliding systems.

The existing photos of glass sliding doors and partitions will help you decide when to choose frosted, transparent or stained glass. Examples of design-consistent use of models of sliding partitions for the transformation of the premises will help you choose an option that does not overload the interior with an inappropriate design.

Lightweight plastic partition with a roller mechanism allows you to create a cozy and relaxing atmosphere in the bedroom

Used materials for sliding partitions in the room

Modern sliding structures for zoning have a diverse design, a wide range of materials used and a wide selection of patterns and patterns of canvases. The frame for the canvas is made of wooden beams, metal and plastic profiles. For the paintings use laminated chipboard , plastic, various types of tempered glass, as well as numerous variants of their combinations.

Glass partitions can be both restrained design, and decorated with various ornaments and drawings

It should be noted that the glass used in the partitions can have a large selection of ornaments and drawings. Glass filling can be made by the method of artistic matting with the help of sandblasting technology or laser engraving. Very often a combination of opaque and transparent glass or placement between two glass photo printing surfaces is used.

Experienced designer will help to choose a partition, which will presentably look in the interior, without cluttering the space

Unique partitions, specially designed by designers for a particular style of the room. The most elegant materials, original technologies and curvilinear configurations can be used in them. Exquisite models with stained-glass windows impress the imagination with complex patterns and framing of forged metal and bent wood.

Helpful advice! When installing the sliding partition in the children’s room, make sure that it is made of safe materials.

Combined partition on the border of a bathroom and a bedroom made of glass and wood

Adherents of environmentally friendly materials manufacturers offer options for partitions with maximum use of wood, as well as bamboo, leather or painted textiles. As for plastic, for sliding partitions use different types of polymers and plexiglass. Such designs have a light weight and are ideal for creating borders in small rooms.

With the help of a partition made of matte plastic, an additional isolated area for sleeping and resting

Glass sliding doors and partitions: product prices

A lot of domestic and foreign manufacturers are engaged in the manufacture of sliding structures. Assembly is carried out on behalf of the client-customer, previously acquainted with the catalog of products in electronic form. Before you buy sliding partitions for room zoning, you need to come to the showroom or company representative to actually see the model.

This reception of space zoning, like the installation of a sliding partition, often looks fresh and non-trivial

The cost of sliding partitions and doors is formed taking into account the material for the canvas, the mechanism used and the installation of the structure. The price is also influenced by the manufacturer’s reputation and in which version the models will be executed: standard or individual. It should be borne in mind that the delivery time can be up to 3-4 weeks, if the design of the domestic manufacturer, and up to six months, if the model is imported.

Installation of sliding partitions can be made both at the stage of repair work, and in an already renovated room

The price of the sliding partition of the model Diana 2 with two canvases from frosted glass with a diamond engraving of 0.95 x 2.1 m is 46500 rubles. The design uses a suspension mechanism. The model is equipped with a decorative patch and is ready for installation without the purchase of additional elements. The product is guaranteed for 12 months. The approximate production period is 4 weeks.

The price of partitions is affected by a variety of factors – from the material from which the design is made, to the degree of fame of the manufacturer

Glass sliding door series Waterfall will cost from 43600 rubles. for the complete set. Doors can be fixed both to the ceiling and to the wall. The manufacturer provides a choice of about 200 varieties of shades of profiles, up to 10 types of glass, 15 ways to open, about two dozen types of accessories. The construction uses tempered glass with a thickness of 8 mm. The maximum height and width of the canvas are 3.2 and 1.5 m, respectively.

Installation of the sliding partition type does not require coordination with the regulatory authorities and registration with the BTI

In order for the buyer to conveniently navigate the dimensions and weight of glass sliding doors and partitions, many companies on their websites place special calculators for calculating the dimensions of the canvas and the weight required for the glass. This data is useful when selecting a sliding mechanism. The prices in online stores are familiarized and when ordering are subject to clarification from the company manager.

Sliding partition, effectively dividing the large space of the apartment into different in its function zones

Assemblage of sliding partitions by own hands

There are a lot of options for the construction of sliding systems, made independently. A small light sliding partition with its own hands can be made from a door leaf, the design of which implies such an application. To do this, instead of a swing device in the form of loops or canopies, the canvas is equipped with a roller mechanism. If the height of the door is not enough, you can build a lintel of the appropriate width from the profiles.

A very popular use of partitions made of wood and other eco-friendly materials

Guides and accessories can be purchased at any construction store. Choosing a roller mechanism, you should give preference to steel rollers, as analogs with rubber coating quickly fail. You can use both built-in and hinged mechanisms. The latter option requires the installation of extreme accuracy, since it is a visible element.

Sliding partitions are easy to install and can easily be carried out by yourself


One of the variants of the hand-made manufacturing of the partition is the assembly of the screen . Its construction consists of several frames and a series of thin canvasses connected by loops. For the construction of the frame, you can use a profile of PVC, and for filling any suitable type of sheet plastic or vertical lamellas from the same material.

Adding an interior zest, you can make a framework frame screens from wood, and for filling use dense textiles or rattan weave. Unusually and stylishly look partitions, as a filling in which used paintings with unusual prints. Having developed a fantasy, you can independently make a unique model that will emphasize your taste.

For the zoning of a room with a large area, two types of partitions are used – a sliding structure and a curtain-cloth partition

An example of an independent production of a sliding system can be doors made on the principle of partitions from the closet. The work can be reduced to a minimum by ordering ready-made canvases in the workshop. In this case, it remains only to attach the guides themselves and hang the canvas with the roller mechanism on them. Those who have the time and certain skills, you can collect the construction of paintings exclusively independently.

Using for the separation of space in the room sliding partitions, you can achieve the transformation of the interior with minimal time and financial investment.


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