10 Inspirational Lighting Ideas for Living Room

Living room is the most important room of a home. It’s the place where the family spends time together, entertain guests, watch T.V, and enjoy meals. The living room should be bright and vibrant; it must give warm and positive vibes to the guests. A beautifully designed room is incomplete if it does not have proper lighting.

No doubt, lighting is an important aspect of designing a room and it can have a huge impact on your room looks. We have got your lighting ideas sorted.  Find out some interesting ideas for living room lighting and make your space more stunning.

  1. Mix and Match – Combine different types of lighting in your living room to give it a perfect look. Adding number of layers of light from different types of fixtures either used separately or together will create a beautiful lighting scheme. Preferably use different type of lighting to create a perfect mix.



  1. Add Table and Floor Lamps – Adding beautiful table and floor lamps is always a good idea. It will compliment the interior of your room and give it a cosier look. They always look better in pairs and can be positioned easily wherever light is needed. You can place them in symmetry with the furniture so as to give a balanced look to the room. Try mixing floor lamps and table lamps and disperse them throughout the space.

table lamp

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  1. Try Wall Lights – Wall lights give more depth to the room as they bounce light back into the room. They look great on bare wall or frame. The best part of using wall lights is that they save your space and simultaneously act as decorative elements too. That’s why they are perfect for small spaces.



  1. Designer Chandelier – Chandeliers in the living room makes the room complete, it gives them the stylish and designer look. Adding chandelier is one of the best ways to make a design statement due to their size and designs. Try bold and striking designs but keep in your mind complete the look and color of your living room as well. Chandeliers will catch the attention of your guests instantly.

living room lighting


  1. Add Functional Lighting – Functional lighting makes your living room more functional and comfortable. They will provide a unique look to the room. How you will be using your room is important while going for functional lighting. If you want to use it for reading or doing office work, then you can go for floor lamp with adjustable height or that curves over the space.



  1. Architectural Lighting – Enhance your home and make it more beautiful by highlighting architectural details with lighting. You can install small lamps or ground lights. Use these lights to highlight artwork, featured walls, framed pieces, ceilings landscapes and make them more stunning. You can highlight your TV unit area as well with the lighting.


  1. Illuminate a Corner – Brighten up a corner of your living room with a beautiful table lamp or floor lamp. You can simply place cluster of pendant lights as well to shed some light in the corner too. Corner lighting creates a central point in your living room and will augment the look of the room. If you have an empty corner in your living room, don’t wait just place some nice mix of lights and create magic.

living room design


  1. Furniture with LED Lighting – Now days, market has a large collection of furniture that comes with LED lighting. These will help in making your living room brighter and stylish. Furniture with LED lighting combined with the color scheme of the room will look greater.


  1. Add Decorative Lamps – Adding decorative and stylish lamps is always a best option. This will not only give a modern look to your living room but will also make your interior more beautiful. A contemporary living room will welcome its guests and create a soft look. It will highlight your furniture and décor as well.


  1. Ceiling Fan with built in Light – Many people prefer a ceiling fan in the living room. Taking advantage of the same, you can put ceiling fan which comes fitted with a light kit. This will have two benefits, firstly it will reflect light off the ceiling and secondly, it will act as a decorative feature in the room. As the fan is fitted in the centre, it will emit light directly from the height which will create an overall glow in the room.


How to decorate the living room with lighting is not a difficult task. The best solution to this question is to add different types of lights in the room. Our guide will help you with creating a modern living room, all set for your next party


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